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Custom & Private Label Wire & Cable. Company Profile Founded in 1910 125,000 square foot facility in Western Massachusetts Seasoned & stable work-force.

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1 Custom & Private Label Wire & Cable

2 Company Profile Founded in 1910 125,000 square foot facility in Western Massachusetts Seasoned & stable work-force (salary & hourly) - very low turnover ISO 9001:2008 Certified LEAN Manufacturing Operating System = agility & responsiveness Financially sound & stable (Peoples Bank, CT) Providence Capital Group – owners since 1998 Custom wire & cable products – niche manufacturer Long-term, relationship-based customers

3 Manufacturing Profile Bulk wire & cable sold to first or second-tier manufacturers including OEMs, cable assembly houses and specialty products for distributors Insulation materials: PVCs & Polys (solid & foaming), TPE, TPR, Surlyn; ranges from 30–1,000V Shielding options: aluminum mylar, full braid & spiral shields; up to 98% coverage Jacketing materials: PVC (rated to 105C), Polys (rated to 90C), TPE & TPR (rated to 125C) Wide range of UL, CSA & Military approvals 100% RoHS compliant Premium quality products, value-added services, solution-based design

4 Manufacturing Profile Extrusion Lines Daily Production Meetings to discuss evolving issues Every cable we make is spark, continuity & hi pot tested

5 Product Line Overview Custom Wire & Cable Products Individual or overall braided & spiral shields Up to 56 pairs (112 conductors) AWG sizes – 4/0 down to 30 AWG Composite Cables (Multi-gauges) Audio Broadcast & Stage Lighting cables Anti-capillary Wire Specialty Coaxial cables Hook-up Wire EIS pricing & service on brand-name products from – Alpha, Belden, Carol, Coast, Gepco, Horizon, James Monroe, Madison, Mogami

6 EIS No Bid Products Insulation & Jacket Material: FEP, TFE Teflon, Halar, Cross Linked Poly or PVC, Irradiated Poly or PVC, Silicone or Neoprene Rubber Construction Over Insulation: Stainless Steel Shield, Water-block Cables (Gel Filled), Copper Tape, Armor Clad Size Restrictions: Cables with a nominal core over.750, conductors #31 AWG & smaller, shielding #39 AWG smaller Commodity Products: Category 5 & 6 Cables, Power Cords, Building Wire, Armor/Gel Filled Cables, Shielded Data Link Cables, RG6 & 59 Coaxial, T-1 Cable

7 Markets Served Audio/Broadcast - Snake cables, instrument & microphone cords, speaker cables, custom composites (power & signal), analog/digital Stage Lighting: DMX (ANSI compliant) & color changer cables Entertainment/Home Theater - Surround-sound wire, special coaxial cable Automotive/Transportation - Trailer harnesses, cabin components (sensors for air-bags, GPS systems, internal wiring), agricultural equipment, mass-transit Communications - Computer & control cables, store security Consumer Electronics - Refrigeration & appliance wire, scoreboard displays, exercise equipment, bilge pumps Defense – Wet wire, arrays, bungee cords Industrial - Process control systems, robotics Medical – Patient monitoring, electrosurgical, defibrillators, x-ray and radiology Sensor – Load cell, liquid level, flow level, photoelectric, vibration Private Label Manufacturing: As needed by our OEM & assembly house partners Other: Detonation cables, specialty cables, flat-braid straps, prototypes

8 Management Team Nick Moceri, President – Partner, Providence Capital Group. With EIS since 1998 Roy St. Andre, Executive Vice President/General Manager – Over 33 years in wire & cable Mike Cinicolo, V.P. Sales & New Business Development – Over 30 years in wire & cable Al Wodyka, Sales Manager – Over 33 years in wire & cable Armand Mayotte, CFO – With EIS for over 12 years Bill Ten Kate, Engineering/Quality Control – Over 33 years in wire & cable Glen Costa, Plant Manager – With EIS for over 30 years

9 EIS Organization President Nick Moceri V.P. Sales & New Business Development Mike Cinicolo Sales Manager Al Wodyka Account Manager Linda Ten Kate Account Manager Carmen Washington Executive Vice President & General Manager Roy St. Andre Plant Manager Glen Costa Engineering & Quality Control Bill Ten Kate Process Engineer Jim Straley Product Engineer Dan LaBonte Purchasing Manager Peter Gaudet CFO Armand Mayotte Controller Dorey Jimmo Human Resources & Purchasing Assistant Jenny Kowal Accounting Assistant Tammy Kibler

10 Sales & Service Team 4 In-house sales/customer service staff; 15 independent Sales Reps cover US, Mexico & Canada Wire & cable expertise and the ability to work collaboratively with engineers and buyers to design solution-based products Relationship development facilitates resolutions to evolving issues, creating long-term partnerships Real-time shipping information ISO Surveys reveal elite level of customer service Diverse market presence, members of NAMM & NSCA trade organizations Wet wire for Naval applicationsDMX cables for Stage Lighting Composite cables for industrial process control

11 Select EIS Partners

12 Testimonials EIS has been selling Caldwell Bennett an array of cabling products for many years. Their service and competitive pricing is second to none. As a buyer, I would recommend their company to anyone in the industry. - Brian Brazinski, Purchasing Manager: Caldwell Bennett, Inc. We have worked with a number of custom cable suppliers over the years. EIS has consistently surpassed our expectations in time to quote, value and quality. From speaker cable to the new 110 ohm, 19 pair cable, EIS has delivered a superior product at a good price. - Bruce Allen, President: Lex Products, Inc. We chose EIS as our supplier due to their ability and willingness to manufacture our product the way we wanted it done. – Tom Gucma, Purchasing Manager: Pro Co Sound

13 EIS – Creating Partnerships Diverse manufacturing and engineering capabilities Consistently outstanding quality and customer service Collaborative relationships with our customers and vendors Value-added benefits: Problem Solving LEAN = Agility and ability to react to evolving needs or problems Creative Sales and Engineering Depts address numerous issues Relationship-based selling enables collaboration & creates manufacturing partnerships Expertise Seasoned work-force; all departments. 10, 20 & 30 years with EIS Product & industry knowledge shared with customers National sales force; represented throughout N. America Reliability Consistently outstanding quality Accurate delivery dates Very short lead times Responsiveness Personal, Relationship-based Customer Service Fast turnaround on Quotes (1-2 Days) Real-time Shipping Notification

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