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Enabling the Mobile Health Worker Mick Mitchell Client Business Manager BT Health.

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1 Enabling the Mobile Health Worker Mick Mitchell Client Business Manager BT Health

2 Our journeys so different Efficiencies Required Drive Reference Costs Down Improved Customer Satisfaction Increase in Regulation Monitor, NICE, NAO, etc. Demand Expectation Market Competition Regulation Law Privatisation

3 13,454+ official teleworker 63000 flexible workers 2007 onwards Flexible working - our experience 1996 850 official teleworkers 1999 Options 2000 1995 400 official teleworkers 1998 3500 official teleworkers £14m pa saved by hot desking 1997 1700 official teleworkers 1994 100 tacit teleworkers 1993 Workstyle 2000 Launched 1992 Inverness Experiment

4 BT position today – 36% increase in productivity as a result of mobile transformation within BT Field Force Call and task management – 10% cost efficiency through system integration, eradication of duplication and field failure costs Scheduling and resource management – 80% of workload automated, eliminating manual handling and non-essential virtual boundaries, and optimise resource utilisation. Dispatch – 50% cost efficiency, automating information flow to the field, minimise voice communications, and enabling process change and efficiency – Customer satisfaction increased Completion of tasks – 15% cost efficiency, minimising ineffective time, optimising travel and fuel efficiency, and enabling further process change People – 28% total reduction in the engineering workforce with 30% fewer managers - introduced coaches and a 60% reduction on job controllers Moved from 104 allocation centres to 7 Gain of £175m pa through greater efficiency and cost saving

5 Fixed desk Home based Occasional homeworker Flexible in-building Mobile Office based Home based Nomadic multiple bases Nomadic touch down Nomadic home working Ad hoc home working Wider Agile working benefits within BT Group Disposed of 4000 buildings Saved £550m p.a. running costs, includes £80m p.a. savings through Homeworking (10% of workforce contractually work from home) Created Non-UK Property Portfolio (125 properties, 22 countries) with a three year payback on new investments Spearheaded new Workstyles (supporting over 11,500 homeworkers and 42,000 nomadic) Homeworkers on average 20% more efficient and absenteeism down 63% Customer focussed, able to deal with customers issues and concerns from any location Improved Staff Retention 55% of all employees see the ability to work from home as major benefit 99% of mothers return from Maternity (industry average is 40%) Improved employee satisfaction (7% more positive as measured through annual Care surveys)

6 Rationalise suppliers Reduce carbon emissions Value from infrastructure management Efficient network management Free calls between sites New business apps Travel minimisation Add functionality Enhanced customer service Cost savings Employee productivity Employee flexibility Improved business processes Source: Datamonitor 2007: 467 online and 50 telephone interviews of CIOs Market View - Customers place greater emphasis on value added benefits of Mobility solutions Expected benefits of Mobility solutions % of respondents that selected benefit 020406080 ●“Mobility solutions enable us to achieve faster response times which result in faster decision making” Western European Manufacturer ●“Improving the flexibility of our employees leads to better quality work” Western European Energy and Utilities company ●“By equipping our staff with one device we can deliver better employee availability for our customers” Western European Manufacturer

7 Mobility Roadmap – Different devices fulfil different needs Functionality Initial Cost (not TCO)

8 Supporting people not buildings

9  Drive within NHS Transformational agenda that Care needs to be cheaper, more responsive, closer to home and more proactive or targeted.  Already seeing wards close, community matrons delivering case management in community, out-reach and crisis in mental, single assessment protocol (SAP) in combined care.  Working on several small scale pilots for mobile working, plus scale deployments started.  Genuine flexible working is beginning in the NHS, example South Essex Partnerships The NHS workstyles are already Transforming Organisation / People Technology / Systems Operating Model / Processes Leadership HOWEVER new ways of working need to be  Cheaper than putting a patient in a bed, Safe or safer Real-time connected More integrated with other services Positive staff and patient experience Be reliable to make the process change stick Support people not buildings

10 BT’s approach to developing our mobile health worker capability Dissertation Interviews Mobile Health Worker Open Days NHS Shadowing BT & BT Open Reach  Improving patient care  Delivering care closer to home  Increasing productivity & efficiency Identified Key Drivers BT Shadowing NHS

11 Findings Patient records can only be updated on PCs in the community office base Nurses are unable to access patient records unless logged in to the system in the office Nurses are unable to access emails unless in the office There are only a limited number of PCs in the medical centres that must be shared between nurses Treatment rooms are also used as office space Only able to access time booking systems when in the office Diary is paper based Nurses are acutely aware of the inefficiencies created by technology and accommodation and the impact it has on patient care Both participants held very positive attitudes towards technology and both reported they would welcome the opportunity to work from home and use a laptop on the move

12 Impact of Issues Time is wasted travelling between office base, the nurse’s home and patient’s home Time is wasted writing up handwritten notes – approx one day a week Unnecessary dead time is created when nurses need to wait their turn for a PC Patient records may not be updated for up to two days There is a risk of transcription error Nurses cannot make decisions based on up to date information and may enter appointments ‘blind’ Nurses memory must be relied upon for patient information Patient experience is negatively affected Nurses and managers do not have an accurate picture of how nurses are spending their time Employee job satisfaction is negatively affected

13 Enabling the Mobile Health Worker Access Any Time, Any Location

14 BT’s Mobile Health Worker Service Potential 40% reduction in time/cost Reduced risk of transcription errors Improved patient care Lower operating costs Improved working life Reduced risk of admission Improved patient experience Benefits of BT’s mobile health worker service

15 Question ? Mick Mitchell Client Business Manager BT Health 07802 788853 or

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