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Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists 415-743-3540 1 Bloomberg’s Equity Portfolio Management & Research Solutions.

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1 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Bloomberg’s Equity Portfolio Management & Research Solutions

2 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists YOU’RE EITHER IN FRONT OF A BLOOMBERG… OR BEHIND! GLOBAL COMMUNICATION Over 40 million messages are sent across The BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service every day. Over 100 underwriters & 2,000 Corporations use Bloomberg Roadshows to market multimedia presentations directly to the world's top investment managers. ALL THE NEWS IN THE WORLD Over 1,800 BLOOMBERG NEWS® employees publish more than 5,000 stories a day. Search over 2200 news categories & subjects from over 250 leading news wires. Radio/TV and nearly 208,000 archived multimedia reports with key newsmakers. Nearly 13,000 live breaking news events have been broadcast on LIVE. Nearly 10,000 video clips have been added since beginning of REALTIME PRICES & CONTRIBUTIONS Over 240 exchange feeds from more than 100 countries. Over 6,500 price & research contribution screens. BLOOMBERG PEOPLE Over 1.5 million People Profiles now available.

3 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists YOU’RE EITHER IN FRONT OF A BLOOMBERG… OR BEHIND! FREE TRAINING & SUPPORT In 2005 we ran more than 11,000 free seminars with over 190,000 attendees. Over 8,000 employees in more than 100 offices support our clients globally. Our global help desk operates 24 hours a day in over 30 different languages. ANALYTICS & DATA Over 14,000 analytical & data screens. Over 4.6 million Fixed Income securities. Over 375,000 Equities from more than 130 countries. Over 8 million Company Filings Over 55,000 Loans & 105,000 Mutual Funds. Over 25,000 Currency Rates. Over 116,000 Commodities and Energy datapoints tracked. Over 300,000 Indices and Economic statistics. Over 250,000 Corporate Actions, including 110,000 Mergers & Acquisitions. Over 31,000 Fundamentals, and much, much more. Over 5 million US Federal and State Court opinions from Bloomberg LAW

4 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Index of Contents Manage Information on Holdings…………………………… Portfolio Analysis…...…………………………… Screening Tools…………………………………… Company Analysis………………………………….. 27 Market Entry……………………………………… News, Statistics & Research……………………… Resources & HELP………………………………

5 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists MANAGE INFORMATION ON YOUR HOLINGS Keep on top of the Events, news, research and information available on your holdings

6 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Live Earnings Calls and Transcripts Use EVTS to display and manage a corporate events calendar for the companies you care about. You can also access written/audio transcripts for the corresponding events. EVTS

7 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Live Earnings Calls and Transcripts Monitor live streaming text of Earnings Calls, Shareholder Meetings and more. Access real-time transcripts of what companies are saying about themselves, their products, and their industry. Download summary transcripts to get a quick briefing of the call or event. EVTS

8 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Earnings Announcement Calendars Use ACDR to display an earnings estimates and announcement calendar for the companies you care about. View the results of your universe in terms of growth, surprise and guidance so that you can gauge impact on your returns and make appropriate investment decisions. ACDR

9 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists News and Research On Your Names Use NPH to display the most recent news stories and research reports for the current and previous business day for each security in a selected portfolio. You can use NPH to track the news affecting the securities in your portfolio. NPH

10 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Actions that will affect your holdings Drill down to the actions and events that will directly affect the assets you have under management. Corporate Action calendars can be scheduled to run on your portfolio automatically PSCA CACT

11 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS Achieve better portfolio performance by leveraging Bloomberg’s Performance and Risk Analytics

12 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Portfolio Performance Use PRT to track the intra-day performance of your equity portfolio and compare it against a benchmark. You can analyze your portfolio by different categories, including sector and industry, country, etc to determine the factors contributing to your performance and determine where you should overweight or underweight against your benchmark. PRT

13 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Analyze Portfolios Use PREP to obtain a distribution, or breakdown, of your portfolio by various criteria. PREP is a portfolio reporting tool that provides a two-way distribution sort and an optional graph of tabular data so that you can evaluate a profile of your portfolio holdings. With flexible data organization, PREP enables you to segment your portfolios and re-aggregate the positions therein into identifiable dimensions. PREP

14 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists RVP Create Portfolio Reports Use RVP to compare equities within a selected portfolio to each other as well as to the sectors your invested in and the overall portfolio. You can build up to 20 customized spreadsheets to analyze the securities and sort on any specific item and then quickly download the information to excel or print it out in presentation ready format.

15 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Tracking Error Use TRK to analyze how a portfolio's performance compares to the performance of an underlying benchmark, portfolio or index. TRK uses an ex-ante approach, a forward-looking approach that is calculated across 1000 randomly generated scenarios, to calculating the tracking error. TRK

16 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Value-At-Risk Use VAR to display three different value at risk (VAR) methodologies, Parametric, Historical, and Monte Carlo, for a specific portfolio. You can also use VAR to specify the confidence interval and time horizon used to generate value at risk. VAR

17 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Worst Case Scenario Use WRST to analyze a portfolio’s potential loss/gain across a series of historical and theoretical market conditions. You can apply a range of stress tests to a portfolio and display the ten worst performing scenarios in descending order so that you can determine effective strategies for minimizing loss. WRST

18 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists The Fund you Manage Gain perspective from the investor marketing side on the fund or group of funds you manage. View fund statistics, holdings, returns, fees and management information. DES

19 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Evaluate Your Peers Bloomberg covers over 100,000 funds and combines criteria designed specifically for analyzing funds so that you can get to the funds who are your peers. Find who is the best performing fund in a particular sector, date range or family and analyze their holdings and performance drivers. HLDS FPC

20 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists STOCK SCREENING The tools on Bloomberg that will help you choose winning equities for your portfolios to achieve high total return

21 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists What Sectors Are Performing Use GICS to determine the classification breakdown and relative classification performance for and index, portfolio or list. Conduct a top down analysis and keep abreast all of the factors that effect an industry you are invested in or are looking for possible candidates within. Drill into any sector and rank the returns of the members within to determine which stocks are driving performance GICS MRR

22 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Tapping into the Major Worldwide Indices. The leaders and laggers throughout the day that may become rising stars or new industry groups that are outperforming the rest of the market. IMOV

23 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists MA Analyze M&A Use MA to uncover the details of current and historical M&A transactions for public and private transactions including deal types such as acquisitions and divestitures to self-tenders, spin-offs, and joint ventures. These details can include total values, payment terms, premiums, advisor information, and deal financials. Access League Tables on M&A advisors to identify who is active in your sectors and/or regions. Monitor statistics for specific industries and regions, news on MA and other areas of corporate finance.

24 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Who is Going Public Use ECDR to monitor IPO, secondary equity offerings and private placements so you can analyze how to raise capital in the market place and gauge the market's receptiveness to various types of new issues. ECDR NIM

25 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Global Equity Screener Search our global equity database that consists of over 320,000 global equities to generate a list of equity securities based on a set of criteria you select. You can use QSRC to find equities that meet your fundamental and technical criteria or apply your screens to your portfolio to alert you to any names that have moved outside your investment bounds QSRC

26 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists DSRC Keyword Screener on DES. Search our global equity database by keyword for companies involved in products and markets that are not a part of a SIC, Bloomberg or GICS industry code.

27 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists COMPANY ANALYSIS Put your portfolio members and potential picks through the test

28 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists MGMT I S S D Begin with a Mini-prospectus ISSD provides a quick overview of the financial data and operations of the issuer of the security, so you can thoroughly evaluate the ability of the issuer to repay its debt. Evaluate management using MGMT to gain access to professional background, board memberships, compensation, news and holdings.

29 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Company Description DES displays fundamental background information and financial data for a specific company, warrant, mutual fund, or equity option. You can use DES to quickly view this information in one convenient location. Use CWP to display a selected company's internet web page. If the company's home page is restricted for any reason, the company's investor relations web page appears, if available. DES CWP

30 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists EEB Earnings Estimates: BEst ZACKS FIRST CALL (addt’l $) TOYO KEISAI EEO Track Forecasts Display Bloomberg's earnings projections, as well as projections from various third party contributors for a specific equity. Bloomberg collects all earnings estimates for a company in one place, so you can quickly gauge market expectations. Gain full transparency into the consensus.

31 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists ERN Analyze the trend and quality of earnings Compare reported data items with future estimates in an easy-to-view format. EM displays the reported data and estimates in real terms and in terms of year-over-year percent change or period-to-period percent change so that you can make informed decisions based on historical performance and the market's expectations. EM

32 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists GUID Access Company Guidance Use GUID to evaluate a company's own estimates in one comprehensive view. Compare guidance against the analyst consensus numbers and against reported financials. Complete transparency on how the company is guiding their estimates up or down is available with links to the press release and full text guidance release.

33 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists EEA Company Research Use EEA to display a list of all of a broker's estimates for a selected company. Bloomberg aggregates sell-side research from 900 brokers to provide direct access to research reports directly without a fee. BRC

34 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists ANR The Latest Analyst Sentiment Use ANR to display a list of analysts' recommendations, price targets, price target time periods, and a consensus rating for a selected equity. You can also determine the latest analyst sentiment and identify which analysts have the most accurate equity ratings.

35 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists FA Access Fundamentals on over 36,000 Companies Evaluate a company's financials in one comprehensive and customizable view that is easy to chart and analyze. Access granular detail and clarity on the ratios and line items displayed. Link directly to the source filings. Transparency allows you to analyze the value of a potential investment, partnership, or acquisition target. Bloomberg is an originator of data and each of our analysts are accessible for any questions. All data can be taken into Excel. ARD

36 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Access Filings Bloomberg has worldwide company filings in real-time from EDGAR in the U.S. as well global filings from over 36,000 companies world wide so that you can see the public documents and let the number speak for themselves in your evaluation. CF

37 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Evaluate The Company’s Health Use RSKC to display a snapshot of company health. You can also display related company data, so you can analyze company risk over time or among peers. Use WACC to display capital structure, theoretical weighted average cost of capital, economic value added, return on invested capital (ROIC) and economic value added spread (EVA Spread) for a selected company. RSKC WACC

38 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Measure your company to its peers Our Industry peer group report allows you to quickly compare companies using any piece of fundamental, pricing or earnings information in our entire database. There are 20 reports that are totally customizable, flexible and downloadable into Excel. RV

39 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Who owns your prospective candidate Use PHDC to search for institutional and insider holders whose trading activity may influence the price of a selected security or discover which investors are building or unwinding positions. Use AGGD to search for institutional exposure to a specific company's corporate debt. You can also use AGGD to display which institutions are exposed to company debt and determine who is affected by ratings changes and bankruptcies. PHDC AGGD

40 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists CACS GPO How has the company grown? Some corporate actions and events are front-page news, others attract little attention, all in one place they disclose the construction of a new corporate landscape for you to add to your analysis of a potential buy candidate or to affect the value of your portfolio. Chart these events to see their impact on stock price.

41 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists MARKET ENTRY Decision-making tools to help formulate trading Strategies and Increase Profits!

42 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Quickly Access the Inside Market Our Expanded Quote offers consolidated research on a specific stock or the entire market. It allows you to easily see if this stock is leading the pack or just keeping pace. Each of the portions of the page can be maximized for further analysis to our most popular equity functions so that you can gauge your entry or exit point in the market. BQ

43 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists What moved the market Bloomberg offers sophisticated charting with direct access into our news as well as Technical analysis studies. Draw trend lines, measure % change and click on the news button and any portion of the chart to get color on what moved the market! G

44 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Gather Market Sentiment before you Buy or Sell View a trade activity summary that allows you to quickly assess which side the market is actively trading on the bid or the ask to gauge Wall Street’s sentiment so that you know where investors stand TSM

45 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Pinpoint Liquidity These two analytics together allow you to see at what price buyers and sellers can execute a trade and what are the trades that have had the largest effect on the stock for a given time frame. VAP AQR

46 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists NEWS, STATISTICS & RESEARCH Don’t miss the news that moves markets or the information that matters to you

47 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Impactful News Use TOP to display top headlines and stories from around the world so that you can keep on top of global market moving stories that may impact your portfolio. Use READ to display the most popular news articles and to identify the companies, topics, and people generating the most news interest so that you can stay apprised of the headlines and news subjects that are drawing the most readers worldwide. TOP READ

48 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists News You Can Use Bloomberg News is a worldwide, 24 hours a day news conglomerate, with over 2000 reporters based in over 80 news bureaus writing over 5,000 stories a day. We have never thrown out a story since our inception as a news organization in the late 1980s so that you can search on historical news and get ALL the facts. N TNI

49 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists AV LIVE CEO Interviews Use AV to access prerecorded and live multimedia broadcasts, reports, interviews, news conferences, events, and teleconferences, sports, multilingual reports, program schedules, specific guests, and cable and satellite distribution via the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL service.

50 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists ALRT NLRT Alerts create price limit alerts and news alerts that notify you of moves in the market as they happen. You can receive visual and/or audible alerts on securities in your worksheets, indices, lists, and portfolios if a security's value falls below or rises above your specified limits. Alerts flow through to your Blackberry.

51 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists The Economy in Real-time There are multiple market statistic solutions on Bloomberg. The real-time monitor below helps you capture the numbers as they hit the market so that you can track how current and upcoming economic releases are going to affect your short and long term portfolio strategies and research recommendations. WECO FOMC

52 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists The Economy Historically Another Market Statistic solution of storing economic statistics as historical indices allows you to draw conclusions about economic trends that may affect your opinion on interest rates and how economic conditions will impact your future strategy. Quickly view economic statistics for a country or related to a particular industry that affects your specialization or the companies you invest in or are recommending. ECO HMSM ECST

53 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists The Street’s Research Bloomberg aggregates research from approx 900 sources so that you can access the research and commentary on your holdings on demand from one source. BR

54 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Edgar Real-time Data Bloomberg provides access to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) “Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval (EDGAR) System. The filings are provided in real-time with the ability to be imported into Microsoft Word, screened through by any keyword or sent via a message as an attachment. EDGS

55 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Bloomberg Law Bloomberg provides access to court documents, litigation, patent infringements, intellectual property laws. Our searching tools allow you to search across news, EDGAR filings and legal documents so that you can perform the appropriate due diligence on your investments and candidates BBLS DCKT

56 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Customize your Desktop Bloomberg Launchpad is a customizable, dynamic user interface, which takes existing BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service functions and allows them to exist on your desktop. Bloomberg Launchpad builds an interactive workstation driven by the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service's data, news, and analytics in a format which allows you to access the information you need, when you need it. BLP

57 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Find out what is happening in worldwide stock and bond markets, interest rates, currencies and other markets that influence your buy and sell decisions and candidates in your portfolios. WEIWB WIRFXC

58 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Resources & Help

59 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Bloomberg University. Use BU to display a menu of Bloomberg training resources that can help you better navigate the BLOOMBERG™ PROFESSIONAL service. Through BU, you can order training manuals, conduct a key word search, contact the Bloomberg Helpdesk, register to attend Bloomberg seminars, request on-site training, or read about new functions and enhancements. BU

60 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Tips and Tricks Use EASY to display a list of tips and tricks and shortcuts you can use to navigate the Bloomberg Professional Service more efficiently. EASY

61 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Help When You Need It Hit the HELP key twice to gain instant access to Bloomberg’s Help Desk. Help is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

62 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Online Symbol Guide Just simply type in the name of the company and hit the green key to drill down to all issues on the equity, debt, money market side of the business. Type in a Person’s name or keyword to find any people profiles, information or analytics on the Bloomberg Professional Service. * * *

63 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists Bloomberg Fundamental Data Bloomberg provides complete transparency with our Fundamental Data. For questions regarding financial statements you can call a Bloomberg analyst directly. There is full disclosure in the breakdowns of how we handle the Income statement, Balance sheet, Cashflow statement and ratios we calculate. Lastly, we display the accounting guidelines that we use. ANB FDO

64 Bloomberg Equity Application Specialists BBXL Build Custom Models The API offers clients the ability to bring Bloomberg data into their Excel spreadsheet or proprietary applications so you can integrate Bloomberg into your reports and applications to help you in the investment process.

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