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ICT INTERVENTIONS FOR IMPROVING IMPLEMENTATION OF NREGA IN WEST BENGAL The ICT interventions include improved planning, more efficient scheme preparation.

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1 ICT INTERVENTIONS FOR IMPROVING IMPLEMENTATION OF NREGA IN WEST BENGAL The ICT interventions include improved planning, more efficient scheme preparation and closer monitoring For better planning geo-referenced (GIS) map of the Gram Panchayats are being used which helps to prepare spatial plans in the GIS map of the GP For more efficient preparation of schemes computer aided design & estimation is being developed For closer monitoring an innovative solution based on SMS is in use

2 USING GEO-REFERENCED MAPS FOR IMPROVED SPATIAL PLANNING A unique initiative for preparation of GIS maps of GPs for more clarity, objectivity and convergence in planning GP outlines prepared from revenue maps & geo- referenced, PMGSY Core Network (CN) ported on the maps followed by showing the social & economic delivery institutions collected from each point using GPS and porting satellite data (Cartosat I, Pan 2.5 m resolution) showing the habitations and natural features like water bodies as well as other rural roads on the same map Out of 3351 GPs – porting of CN completed in all GPs, delivery institutions done in 2843 (90%) GPs, Habitation mapping completed in 2806(84%) GPs and final maps prepared in 1032 GPs (30%). Those maps are being uploaded in the website of the department (so far uploaded around 300). Entire task will be completed by 2010



5 12/11/09 Objects captured in GP Maps Educational Institutions Primary School Upper Primary School High School Madrasa SSK MSK College Health Institutions: Health Sub Centre PHC BPHC Other Institutions Market / Haat Veterinary Centre Post Office Bank Tourist Spot Government Offices GP Office Block Office CDPO Office Child Care and Pre-School: Anganwadi Centres Road ConnectivityRevenue Village Railway ConnectivityMajor Waterbody HabitationForest

6 6 GP Map showing Service Delivery Institutions, PMGSY Core Network and Habitations – (may be seen at by clicking the map of West Bengal)

7 USE OF MAPS FOR NREGA The use of maps has just started in districts where the same have been delivered so far A Road Register is being prepared for all GPs showing how the habitations are connected to the PMGSY CN, the status of roads as well as the roads to be built for providing connectivity are being clearly delineated Thus the perspective plans for all roads in existence & to be constructed is not only listed but can be seen in the GP map to help plan for all works related to rural connectivity The Maps also show all the existing water bodies and the big ones can be selected exhaustively to plan for water conservation

8 USE OF MAPS/SATELLITE DATA FOR NREGA In Purulia the quantum of annual rainfall and estimated water storage in each GP has been worked out which varies from merely 3% to 7% The GP-wise maps have been shown to the PRI members and a goal has been set to enhance quantum of water stored within the water bodies of the GP by 10%. Detail water conservation plan will follow from this exercise The maps can be printed showing different attributes and will be used to also prepare plans for drainage, forestry etc The NRDMS unit of the district has identified, based on satellite based ground water & geological data the exact locations for constructing check dams, percolation tanks, and other bunds In Purulia construction of 64 number of such dams for storing 1000 CuM of water started. To be replicated in other districts.

9 A map showing identified water retention bodies

10 USING MAPS FOR MONITORING For better visualization of progress or drawbacks, the performance indicators are ported in the GIS framework against each GP Key performance indicators of the programm say mandays generated, expenditure made, per GP expenditure are shown against each location; These data are then ported in the GIS framework to show spatial impact of the work for a particular month or for a range of months; The performance is analyzed and based on that the GP/Block is shown in different colours (usually three – showing good, average & bad) in meetings GP wise ranking are also made based on the performance indicators – PRI members can remember their performance shown in different colours rather than abstract numbers or percentage


12 Gram Panchayat wise Person-days generated per Household under NREGA Less than to 40 More than 40 October 2009

13 Block wise Person-days generated per Household under NREGA Less than to 40 More than 40 October 2009

14 Gram Panchayat wise Dash Board analysis on NREGA indicators

15 Gram Panchayat wise Ranking status for a particular NREGA indicator

16 m – Governance Initiatives Ordinary e- Gov initiatives require computer & internet connectivity. Penetration of computer in rural areas is still low & internet connectivity is not good. Computer literacy is also low As compared to that mobile connectivity is available even in remote areas, ordinary people have access and can easily use the mobile phone m – Gov uses those strength in which data is captured at the point of occurrence and text message in pre- designed format is sent to a server for populating existing database seamlessly & generating MIS readily The low initial investment as well as low recurring cost makes it more attractive. It also works in both push & pull mode for transmitting information to target groups and getting information from the field, which is difficult in other modes

17 M-GOV FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF NREGA The work sites under NREGA covers a huge geographical area; Similarly, payments are made from 3351 Gram Panchayats throughout the state; The present MIS captures information by entering data post facto, which is normally available after a months interval; The SMS based solution captures & process real time data from the site & generates MIS instantaneously – also since there is no data entry operator in between there is no mistake of data entry Data sent from work site are automatically ported in the web server, collated and presented in the website

18 M-GOV FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF NREGA This is helping to provide real time information on labour deployment & payment on a daily basis & one can intervene immediately for improvement The attendance data is transmitted by 12 Oclock by the supervisors and the same is seen instantaneously in the website and any superior officer can visit the site with prior information for verification This improves correctness of reports since no one can afford to manipulate & be vulnerable. Also, there is enhanced transparency in the system Similarly GP sends SMS on payment Both of these have started a few months ago & data from around 1000 GPs in 120 blocks are being received regularly & is in the process of being scaled up to the entire state

19 INTEGRATION OF M-GOV WITH GIS MAPS All Blocks are being provided with GPS devices Every major work to be undertaken will send the co- ordinates of the works taken under NREGA using structured SMS. All works will be included after GPS is provided to all GPs The SMS will update the Database with the co- orodiantes (lat & long) of the work site or the starting & end points of the same Subsequent SMSs sent will continue to capture the progress and attendance and also do compilation of work In the process, when the work will be completed, the End of Work SMS will be sent and the GIS maps will mark it as a complete work This is at the development stage & is yet to be tried

20 IMPROVING ESTIMATION & DESIGN Improving design & estimation of works is very crucial in creation of assets under NREGA The diploma engineer of the GP generally prepares the estimate and it takes time & there is subjectivity Some of the districts have introduced software based designing & estimation of a few types of schemes To standardize the process the State Govt. has engaged TCS for preparing a software for taking care of all types of works for all the districts The same is getting finalized and will be operational from the middle of the next financial year

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