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National Statistics Office Republic of the Philippines.

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1 National Statistics Office Republic of the Philippines

2 2 a.monitor the progress of field operations b.check for coverage error at the earlier part of the census operation c.assess the over-all situation of enumeration in terms of percentage of area covered Objectives of the Progress Monitoring System

3 3 Progress Monitoring Through SMS Technology Short Messaging System is a method of sending text messages to the Progress Monitoring System using mobile phones which are pre-registered. SMS follows a standard algorithm which is acceptable to the PMS. Check numbers were issued to ensure authorized sending of SMS. Uses CPH Form 10 (Enumerators Accomplishment Report) as source of information for text messages. These text messages are inputs to the PMS.

4 4 Flow of Progress Monitoring EN Step 1. Enumerator (EN) accomplishes CPH Form 10 The CPH Form 10 or ENs Accomplishment/ Progress Monitoring Report is the form that is used to record the total number of households, institutional living quarters (ILQ), male and female household members and ILQ residents.

5 5 Flow of Progress Monitoring Step 2. Team Supervisor (TS) checks CPH Form 10 for completeness and consistency. TS Step 3. Assistant Census Area Supervisor (ACAS) verifies EA Geographic area codes and page totals in every CPH form 10 and sends summary data (i.e., page totals for each verified CPH form 10) to NSO Central Office through SMS. The ACAS also submits verified CPH Form 10 to NSO Provincial office (PO) through the DSO/SCO. ACAS Step 4. NSO Central Office processes SMS messages received. CO PO NSO Provincial Office receives verified CPH Form 10 from the ACAS through the DSO/SCO

6 6 Flow of Progress Monitoring Step 5. NSO Central Office stores SMS Messages to database Step 6. NSO Central Office transmits SMS PM data file to NSO Provincial Office (PO) thru email (every Friday) CO PO Step 7. PO staff matches text messages sent to NSO Central Office against actual entries in CPH Form 10 using Provincial Progress Monitoring System (PPMS)

7 7 Flow of Progress Monitoring Step 8. NSO Provincial Office (PO) transmits verified and updated SMS PM data file to NSO Central Office (CO) thru email PO CO Step 9. NSO Central Office (CO) transmits SMS PM data file to NSO Regional Office (RO) thru email and simultaneously generates and posts progress report in the NSO website. RO Step 10. Regional Office views the Progress Reports in the website or generate the reports using Regional Progress Monitoring System (RPMS)

8 8 Flow of Progress Monitoring Step 11. NSO Regional Office (RO) instructs NSO Provincial Office (PO) to check/validate PO Step 12. NSO Provincial Office (PO) sends report to NSO Regional Office (RO) and transmits updated SMS PM data file to NSO Central Office (CO) thru email RO CO Are there questionable coverage or slow enumeration progress? Yes No End Step 13. NSO-CO synchronizes NSO Provincial Office (PO) file with CO database

9 9 1.PMS Report 1 - EA Weekly Report This report shows the number of households covered by ENs per week (CPH Form 10 report). 2. PMS Report 2 - SMS Transaction Record This report shows the PM text messages accepted at the CO. 3. PMS Report 3 - EA Progress Enumeration Report This report shows the status of enumeration in all EAs. Progress Monitoring System Reports

10 10 4. PMS Report 4 - Barangay Coverage Report This report shows the progress of enumeration in all barangays and municipalities in the province. It can also be used for evaluation of population growth rate at the barangay level. 5. PMS Report 5 - Data Evaluation Report This report will be used to evaluate the acceptability of reported counts in the area. Progress Monitoring System Reports - continued

11 11 Computer Programs a.PMS Central Office version Receives PM text messages Acknowledges valid received PM text messages Generates required reports Sends latest data files to the RO/PO b.PMS – Regional/Provincial Office version Generates required reports Browses/updates SMS transaction file Sends updated SMS transaction file to CO c.Web-based Progress Monitoring System Allows the management and field offices to monitor the progress of enumeration Progress Monitoring Data Processing Center

12 12 To safeguard the integrity of PMS reports: 1.The PMS personnel in the FO adheres to the strict compliance of the existing rule on confidentiality in releasing census information (Section 4 of Commonwealth Act No. 591). 2.The NSO Provincial head (PSO) issues a directive to all personnel involved in PMS against unauthorized release of PMS reports. 3.The NSO Central Office institutes in the system a mechanism to embed information on the person who generated the PMS reports. Safeguards

13 13 4.Access of reports generated is limited to authorized NSO personnel only. 5.The PMS data files cannot be copied or extracted. 6.The PMS reports can be viewed by authorized NSO personnel only but it cannot be printed. Safeguards - continued

14 14 RD, PSO, DSO/SCO, and the RO/PO Statistician are jointly accountable for the untimely and premature dissemination of census data and information. All census enumeration personnel are accountable for the census forms issued to them. Accountability

15 15 Thank You

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