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1 All about Content Analysis Minjuan Wang ED 690 EDTEC SDSU.

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1 1 All about Content Analysis Minjuan Wang ED 690 EDTEC SDSU

2 What Analysis?  A technique that enables researchers to study human behavior in an indirect way  through an analysis of their communications  The analysis of the  Written contents of a communication.  Examples??  Review resumes from job applicants  Dream analysis Dream analysis

3 3 Steps for Conducting CA Define terms Knowledge construction, socializing, presence Specify unit and analysis Words, sentences, phrases, paintings, audio, video Find data and sampling Generate coding scheme P. 488 Interrater reliability Analyze!!!

4 4 Let’s look at examples Corporate Blog study Blog study: collaborationcollaboration Socialization online study Socialization Let’s code together!code together Choose one entry from one of the classblogs Copy-paste to Word and then Code it together

5 5 Quantitative Content Analysis Identify categories Count frequencies of word occurrence & run statistical analysis The frequency of occurrence of “people” and “taxes” in this campaign speech

6 6 Qualitative Analysis Content Analysis Identifying, Coding, Categorizing the primary patterns in the data Interaction styles in online discussion: Complexity of response Question type Levels of argumentation & negotiation Socializing Coding Scheme Creates a scheme which clusters words and phrases into conceptual categories for purposes of counting

7 7 Adolescent Writings of Napoleon Bonaparte Analysis of verbal behavior scores on scales for on depression, anxiety, & preoccupation with sickness coincide with the available biographical evidence (childhood) Computerized Content Analysis

8 8 Study of Blogs Miranda: school useschool use Loret: corporate use Support: Word of MouthWord of Mouth Jonathan's Blog Learning Circuit's Blog Coding Scheme Mike and Nelly’s MySpace Collaboration in educational blogs Collaboration John and Melisse: high ed usehigh ed use

9 9 Study of Online Dating 40 profiles 20: lesbian females: 26-35; 56-65 20: gay males, 26-35, 56-65 Word count and content of descriptions Political inclination Religious inclination Photograph Codes: Personality: use of “I”; hobbies, solo or group serious about finding a match trends in political and religious preferences

10 10 Unit of Analysis? Words Phrases Sentences Paragraphs Blog entires Video segments Picture… Smile…

11 11

12 12 Sample Topics Researching the "y2k" event Assessing feeling of guilt or pride in discourse Emoticons Automated Movie Analysis Analysis of cable news network newshour/media/cabl enews/analysis_highli ghts.html newshour/media/cabl enews/analysis_highli ghts.html Use of colors in hotel brochures

13 13 Samples Personal Ad Content Analysis Undergraduates analyzed newspaper personal advertisements Used ANOVA and correlation techniques How could you do? The cultural differences Gender, SES

14 14 More Real Studies Evaluation criteria for ??? Analysis of Pre-service teacher education programs Analysis of Social Presence online Analysis of articles published in a journal (p. 490)

15 15 Challenges Content Analysis in Online Communication Webcast Text, audio, and video important interactive and design features as well as content features Design and implementation of coding procedures To assess the distinctive features of online communication

16 16 Practice Coding in Class Look at the following sites and pick some texts Generate one question Code the texts Look at the codes to address your questions

17 17 Suggested Sites: Blog: 6/ 6/ (if you have an account)

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