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SS 3-1: Where were California Settlements?

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1 SS 3-1: Where were California Settlements?

2 Fort Ross was established north of San Francisco
Fort Ross was built in 1812 by fur trappers from Russia and Alaskan settlers Built to help Russian trade with Spanish settlers in CA Became the largest fur-trading post south of Alaska Fur trapping began after Vitus Bering discovered the Bering Strait and path to resources of the North American continent Other forts served as military posts Forts established later served as trading posts

3 Russian Settlements Mexico came from the south and Russian settlers came from the northwest 1812 Ivan Kuskov led group of Russian and Alaskan fur trappers to San Francisco area Within 10 years the trappers caught most of the sea otters for fur Left in early 1840’s because they couldn’t farm the land

4 Many Mexican settlements were located near the coast
1821 Mexico gained independence from Spain and took control of CA Mexicans moved north to CA for farmland Missions became Mexican settlements Mission settlements= good place to live, farm and trade b/c near coast Original San Diego missions abandoned in 1834 Troops occupied it and surrounding area The church regained control of SD mission in 1834 Operated as a school for CA Indians from

5 Sutter’s Fort established near Sacramento
1839 Mexican government gave John Sutter a land grant for an area in Sacramento Valley Center of the colony Sutter established Where Sacramento and American Rivers met Sutter sold supplies to travelers He offered employment Immigrants and CA Indians Gold discovered on Sutter property by James Marshall Marshall was a carpenter Sutter’s son founded Sacramento in 1848

6 Cause and Effect Mexico won independence from Spain CA became part of Mexico Mexicans moved north to CA to farm Mexicans built settlements in CA Kuskov led a group of trappers to They built Fort Ross as a trading area north of San Francisco post

7 Open Book Quiz Answer each question in a paragraph. Restate the question in your answer. Explain why Mexicans built settlements in CA Compare and contrast Fort Ross and Sutter’s Fort

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