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Westward Expansion.

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1 Westward Expansion

2 The West “The West” was anywhere between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean-That was the Western Frontier Because it was hard to farm in the Great Plains, the land was used for Transportation The Northwest had fertile lands

3 The West The Southwest was owned by Mexico, and was part of the Spanish Borderlands. People in these areas were only allowed to trade with Spain This area has a distinct culture

4 The West Spanish missionaries like Junipero Serro tried to turn Native Americans into Catholics Natives were forced to live and work at missions, may died from overwork or disease Buildings were and are still made with a similar look

5 The West In 1821, Mexico won their independence from Spain
Mexico made land grants to rancheros and removed missionaries Because the land given often belonged to the Natives, the Indians raided ranches

6 The West America had been interested in Westward Expansion
They began to believe in Manifest Destiny, which was the idea that the country should go from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

7 Manifest Destiny cont…..
Definition: the belief that the United States was destined to stretch across the continent from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

8 Why move???? Push Factors: A force which acts to drive (push) people away from a place. *Pull Factors: Draws (pulls) a person to a new location.

9 Push/Pull Factors With someone sitting close to you, make a T-Chart and categorize the events into push factors and pull factors. Shortage of Jobs Better Living Shortage of farm land Over Crowding Opportunity to buy cheap land Gold Rush Push Factors Pull Factors 1.Shortage of jobs 2. Shortage of farmland 3.Overcrowding Better Living Cheap Land Gold Rush

10 Trails to the West There were many trails to the west.
Santa Fe Trail: From St. Louis to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Oregon Trail: From St. Louis to Portland, Oregon


12 Trails to the West John Jacob Astor established the American Fur Company in 1808 in Oregon after he traveled there He used information the Lewis and Clark created

13 Trails to the West The first people to build permanent homes in Oregon were missionaries Marcus and Narcissa Whitman tried to help the natives, but in reality land was simply stolen from the natives. When people heard there was good land, more settlers came This started “Oregon Fever”

14 Trails to the West Mountain men became famous.
They led isolated lives in the bitter cold, intense heat animal attacks Trappers would bring their furs to a rendezvous where the mountain men would come together and bargain for the prices of furs

15 Trails to the West Working with only hand tools, people had to clear land, plant crops and build shelters Diseases, accidents and natural disasters were common. Some settlers even gave up and returned east

16 Trails to the West Women worked with men to make their family farms successful Women also fought for the right to vote In 1869, the Wyoming territory was the first that let women vote


18 Trails to the West Natives had an uneasy peace with the whites
After gold was discovered in Oregon in 1850, white and Chinese miners came into the area War broke out with the Natives

19 A Rush to the West In 1848, James Marshall found a gold nugget in a ditch in California (Sutter’s Mill) 80,000 “forty-niners’ ran to California to search for gold There was both gold above ground and below ground and it the water

20 A Rush to the West People were fighting over water rights because the gold would move with the water Because of the people moving west, towns sprang up There were vigilantes in these towns The women who went to California mined, ran and worked in boarding houses, hotels, restaurants, laundries and stores There was gold found in Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada All different types of people went to California People from Europe, Asia, Australia and South America

21 A Rush to the West Men from China came to America in hopes that they could send home money They faced prejudice They could not get jobs in mines, they had to cook or do laundry, work on railroads or farms Thousands of free African Americans moved to California They had their own churches, and news papers They ran their own businesses But they did not have equal rights Natives had their lands stolen Nearly 2/3 of the Natives that lived in California died during the Gold rush

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