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What are the steps to stop spam s on Yahoo?

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2 What are the steps to stop spam emails on Yahoo?

3 Sometimes, Yahoo users come across unwanted emails issue in his/her mail account and these emails cover a lot of free space on the mailbox. If you are facing the same and your inbox is getting full some unwanted and irrelevant emails, then it is necessary to use these given helpful tips to get a control on this situation or you can ask an expert at Yahoo support team.

4 Filter out spam  You need to open a spam mail or you can also select multi emails at the same time.  You have to press and hold an email from your inbox; check mark appears and shows the selection. Spam is irrelevant, inappropriate, or some malicious mails that are sent from scammers sometimes. If you activate filter option on your mailbox then are you able to keep these mails out from your mailbox. But this option doesn’t work.

5  Next, you have to click on “More Icon” (iOS) or (Android).  After that, you can mark them as spam.

6 Unsubscribe from mailing lists, newsletters, and ads  First, it is required to open that email that you wish to stop.  Then, scroll down to its bottom. When you visit a website and you enter your email address there, you mistakenly get subscribed to that company’s mailing list or ads. You need to unsubscribe from them directly within an email.

7  Next, you need to click on “Unsubscribe” or locate the “unsubscribe” instructions.  After that, you just have to follow on-screen prompts in order to put an off on receiving these emails.  In case, you don’t find any unsubscribe option, you can flag this email as spam.

8 With these steps, you can put an off on the irrelevant emails. If you think you need help then it’s better to contact Yahoo Tech Support Number +353-768887727. Expert’s guidance is always available on a single call and a user can connect with them anytime as they are available 24/7.Yahoo Tech Support Number

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