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Technology Staff Development, April 2011

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1 Technology Staff Development, April 2011
iTunes U Technology Staff Development, April 2011

2 iTunes U Part 1: Downloading

3 Downloading iTunes Use your internet browser to go to
Select “Download iTunes” Select “Download Now”



6 Downloading iTunes Select “Run”

7 Downloading iTunes Select “Next”

8 Downloading iTunes Agree to the License and select “Next”

9 Downloading iTunes Under Installation Options, select “Install”

10 Downloading iTunes Select “Finish” to compete/quit the Installer

11 Downloading iTunes You will be prompted to restart your computer
Once the computer has restarted, Locate the iTunes icon on your desktop Double Click to open it

12 iTunes U Part 1: Using iTunes

13 iTunes U iTunes Tutorial Screen

14 iTunes U A tutorial will open with iTunes
If you want to view it, click “Play” If you don’t want to view it, close the tutorial window

15 iTunes U iTunes home screen

16 iTunes U On the left, select “iTunes Store”

17 iTunes U Select “iTunes U” from top menu bar

18 iTunes U On the right, select K-12

19 iTunes U K-12 screen:

20 iTunes U Select “North Carolina Public of Instruction and Partners”

21 iTunes U NC DPI and Partners screen:

22 iTunes U Top downloads appear on home page of NC DPI and Partners
Categories listed on the right Categories include: History Language Society Teaching & Education

23 iTunes U To download material:
Place mouse over the “Free” or “Subscribe Free” button and click Downloading will begin It’s possible to download an individual video and multiple videos (“Get All”)

24 iTunes U

25 iTunes U Downloading screen:

26 iTunes U Downloading screen for multiple series:

27 iTunes U Once download is complete, file will appear under iTunes U

28 iTunes U In your iTunes U Library, double click icon to open the individual collection

29 iTunes U Example of series:

30 iTunes U To play, select “Play” when it appears over the icon (place mouse on top of icon to see this option) Or double click on specific video (from list)

31 iTunes U Volume Play Full Screen Rewind Fast Forward

32 iTunes U To exit video, click on “X”:

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