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Deutsche Idiome Ich bin gesund wie ein Fisch im Wasser.

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1 Deutsche Idiome Ich bin gesund wie ein Fisch im Wasser.
I’m fit as a fiddle. (Meaning – I’m in great health) Literal German: I’m as healthy as a fish in water.

2 Das habe ich mit Ach und Krach getan.
I have done it with great difficulty. / by the skin of one’s teeth. (Meaning – it was very hard to accomplish / barely possible) Literal German: I did it with Ach und Krach.

3 Alle guten Dinge sind drei.
All good things come in threes. (Meaning – All things that are good normally occur or come in threes) Literal German: All good things are three.

4 Aus den Augen, Aus dem Sinn.
Out of sight, out of mind (Meaning – You tend to forget about what you don’t see on a regular basis) Literal German: Out of the eyes, out of the mind.

5 Das ist ein Bild für Götter.
What a sight! That is a picture worth remembering. (Meaning – What a view! What a sight!) Literal German: That is a picture for the gods. (der Gott – die Götter)

6 Er/Sie ist bekannt wie ein bunter Hund.
He is known all over. (Meaning – Everybody has heard about him / her) Literal German: He/She is known like a colorful dog. (bunt – colorful)

7 Er/Sie wird das auf Biegen oder Brechen schaffen.
He will succeed come what may. / whatever it takes (Meaning –Nothing will stop him/her) Literal German: He/She will succeed at that bending or breaking.

8 Er/Sie versteht keinen Spass.
He / She cannot take a joke. (Meaning – He / she does not have a sense of humor) Literal German: He/She understands no fun.

9 Er/Sie nimmt kein Blatt vor den Mund.
He / She does not mince words (Meaning –He / She gets right to the point / speaks plainly) Literal German: He/She takes no paper in front of the mouth. (nehmen – to take / das Blatt – leaf (of a tree or paper)

10 Ich habe mich totgelacht.
I laughed myself to death. I laughed so hard, I split my sides. (Meaning – unrestrained laughter) Literal German: I have laughed myself to death. (lachen – to laugh / tot – dead)

11 Neither a borrower or a lender be.
Borgen macht Sorgen. Neither a borrower or a lender be. (Meaning – borrowing causes trouble or worries) Literal German: Borrowing creates worries. (borgen – to borrow / die Sorgen – worries)

12 Male nicht den Teufel an die Wand.
Don’t speak of the devil (bad things) or they will happen. (Meaning – don’t discuss bad things as that will lead to them coming to pass) Literal German: Don’t paint the devil on the wall. (der Teufel – devil / die Wand – wall)

13 Du hast die Büchse der Pandora aufgemacht.
You have opened up Pandora’s box. (Meaning – you have let loose all kinds of things. Literal German: You have opened Pandora’s tin (can) (die Büchse – Tin / can)

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