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Accessing the Intranet

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1 Accessing the Intranet

2 Top Issues with Access Temporary password email not received
If you do not receive your temporary password within 5 minutes, it was most likely caught in a SPAM filter. Please request your password via to Security Certificate is not recognized Signature’s Intranet is secure, but the certificate is not automatically recognized. Choose to trust the site and you will be allowed in Web browser not set to accept first party cookies If you are continually brought back to the log in page, your browser security will need to be adjusted

3 Accepting Cookies To use the Intranet, your security settings may need to be adjusted to accept first party cookies The following slides contain instructions for Internet Explorer

4 Select Tools > Internet Options

5 Select the Privacy Tab

6 Select the Advanced Button

7 Check the Box

8 Click Accept under First party cookies

9 Click OK

10 Click OK

11 You’re Ready to Log In

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