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How To Prevent AVG Antivirus 2017 From Starting Up.

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1 How To Prevent AVG Antivirus 2017 From Starting Up

2 AVG is popular antivirus software which provides you the protection against all the malware and virus. If you want your system from the threats and latest virus then keep your antivirus updated so that it is ready to fight against the latest malware.

3 AVG provides us both the paid and free antivirus program. When you start the antivirus program, the software launches itself. If you do not want the antivirus to launch when you start the system then you can remove it easily from the list of startup programs. This will help you to make your computer start-up process faster than before. But keep in mind that if you prevent the AVG from starting up when you turn on your computer, make sure that you remember to run the program after your system fully boots up.process faster than before

4 If you are using the Windows Vista or Windows 7 then, click on the Start button and type 'msconfig' in the search box below. If you are using the older version of Windows XP, then click on the 'Run' button and in the search box type 'msconfg'. After that, press the 'enter' key. Step 1.

5 When the 'System configuration' windows open up, click on the 'Startup' tab. Here you can view all the programs which launch during startup. Step 2.

6 Now, scroll through the list of programs and search for the 'AVG internet security'. Step 3.

7 Click on the box beside the 'AVG Internet security' to clear the check mark. Step 4.

8 Click on the 'OK' button. Now, you will be prompted to restart your system to save the changes. Click on 'Restart' button to save the changes immediately. If you click on the 'Exit without Startup', the changes will not take place until you restart your computer. Step 5.

9 Although this process is simple to follow, but still if you are having any problem you can take help of the AVG Technical support number +61- 283206061. They will resolve all your queries related to this antivirus.AVG Technical support number

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