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Latest Issues Related To The AVG Antivirus 2017

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1 Latest Issues Related To The AVG Antivirus 2017

2 If you have a system or laptop, then its security is the first priority. AVG software is an antivirus which provides the safety and security to your system by removing the virus and other harmful threats. Virus attacks your system through internet, mails and other means. AVG provides you the full protection against the malware so that your computer is free from threats. One of the main advantages of this antivirus is that it is updated daily if you are connected to the internet. This makes the virus definition up to date and the antivirus is ready for any types of latest virus attacks. Apart from several features there are some latest issues related to this antivirus 2017 which can trouble the working of the software. Here are some issues mentioned by AVG Support related to the software so that you can take some troubleshooting steps when you face these errors.


4 Firefox and AVG Conflict: The feature 'website scanning tool' from your program prevents you from accessing the websites which are dangerous for your system. But, it has a conflict with Mozilla Firefox as the antivirus does not allow you to open some websites which are running JavaScript and are written in ASP.NET. To resolve this problem, you have to update your antivirus to the latest version. Now, update the 'Security Toolbar' in the Firefox. In the toolbar, click on the AVG icon and select 'Update'.

5 Interference of AVG with the Anti-spyware programs: The other program which conflicts with AVG antivirus is the Anti-spyware program. These two program conflicts in the windows registry because the registry key of anti-spyware program is considered as a threat by this software. The registry key of the anti-spyware is used to prevent the launch of tracking software and spywares. That’s why the antivirus sees it as a threat and wants to remove it immediately. This puts the registry key back after the AVG removes it. This Cycle makes your system slow. To resolve this issue, first remove the anti-spyware program And download the latest Version of the antivirus because the latest version Of this software has both the programs combined.

6 'No Active Component' Error: One common problem which you may face related to it is while updating the virus library of the program. The error message 'No active component' means that the updating of the program cannot be completed and it must be closed. To solve these issues, first uninstall the current version of the antivirus from your system and then download the latest version of the antivirus from its website and then reinstall it. If you are Windows Vista user, open the 'Control panel' in your system, click on the 'User accounts' then click on 'Turn user account on or off' and set this option to 'Off'. Finally, reboot your system and then launch your software.

7 Contact AVG support phone number to get rid from viruses, you just need to dial Support Number +61- 283206061 where our technician will help you.AVG support phone number Website: Source

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