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Trend Micro Support for Installing the Latest Version Security 2016.

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1 Trend Micro Support for Installing the Latest Version Security 2016

2 Computer viruses are basically malicious programs designed with an aim to damage other people’s computers or steal cash or information. These skilled programmers make use of their talent in a bad manner. To combat such programs, there are antivirus solutions designed. Trend Micro antivirus is one such solution that protects your computer from attack of virus, malwares, spamming and identity theft.

3 You can take help from Trend Micro technical support to download, install, and configure this software. Before installation, it will be recommended to perform the given actions like –

4 Ensure that your PC is suitable for Trend Micro’s system requirements. Check if you have incompatible software from Trend Micro or other vendors. If you have, then remove it. Close all the running applications Switch to desktop by clicking on Start Screen button, if Trend Micro security 2016 is being installed under Window 8/8.1

5 Standard installation via CD version Form the Trend Micro Lab site download the install and double click on the downloaded archive. If you purchased a CD version, then insert it in the CD drive. The file will start installing automatically and if it does not run it manually. You will need to click on end users license agreement. It means you have agreed to its terms for installing the application. If the app is installed under Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and Vista then user account control notice gets displayed. Enter your password and click on Yes button. Wait for the notification of completion of installation. Click on start icon to finish the installation process.

6 If you find any issue in installation and configuration, then Contact Trend Micro Support Australia.

7 Trend Micro support for Installation via command prompt After downloading the installer from Trend Micro’s official website run command prompts. Drag & drop installed in Command Prompt window. Command the installer to run the window using necessary options and parameters. Press the enter key and Trend Micro security 2016 installation starts with parameters applied. To finish installation, follow the instructions given by the wizard. If you are confused in selecting the parameters, then dial Trend Micro Support Number +61-283206030 and discuss your issue.Trend Micro Support Number+61-283206030

8 Original Source: For more information contact us +61- 283206030 Thank you

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