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Collège Doctoral PRES Université Lille – Nord de France Joël CUGUEN 1.

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1 Collège Doctoral PRES Université Lille – Nord de France Joël CUGUEN 1

2 Some metrics 4,03 M inhabitants in the region students international students graduate master / year Dunkerque Lille/Villeneuve dAscq Valenciennes Arras Calais Boulogne/Mer St Omer Béthune Cambrai Liévin Douai Lens Maubeuge Lille métropole: 3 Universities and 2 Engineering School - Lille 1: Sciences and Technologies - Lille 2: Law and Health - Lille 3: Social Sciences - Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie - Ecole Centrale de Lille 3 multi-disciplinary/multi-site Universities - Littoral – Côte dOpale - Artois - Valenciennes – Hainaut–Cambrésis - Ecole des Mines de Douai 2

3 PRES ULNF Research potential 6 Universities, 3 engineering schools (30 institutions) 200 research laboratories R-T & R, administrative staff 70% of research employees in labs associated with national research organizations (CNRS, Inserm, Inria, Inra, …) 6 regional thematic doctoral schools PhD Students 450 theses / year 3

4 Doctoral college PhD students (38% international students) 450 theses per year 6 Regional Doctoral Schools - Sciences de la Matière, du Rayonnement et de lEnvironnement - Sciences Pour lIngénieur - Biologie et Santé - Sciences Economiques, Sociales, de lAménagement et du Management - Sciences de lHomme et de la Société - Sciences Juridiques, Politiques et de Gestion 2 Departments - International Initiatives department - Careers and Employment, skills training department 4

5 Doctoral college + network of Professional Insertion Referents coming from all economical sectors 5

6 Doctoral School: Missions & Objectives Coordinate PhD students program and monitoring their curriculum – Authorization for thesis registration at the beginning and each year – Implementation of the Thesis Charter, with possible mediation if necessary – Selection of reviewers, monitoring committees Offer additional scientific and technical training – Technical training ("HPC", industrial property, …) – Support for the organization of summer/winter young researchers schools Promote interdisciplinarity and international mobility – Transdisciplinary seminars, mobility meetings – Financial support for mobility – Implementation of agreements with international partners 6

7 Doctoral School: Missions & Objectives Promote the employability of PhD students and assist them in defining their professional project – Help in the definition of professional project – Openness to business world – Training (training plan, communication, project management) – Participation to the « Doctoriales » seminar, – New chapter of the thesis – skill valorisation (with a human resource coach) – Preparation for the job search 1 director, 1 or 2 assistants, a board with 6-7 people 7

8 Department of International Initiatives Call for projects (2 per Year): incoming and outgoing mobility of PhD students, seminars or advanced courses Visiting Professors - short visits Annual award thesis "International Research - 1 in S&T and 1 in SHS Franco - Wallon Interreg program ProDoc Process of employability of doctors and doctoral skills development with companies and non-profit organizations » - Web site - Forum DocEmploi - French courses to facilitate the integration of foreign PhD students (In progress) Integration seminar for foreign students 8

9 Manage all the actions to support the employability of doctors for the 6 Doctoral Schools of the Region PhD students: 35 thematic seminars divided in 8 themes -Define the professional project and optimize the job prospect -Prepare for a business creation (company, association) -Develop and enhance skills and innovation potential -Communicate knowledge and training to university teaching -Locate the research activity in the socio-economic and institutional environments -Scientific mediation – communication skills -« Doctoriales » seminar week / 75 PhD students (ProDoc – F-B) - -June Conferences of June (4) Supervisors: 2 seminars per year Socio-economic environment: panels, forum, social networks Department of Careers and Employement 9

10 Metrics in – registrations – 541 PhD Students – 32 seminars – 54 sessions – 98 days – Cost of seminars: 95 Keuros - Funded by the PRES (50%) and by Doctoral Schools (50%) 10

11 Employment status in March 2011 for graduate PhD in 2008 ORES survey published in Oct 12 – 11_parGD.pdf – 95% have a job with > 2200 euros (before taxes) – 51% in Nord-Pas de Calais region, 30% in other parts of France, 19% abroad – ¼ of PhDs has participated to DCE seminars – 100% of PhDs who participated at least one DCE training have a job 11

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