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Year 8 – Tu gardes la forme?

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1 Year 8 – Tu gardes la forme?
WALT: To talk about keeping fit WILF: To say how often you practise sport & to give opinions To read a longer text for gist To recognise and use the past tense  level 5

2 Starter - Chiffres jusqu’à 50…
= 44 – 4 = x 2 = 50 – = 2 x = 4 x = 5, 10, 15, …, … 8, 16, 24, …, …,

3 Complete the rest of the sentences in your books
Je joue / Je fais… Du …. au …. du …. De la …. au …. au ….

4 Combien de fois par semaine?
J’en fais… de temps en temps souvent tous les jours une / deux fois par semaine le (mercredi) matin le samedi après- midi le (dimanche) Je ne fais pas de sport Je n’en fais jamais Je ne fais rien 1. Copy these time expressions and find their meanings 2. Use 3 of those time expressions in a sentence about sports These very important words will enable you to extend your sentences and reach level 3! Add your opinion and justify for level 4!! Don’t forget to use to find out what any words mean…

5 Moi… Write a paragraph about how you keep fit…
_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now check with your partner: Try to include a past tense to boost your level to level 5 Eg: Il y a 2 ans j’ai fait de la danse 2 years ago I did dance A l’école primaire j’ai joué au foot pour l’équipe scolaire At primary school, I played football for the school team

6 Thierry Henry Read the text about Thierry Henry. You will not understand every word. Try to recognise key words so you understand the meaning of the text

7 Plenary Je joue …. tennis Je fais … … natation Je … au hockey
Je … yoga J’ai … au rugby J’… fait de la danse

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