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Overview about egg donation process

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1 Overview about egg donation process

2 Process for egg donation Surrogacy is nothing less than medical revolution for those couples who are facing problems due to infertility but desirous of having their own child.. The success of surrogacy treatment largely depends upon the egg donor or surrogate therefore, couples should make judicious decision before going in for donor sperm, egg or embryos of the donor.Surrogacy

3 Treatment at KIC: The egg donation process involves vigilant testing of the person (prospective donor) by the doctors at Kiran Infertility clinic through a medical history. Based on the medical information, our clinic decides whether the concerned person qualifies as a donor.Kiran Infertility clinic

4 Treatment at KIC

5 The other important decision before choosing an egg donor is to decide whether to choose a donor who is anonymous, semi-know donor or known donor.

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