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Involuntary & Voluntary Childlessness

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1 Involuntary & Voluntary Childlessness

2 Voluntary Childlessness
Create a T chart- pros and cons of having kids Discuss with people at your table, why you do or don’t want to have kids

3 Voluntary Childlessness
Voluntary Childlessness- People who choose not to have kids

4 What do you think of this quote?
“ Children are the cloth of the body. Without Children, you are naked.”

5 Could it be… That a man’s wealth is measured, in part, by the number of children he has? Or that a woman’s value to her husband is determined by her ability to bear children? Do you agree that to some, marriage without children is seen as incomplete?

6 Involuntary Childlessness
Involuntary Childlessness- Couple or individual who wants to have children and cannot This state is generally the result of one of two factors: 1. No partner % of infertility due to physical problems

7 Option 1- Fertility Drugs
Drugs release hormones that induce ovulation to boost egg production and make uterus more receptive to embryo implantation 40-45% success rate with women who ovulate As cheap as $60 a cycle Can result in a “litter”

8 Option 2- Artificial Insemination
Specially “washed” sperm is inserted directly into uterus- often done in conjunction with drugs Best for low sperm count and women with acidic vaginas Easy to do, in doctors office 15-20% success rate Under $1000 Lets check out a video: (6:00) ‘Modern methods of fertility treatment’

9 Option 3- Get some different sperm
Dads sperm is infertile so pay $300-$400 and get someone else’s Estimated 15% get pregnant in one cycle, 80% after 6 cycles Article- ‘Fathers Day- Two non-traditional dads, two different paths Then Video (9:27) ‘Finding Free Sperm Donors Online’ Then article ‘Why this sperm donor is being ordered to pay child support’

10 Option 4- In Vitro Fertilization
Take eggs out, fertilize in a lab, embryo develops, plant back inside uterus Good for women with endometriosis 41% (under 35), 32% (35-37), 23% (38-40) $8000 per cycle + drug costs

11 Option 5- Egg Donation Older couple gets young egg, fertilized with male sperm, implanted in old uterus $15000-$30000 Would you donate your eggs? Would you sell them? Article- ‘Competing Perspectives’ pg Brainstorm in groups: -Should you be able to sell your eggs & sperm? -Brainstorm a few reasons why/why not…

12 Option 6- Surrogacy Borrow a womb!
Couples fertilized egg implanted OR your egg gets inseminated $ $100000 Article- ‘Surrogacy in Canada Online’

13 There are some more methods, but you get the idea…
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (best sperm injected into egg directly then IVF) Donor Embryos- Couples who got pregnant through IVF 7 don’t need their extra eggs Reproductive surgery- remove scaring

14 Adoption Article- ‘What is Open Adoption’

15 Retrieved 16 Nov 2014 from http://www. children. gov. on

16 International Adoption
Video- CBC news in review- November ‘Adoption, looking for a baby abroad’

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