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What are the options for frozen embryos? A GUIDE TO HELP WITH DECISION MAKING.

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1 What are the options for frozen embryos? A GUIDE TO HELP WITH DECISION MAKING

2 The Difficult Decision Thinking about what to do with frozen embryos can cause a lot of stress for many people.  It can bring back thoughts and feelings from your own infertility experience.  It can make you question your personal values and beliefs about parenthood.

3 Goals of this program  To talk about the thoughts and feelings that are common when faced with a decision about what to do with frozen embryos  To talk about the options that are available to you  To help you get some closure to your infertility experience

4 Available Options  There are 5 options available to you:  You can continue to store them  You can use them for future family building  You can have them thawed and discarded  You can donate them to scientific research  You can donate them to another infertile individual or couple

5 Why would someone want to keep their embryos frozen?  You may want them for future family building.  You may be confused about the possible choices available to you.  You may be having difficulty reaching a decision.  You may need more education and guidance as to what your options are.

6 Have you considered discarding your embryos?  One option is to thaw your embryos  Your embryos will be discarded by Nashville Fertility Center as directed by you

7 Have you considered donating your embryos to scientific research?  Some individuals and couples would like to see the embryos they created be used to help scientists find treatments or cures for illness and disease.  If your embryos are not needed for research at the time of your donation, they may be stored for future research studies.

8 Donation to an infertile couple  Have you ever thought of donating your frozen embryos to an individual or couple who is also experiencing infertility?

9 Why would an individual or couple want to build their family with a donated embryo  Many individuals or couples have been through many treatments and have not had a successful pregnancy.  Some individuals or couples have issues with male and female infertility.  Some individuals or couples worry that they could transmit a genetic disease if they got pregnant and gave birth to a child.  Some individuals or couples would prefer not to have a genetic tie to the child  It costs less money than traditional adoption, IVF or donor egg infertility treatments

10 What is the donation process?  First you would fill out paperwork about your medical history.  Then you would have blood work done.  A legal agreement for releasing your embryos to Nashville Fertility Center to be signed.

11 Did you know?  You can put restrictions on who would receive your embryos.  For instance, if you would prefer a specific age range or religious preference for the recipients of your embryos you may choose that.

12 Did you know?  That you can write a letter to a future child created from your embryos that will be put with your profile?  You can also write a letter to the receiving individual or couple that will also be attached to your profile.

13 Donor Sibling Registry  Did you know that there is a resource available:  To possibly to connect you with the family created with your donated embryos?  To help you with how to communicate to your own child that there may be genetic siblings that were created from your donated embryos?  That will provide education and support for you and your family?  Did you know that information can be found at the Donor Sibling Registry online.

14 Education about…  Education is available to you to help with making a decision  Your physician, nurse or mental health professional can provide you with…  Information on anonymous vs. open donation levels (transparency levels)  Possible thoughts and feelings you may have with donating your embryos

15 What if we want to know the individual or couple we donate to?  This is a very personal decision.  Known embryo donation programs will match you with a recipient of your choosing. Contact Nashville Fertility Center for more information.

16 Do we tell or not tell our family?  To tell others about your decision to donate your embryos to an infertile individual or couple is a personal decision.  Your doctor, nurse or a qualified mental health provider can help you with these issues.

17 Are there legal issues we need to know if we donate?  Individuals and couples who donate do not receive money.  You may be compensated for items such as medical testing fees associated with your donation.  Nashville Fertility Center may arrange for any medical testing to be done without charge to the donating couple  Your embryos will not be donated without your permission.  Nashville Fertility Center will not sell your embryos.

18 What assistance is available?  Nashville Fertility Center  Physicians  Nursing staff  Qualified mental health professional  Nashville fertility Center can provide you with names of mental health professionals who are educated on infertility and embryo donation

19 Thank you for your participation  Click the link below to take the post educational questionnaire. If the link is broken, please copy/paste the address into your internet browser. Thank you.  Survey Monkey Link Survey Monkey 

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