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Benefits of Medical ID Jewelry Protect Your Family…

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1 Benefits of Medical ID Jewelry Protect Your Family…

2 In life, we never know when an emergency might arise. So when the unexpected happens. Make sure you’re prepared. Keep your loved ones protected with medical ID jewelry.

3 For Children Medical ID jewelry for children gives you the assurance that wherever you may be, your child will get the proper treatment he or she needs. Available in a variety of styles and colors, they give them an ability to express their personality while staying protected. Some of the styles available: Sport strap bracelets for kids on the go. Children’s beaded medical bracelets. Cartoon medical alert necklaces.

4 For Adults: You don’t have to give up fashion for protection. An engraved medical bracelet and accessory for men and women, provides you the luxury of expressing your individuality while assuring your healthcare needs are met. Some styles available: Pearl and beaded bracelets. Leather and metal cuffs. Charm bracelets. Rubber bracelets. Sport strap bracelets.

5 Watches Medical ID watches provide EMTs and other emergency healthcare administrators the same pertinent information about your condition as medical necklaces and bracelets. With straps available in precious metals, leather, rubber, and nylon, they take into consideration any skin allergies you may have.

6 Luggage Tags Travel the world safely with medical ID luggage tags. Medical ID luggage tags are ideal and secure for suitcases, purses and backpacks. With a stainless steel tag, they resist moisture, rips and tears. Not only can you engrave your luggage tag with your health condition, if your luggage is ever lost, you have the option of engraving your contact information as well.

7 Alzheimer’s: Medical jewelry for people with Alzheimer's disease are specially designed for their needs and the people they come in contact with. Not only do they provide a reliable way to keep your loved one’s safe, they can be engraved with their emergency contact information as well. Offered in pendants, tags, chain bracelets and bangles, you never have to worry about the safety of your family member.

8 Other Accessories: USB key chains, custom bracelets and necklaces are not only engraved with your health condition, but can be used as a convenient storage device. Medical wallet cards are an easy way to carry your health information without having to wear jewelry. Medical ID charms are another versatile option to keep your medical information handy and can be added to any bracelet, necklace or strap of your choice.

9 When emergency strikes, medical ID jewelry gives you the assurance that your healthcare providers and EMTs will have the information they need for immediate treatment. Without this information, you or your family may be misdiagnosed or forced to have the treatment delayed. Affordable and customizable, they are a vital investment for any individual with a health condition or allergy.

10 For More Information: For over a decade, Sticky Jewelry has provided an expansive inventory of medical ID jewelry, fashionable accessories, pendants and more. Personalized and customizable their collection of items bridges the gap between style and functionality. To learn more about their products, contact them at: (866) 497-6265

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