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Demonstrative Adjectives

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1 Demonstrative Adjectives

2 Demonstrative Adjectives
Demonstrative adjectives in English are: this, that, these, and those. There are only four in English

3 Demonstrative Adjectives
There are 8 in Spanish, because of gender. They come before the noun and they have the same gender and number as the noun they describe.

4 Este/esta- this Estos/estas-these (al lado de=close or next to) Ese/Esa- that Esos/Esas- those (cerca de=near) Aquel/Aquella- that over there Aquellos/Aquellas-those over there (lejos de= far from)

5 Singular este vestido this dress esta blusa this blouse
ese suéter that sweater esa sudadera that sweatshirt aquel libro that book over there aquella puerta that door over there

6 Plural estos vestidos these dresses estas blusas these blouses
esos suéteres those sweaters esas sudaderas those sweatshirts aquellos libros those books over there aquellas puertas those doors over there

7 Este/Esta Estos/Estas Ese/Esa Esos/Esas Aquel/Aquella
SINGULAR PLURAL Este/Esta Estos/Estas Ese/Esa Esos/Esas Aquel/Aquella Aquellos/Aquellas

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