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Demonstrative Adjectives

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1 Demonstrative Adjectives

2 Demonstrative Adjectives
Demonstrative adjectives are adjectives because they describe the relative position of a person or object. In English, we have 4: this, that, these, and those. This shirt is pretty. These pants are too big. That boy is handsome. Those shoes are cute.

3 Demonstrative Adjectives
There are 12 in Spanish. We use aquel to point out something or someone that is far from both you and the person you are speaking to. Aquel means “that one over there.” They come before the noun and they have the same gender and number as the noun they describe.

4 Demonstrative Adjectives
Masculine Singular Feminine Singular Masculine Plural Feminine Plural this este esta these estos estas that ese esa those esos esas that over there* aquél aquella those over there* aquellos aquellas

5 Singular este vestido this dress esta blusa this blouse
ese suéter that sweater esa sudadera that sweatshirt aquél libro that book over there aquella puerta that door over there

6 Plural estos vestidos these dresses estas blusas these blouses
esos suéteres those sweaters esas sudaderas those sweatshirts aquellos libros those books over there aquellas puertas those doors over there

7 Esa casa Esta casa Aquella casa

8 That house This house That house over there

9 Let’s try it! Picture Signs Exercise Act. 19, p. 114



12 Camisa

13 Zapatos

14 Bolsos

15 Bolso

16 Tarjetas de crédito


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