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Warehousing and Storage Principles Session 12 – Security Day 6 / PM.

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1 Warehousing and Storage Principles Session 12 – Security Day 6 / PM

2 Aims for this session By the end of the day you should be able to: State the types of security incidents and external threats that may occur. Explain the importance of monitoring unauthorised access by staff and others. Explain ways of controlling threatening and/or violent behaviour from others.

3 What security incidents might occur in a warehouse environment? Employee theft or grazing Violence from colleagues or customers Harassment and bullying Product contamination/ chemical hazards Break-ins/ theft Unauthorised access Terrorism

4 High risk areas and times High risk areas: Any where that people can freely enter Anywhere with stock Goods in and Dispatch areas High risk times: At Night Busy periods

5 12:1 Scenarios A Work through the security scenarios and discuss what you would do.

6 Security policies All employees must be aware of the security policies in their place of work.

7 Simple security precautions NEVER leave keys in locks or leave them lying around NEVER leave personal belongings or valuables unattended NEVER allow unauthorised entry to staff areas ALWAYS report any items that appear to be missing or have been tampered with ALWAYS return materials and equipment to a safe place

8 Your responsibilities Make sure you understand the security policies and procedures set out by your employer. Comprehension Vigilance Personal Space Be aware of what is going on around you and report anything suspicious. Take responsibility for maintaining the security for your own work area and valuables.

9 Access control procedures Identification checks Limit keys and identification cards Search or verification for deliveries Database of employee owned vehicles Limited access Training for mailroom personnel

10 Access control Restricted Areas: CCTV Locked doors Alarms Light systems

11 Unknown individuals – challenge if: Are not accompanied by someone you recognise Are not wearing appropriate identification Have an appearance that is inconsistent with the workplace dress code Seem lost or are asking for directions to specific areas

12 12:2 Scenarios B Work through the security scenarios and discuss what you would do.

13 How can you control threatening / violent behaviour? Remain calm Keep distance Maintain even tone of voice Don’t shout

14 What can your company do to control threatening / violent behaviour? Define unacceptable behaviour Defuse conflict situations quickly Encourage reporting

15 Reporting security incidents What should an employee do? What are employee responsibilities? If you notice anything that seems suspicious, or ‘not quite right’, you need to report it. Not reporting something could lead to a breach of confidentiality, theft, fire or other emergency or even someone getting injured or even killed. You never know, so if you see it, say it!

16 Whatever you do……don’t be a hero !!

17 Summary Types of security incidents that might occur. High risk area and times. Security policies. Security precautions. Access Control. Indicators that someone may become violent. Ways of controlling threatening / violent behaviour. Reporting security incidents.

18 Warehousing and Storage Principles Session 12 – Security Day 6 / PM

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