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NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION Starting on the Right Foot!

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1 NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION Starting on the Right Foot!

2 Welcome! Our Congratulations on your first day
in your new position. Our goal here is to ensure that you have the assistance and information you need in order to be successful. During your first day, you will receive orientation on safety, company policy and procedure and our particular methods of accomplishing our goals. Obviously you are aware of our training and communication site. As a new employee we encourage you to start using this tool immediately.

3 Welcome… From a practical standpoint, this web site will provide you with quick access to information. In addition, this site will provide you with the training you are required to take during your first 30 days of employment. Should you have any questions concerning the training or other content on this site, do not hesitate to discuss it with your supervisor.

4 Employee Assistance We have an open door policy here at the company. Should you have any questions, concerns or issues, please feel free to discuss them with your supervisor. In the event you do not feel comfortable discussing an issue with your supervisor, you may go to the Senior Manager on site or contact the Employee Hotline at (866) The hotline is confidential and is handled by an outside firm!

5 Success in Your New Job There are two areas in which job success is determined: Technical aspects and skills – the how to’s of doing your job. The other stuff – attitude, pride, respect, how you treat others and respond to others.

6 Simple Suggestions for Success
Take Responsibility for Yourself Contribute to others success – They will contribute to yours in return Put customers first – They will put you first Be a team player – No one succeeds on their own! Show initiative – It catches everyone’s attention Follow the rules – Even if you don’t agree Work the hours you are paid for – Be a rarity Exceed expectations – Your role will grow! Keep your commitments – Can you be counted on? Be considerate of others – The Golden Rule! Don’t be a whiner – Be Positive – It’s easy to criticize. Be a problem solver! Give and earn respect Act like an owner – all we have to sell is our time – Our time, our business!

7 Safety At Work You cannot be successful if you are not able to work!
No one ever went to work and planned on injuring themselves! An accident is an unplanned event that can be planned not to happen! Safety comes first – ALWAYS!

8 Safety Statistics 5500 workers die from injuries each year.
Annually, 1.3 million workers miss work days from injuries. Employees with fewer than 5 years on the job have 37% of the illnesses and injuries.

9 Your Role in Safety Our company’s goal is an accident-free workplace.
Participate in Safety Training Report Hazards, Incidents, and Near Misses Ask for help when you need it. Do not try to lift more than half you own weight without help!

10 General Safety Rules Obey all Warning Signs
Follow all Safety Procedures Do NOT take shortcuts Do NOT engage in horseplay Use Common Sense!

11 Your Role in Security Our company goal is a safe workplace.
Follow security procedures – Keep doors locked. Report security concerns. Cooperate with investigations. Report co-employee behavior out of the ordinary – threats, bullying, etc….

12 Identify Safety Hazards
Keep your eyes open for safety hazards. Fix what you can! Report what you can’t fix. Suggest ideas for safety improvement!

13 Housekeeping Keep clear access to evacuation routes, emergency exits, fire-fighting equipment and first aid stations, and electrical panels. Keep walkways and stairwells clear. Close drawers and doors. Dispose of trash promptly and properly.

14 Electrical Safety Use plugs that fit the outlet.
Check wire and cord insulation. Never use a damaged cord. Keep flammables away from outlets. Keep electrical boxes clear. Use extension cords for temporary wiring only. Never run an extension cord across a passageway.

15 Chemical Safety If you work around chemicals in your job, take the following precautions: Read and become knowledgeable of the Company Hazard Communication Program. Know where the Material Safety Data Sheets are kept. Always use the appropriate personal protective equipment when using chemicals in adherence to the Material Safety Data Sheet. Check the label before using a chemical

16 Be Prepared Know the location of fire extinguishers.
Use the fire extinguisher for small fires that you can stop! Become familiar wit the company’s emergency action plan! Clean up spills immediately. Don’t leave them for someone else!

17 Accidents and Incidents
In the event of an accident – no matter how minor – contact your supervisor immediately. Failure to notify your supervisor may lead to a denial of a future claim. Cooperate with the investigation. If you witness an accident that requires first aid – call 911 – if you choose to provide first aid, practive universal precautions.

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