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Order Processing & Customer Service Training Guide.

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1 Order Processing & Customer Service Training Guide

2 Checking Orders: See Bro. Lundin for ID and password to Log into the company @byui email account Open new orders in the inbox Print one copy of each order

3 To process an order: Open the QuickBooks icon on the desktop Click on the “Customers” button Click on “Sales Receipt”

4 Search for the customers names under Customer Job If you cant find the customers name click create a new job at the top of the list

5 To process an order: Enter name and address for billing and shipping or copy if they are the same Now you should have a new sales receipt

6 To process an order: Find the item(s) ordered in the dropdown arrow list and enter the quantity Find shipping in the dropdown and enter the amount to match the email order form Print two (2) copies and click save & new

7 Shipping: Place the order in an envelope with one copy of the sales receipt you printed Print an address label by clicking on File – Print Forms – Mailing labels.

8 Search for your customers name and print on the label paper. Put mailing label and our return address label on package Place in the SMS shipping box in Rigby hall room 155 to be picked up by the mail room.

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