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March 2008. 2 UPS - Confidential Contacts Cathy Hammond Sr. Account Mgr. 713-443-9786 Reyes GarciaCustomer Solutions 832-633-0964 Verna MolandesAdministrator.

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1 March 2008

2 2 UPS - Confidential Contacts Cathy Hammond Sr. Account Mgr. 713-443-9786 Reyes GarciaCustomer Solutions 832-633-0964 Verna MolandesAdministrator 281-847-6769 UPS Preferred Customer Service 800-377-4877 * Package Tracking, ETC

3 3 UPS - Confidential Contents UPS CampusShip –Set Up –Shipping –Administrative

4 4 UPS - Confidential UPS CampusShip

5 5 UPS - Confidential What Is UPS CampusShip? An easy-to-use Web-based shipping system that enables multiple users within Allied Home Mortgage to ship packages from any computer connected to the Internet without the need for mailroom processing or handwritten airbills.

6 6 UPS - Confidential How Does UPS CampusShip Help My Department? Streamline the allocation of shipping charges by capturing Allied’s Branch Number at the time the package is shipped Provide better service to your customers or clients with address validation, proactive e-mail notification and package tracking

7 CampusShip Set Up

8 8 UPS - Confidential How to Get Set Up NOTE: Your User ID and Password are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as they appear. You will receive two e-mails: An e-mail with your User ID and the Web address to access the site An e-mail with your temporary Password TIP: Save this e-mail and write down your User ID. TIP: Bookmark or write down your company’s CampusShip Web address.

9 9 UPS - Confidential Who Is My Company’s Administrator? Your Welcome E-mail will also provide you with the name, e-mail and phone number of your administrator. Dear TEMP TRAINING: Welcome to UPS CampusShip(TM). To access your new web-based shipping system, please visit: To begin shipping, you will need to enter your User Name (ID) and Password. Your *temporary password is: hKmH3p *Please Note: Upon initial login, you will be required to change your password. Your User Name (ID) and Password are case sensitive. If you have any questions, please contact your Company Administrator. Company Contact: Administrator Phone: ###-###-#### E-mail: Thank you and enjoy UPS CampusShip. Please do not reply directly to this e-mail. UPS will not receive any reply message. For questions or comments, contact your UPS CampusShip Company Administrator. Allied Home Mortgage Contact

10 10 UPS - Confidential Login Using the Web address provided in your “Welcome to UPS CampusShip” e-mail, access your CampusShip site. The initial Login screen will appear. Enter your User ID and temporary Password and click the Log In button. Optional Step: To change the language on the login page, choose from the Languages drop-down menu, then select the blue arrow. Employee # Input “User ID” “Copy & Paste” Password “Click” Log In

11 11 UPS - Confidential The Update Profile screen will appear when you log on the first time. It prompts you to change your temporary Password to a Password of your choice. Select the Update button. You are now ready to begin using UPS CampusShip. Login Input “New Password” “Click” Update

12 12 UPS - Confidential When you log in, you will be taken to the shipping screen. To update your personal information and access address books, select the My Settings button on the top, right side of the tool bar. CampusShip Shipping Screen (Home Page) “Click” My Settings

13 13 UPS - Confidential After selecting My Settings on the tool bar, you can select the appropriate link to edit user profile, change password, and create and search address books. My Settings 3 2 1

14 14 UPS - Confidential By selecting the Edit User Profile link on the My Settings screen, you can update your user name, e-mail, and phone and fax numbers. #1 Edit User Profile Verify Information “Click” Update

15 15 UPS - Confidential #2 My UPS Address Book From My Settings, you can create, search and import address books, or add to your My UPS Address Book. “Click” Create New Address

16 16 UPS - Confidential #2 Create New Address & Ship From Address Complete all fields (Bold fields are required) “Click” Create “Check” Box

17 17 UPS - Confidential #3 Edit Shipping Preferences Select “Most used Packaging” Select “Your Address” Select “Service Level” Verify Branch Number

18 18 UPS - Confidential #3 Edit Shipping Preferences (Con’t) Select QVN Options

19 19 UPS - Confidential #3 Edit Shipping Preferences (Con’t) If you want a Receipt “Check” Box If you want to automatically add addresses to your address book “Check” Box “Click” Update

20 CampusShip Shipping

21 21 UPS - Confidential Shipping 4 easy steps to get you shipping with UPS CampusShip: 1. Address — Who are you sending the package to? 2. Service Options — When do you want to get it there? 3. Branch Number — What department should be charged? 4. Additional Services — Do you need email notification sent to your customer? Note: For detailed instructions, select the Help link in the left-side navigation or see the Shipping Quick Start Guide.

22 22 UPS - Confidential Address After logging in, you will automatically be taken to the Shipping screen. Select an address from: Your My UPS Address Book Or, select the Enter New Address link. “Select” or Enter “New Address”

23 23 UPS - Confidential Enter New Address When you select the Enter New Address link, a pop- up window will appear. Key in the address. To save the new address, select Save as New Entry (in drop-down) from My UPS Address Book Options. Make sure to record a “nickname” for this entry. Then, select the Update button. Save new address (include “nickname”) Enter new address “Click” Update

24 24 UPS - Confidential Shipment Information — Service Level In the Shipment Information section, enter the appropriate service level detail. “Select” Service Level and Packaging

25 25 UPS - Confidential Shipment Information — Additional Services In the Shipment Information section, you can also choose from several additional features. Select the Add Shipping Options button (lower left). NOTE: Service options may vary based on the shipping privileges your administrator has selected. “Click” for Additional Options “Clic k” to ship Now “Click” Preview Shipme nt

26 26 UPS - Confidential Shipping Options This is the Add Shipping Options screen. It allows you to select: Quantum View Notify SM –Ship Notification –Exception Notification –Delivery Notification Calculate Delivery Time “Click” to view Guaranteed Delivery Time Add additional email addresses for e-mail notifications “Input” a message

27 27 UPS - Confidential Shipping Options (cont’d) Package information will carry over from Main Shipping screen. Payment Method will automatically default to the appropriate account number. “Click” to Preview Info. “Click” Ship Now

28 28 UPS - Confidential When you select the Preview Shipment button, this screen will appear. Review shipment detail for accuracy. To make address or service changes, select the appropriate Edit links. To process the shipment, select the Ship Now button. To cancel the shipment, select the Cancel Shipment button. Preview Shipment “Click” Edit to make any changes “Click” Ship Now

29 29 UPS - Confidential Complete Shipment This screen appears when you select the Ship Now button. Your shipping label will be sent directly to your printer. To void shipment, select the Void Shipment button. “Click” View/Print “Click” if you want a Receipt “Click” if you want Void Shipment “Click” if you want to print a Return Label

30 30 UPS - Confidential Shipping Label Follow the instructions on the label to complete the shipment. Take your package to the UPS drop-off within MD Anderson. Or, to find a drop-off location near you: Select the “Resources” tab Then select the UPS Locations link

31 31 UPS - Confidential View History or Void Shipment “Click” to View History or Void a Shipment

32 32 UPS - Confidential Select the View History or Void Shipment link on the left-side navigation of the CampusShip screen and select the OK button. To Track: –Select the box next to the shipment(s) you wish to track and then select the Track button. Tracking and Voiding Tracking and voiding shipments are easy with UPS CampusShip. No need to write down numbers; it’s all right at your fingertips. Select appropriate Category Time Period “Check” Box

33 33 UPS - Confidential TIP: You may void shipments within 24 hours of processing, if UPS has not picked up the package. To Void: –Select box next to the shipment you wish to void and then select the Void Shipment button. –Select the OK button to void the shipment or the Cancel button to quit. –An X will appear next to the voided shipment. Tracking and Voiding (cont’d) “Click” Void Shipment “Check” Box

34 34 UPS - Confidential Select the Help link from the left-side navigation of the CampusShip screen. Or, see the Shipping Quick Start Guide under Downloads in the Help menu. Or, call your UPS CampusShip Administrator. Help

35 © Copyright 2004 United Parcel Service of America, Inc. UPS, the UPS brandmark, and the color brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved. July 2004 release. Questions?

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