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Final-placement Meeting 18 October 2011. 1. Demonstrate the ability to identify and apply appropriate methods of intervention, describe their theoretical.

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1 Final-placement Meeting 18 October 2011


3 1. Demonstrate the ability to identify and apply appropriate methods of intervention, describe their theoretical underpinnings and critically reflect on their effectiveness in addressing service users needs.

4 Engaged and written a case plan for a client. Discussed framework of practice with others. Discussed theories with my supervisor. Reflected on theories and frameworks in my journals. Met with the foster carers and talked with them. Engaged in pre-service training for foster carers. Engaged in questioning a potential foster carer for their assessment. I have started to compile information for an assessment. I have worked as part of the TRACC team.

5 Learning Outcomes I worked on my interview skills with the assessment process. I had to dig for more information than I am used to getting. This style of assessment is different to what I am used to doing. I had to keep questioning the client even when the information was sensitive. I had to keep pushing for more information even when the client did not want to give it. I have looked at the importance of relationship/rapport building and that this can take time to establish. I can see where self disclosure fits with rapport building and making connections with clients.


7 2. Demonstrate a capacity to describe and analyse how organisations are able to address and meet client needs, organisational goals and community expectations.

8 I have read and understood the organisational mission statement. Reflected on the organisational goals and values. I have looked and reflected on how some of these values are achieved. I have attended and engaged in team meetings. I have attended other meetings where appropriate such as Quarterly Service Meeting and Service Agreement meetings.

9 Our Vision To create a more caring, just and inclusive society consistent with the teachings of Christ. Our Mission As a caring ministry of the Anglican Church we will: Enrich people’s lives through compassionate service and advocacy for social justice in partnership with communities and parishes; Respond with innovation and courage to the needs of our community, especially those most at risk; and Demonstrate a passionate and determined commitment to excel as leaders in quality caring services. Our Values Dignity – We accept, value, encourage and empower others to pursue their personal goals. Respect – We exhibit profound respect, integrity and humility in all our relationships. Care – We demonstrate thoughtful stewardship and take personal responsibility in all we do. Joy – We actively embrace opportunities to share, and experience, hope and happiness. Our Strategic Intent Exceptional Quality Care – We will deliver exceptional quality services with a commitment to respect the needs and rights of every individual. Social Justice – We will champion social justice through advocacy and service to benefit those most vulnerable members of the community. Distinctive Culture and People – We will attract and retain people through a culture which embodies our values and encourages each person to do and be the best they can. Robust and Sustainable – We will ensure our organisation is robust and sustainable with excellent processes and systems. Valued part of the Anglican Church – We will be recognised as, and have a sense of being, a valued part of the Anglican Church.

10 Learning Outcome I have worked as part of the TRACC team and I can see the value of working collectively rather than individually. I have read and reflected on the mission statement and the goals and values of the organisation. It has been an interesting process for me to have to name something every week that has been my joy and hope for that week and I feel this has been a bit of an empowering process.


12 3. Demonstrate the ability to identify major social, political and economic factors and their impact on agencies and shaping policy and practice.

13 I have read some sections of the Child Protection Act. I have talked with staff how these sections fit into the service structure. I have talked and reflected on some of the practices of Child Safety workers. I have also attended some meetings with Child Safety workers – family group meetings, placement meetings, educational meetings, quarterly service meetings, and transition from care meeting

14 Learning Outcome I have read and reflected on some of the policies and practices of Child Safety. It has been at times frustrating for me to read that they are going to be client centered, when some of their practices are not so. It is good to note that when all parties come to a meeting and appear to be client centered, the outcome is more positive.


16 4. Demonstrate an ability to reflect on and articulate the impact on policies and practice paradigms on practice intervention and client groups and integrate reflective practice in the implementation of service delivery.

17 I’ve looked at the Child Protection Act and reflected on its use. I’ve looked through the child protection website and looked and information pertaining to foster caring. I have looked through the child protection practice manual and reflected on its use. I have observed relationships and interactions between child safety and TRACC and reflected on this. I have read through some of the policies for Spiritus. I have looked and reflected on the requirements of foster caring.

18 Learning Outcome I have done a lot of reading while I have been on my placement. I have read a lot of the information in regards to foster carer's and foster children. I am have at times been frustrated by the behaviour and decision making by Child Safety but I have reflected and taken into account their processes and policies. Looking at the different theories has also been beneficial and identifying what theory it is that they use and how they make decisions.


20 5. Demonstrate an ability to engage in research activities that could inform and/or enhance professional practice in the light of clients needs, organisational goals and social policy.

21 I have looked at different issues realted to children in care such as: attachment issues, trauma, trauma in schools and family of origin. I have engaged in a sibling contact. I have researched and presented and talk on grief and loss and presented it at a mental health group. I have researched and presented a talk on reflective practice and presented it at a staff meeting.

22 Learning Outcome I have looked into some of the different issues associated with children in care. I have found this useful in understanding why a child may be displaying behavioural issues. It is important for foster carers to have an understanding of these issues as they are the ones that are going to be living with them and caring for them. They need to know the impact that could be put on their family. During the training some of these issues are discussed and prior knowledge of them was beneficial.


24 6. Demonstrate an ability to identify and engage in the process of continuing education and reflective practice that informs a professional and ethical model.

25 I have reflected on my framework for practice and discussed this with my supervisors. I have been reflecting in supervision. I have talked with other staff about how they work and engage with clients. I have reflected on my own value and belief system and how this fits within my framework for practice and organisational values.

26 Learning Outcome I have engaged with workers and looked at how they engage with clients. I have learnt to use the processes set down by TRACC and Child Safety and to use them creatively to get the best outcome for the client.


28 7. Demonstrate the ability to practice as an entry level professional social work practitioner.

29 I have reflected on my practice methods and use of self. I have reflected on my framework for practice. I have reflected with my supervisors.

30 Learning Outcome I have found supervision to be helpful in looking at my framework for practice. It also made me think about different methods of working that I would not have possibly considered before. I have some practice theories/work methods that I now want to learn more about and implement in my personal framework for practice.


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