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Things You Need to Know Before Installing Artificial Turf.

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1 Things You Need to Know Before Installing Artificial Turf

2 Artificial turf offers a smart solution to keeping your landscape water- wise.

3 Green Lawns  Homeowners use artificial turf as alternative to green lawns as it does not require water to thrive.  There are several things you need to know though about artificial turf before finally deciding to have it installed in your yard, and here are few of those:

4 Choose From Several Turf Styles  With artificial turf, you are not limited to a single colour or texture because you can choose a turf style depending on your needs.  Make sure to coordinate with your turf installer about their products so they can as well show you samples, and so you can make an informed decision which turf style you think would best fit your landscape.

5 Enjoy It In Many Ways  Artificial turf use is not limited to lawn replacement.  Nowadays, it can also be installed to several parts of your outdoor living space - in the pool deck where it serves as an ideal flooring as it’s non-slip and wouldn’t turn muddy, on your patio as a durable carpet for your furniture, for your pet’s play area, for the golf enthusiast’s putting green, and the list goes on.  Fake grass doesn’t require shade and will do fine even in small areas.

6 Keep It Cool  When exposed to direct sunlight, artificial turf can feel warm but not too hot to cause burns.  Simply let the grass cool down or in case you need to use it right away for an activity, you can hose down or spray it with water.

7 Infill's used in artificial turf are made from recycled materials, and this cushion makes turf soft to touch and walk on. Use It As Safe Landing Surface

8 Save Money From Maintenance Costs  With artificial turf, you not only save money, you also save time. Grass may be fake but the savings you earn is real.  It may no longer be the real grass you used to love, but it does free you from the tedious mowing.  And you still can earn compliments from your neighbors about how beautiful your lawn is.  If you’re happy about it, and so are your neighbors and guests, then that’s when you’d know it’s the real deal.

9 Easy Clean Up  You still have to look after your pets and their waste. The same cleaning procedure as you do with grass will have to be followed.  Solid waste should be removed as soon as you can to prevent it from settling. Liquid waste, meanwhile, can be washed down since the turf is porous.  You may also want to clean the surface afterward. Ask your turf installer about the turf cleaning brand they recommend.

10 Keep It Looking Great with Minimal Work  Artificial turf will still require cleaning but you no longer have to use your mowing equipment.  On few occasions, you may have to rake or fluff up a spot so that the blades are standing up.  This will most likely happen in high traffic areas but other than that, cleaning will only have to include picking up leaves or using mild soap solution.  No more using harsh chemicals. This is no longer necessary.

11 Check These Out!  Don’t rush when deciding whether or not to install artificial turf. If you have other questions about fake grass use, you may get in touch with professional turf installers in your area, or you can also send us a message at  Check out this article about the seven things you need to know before installing artificial turf.  Brought to you by, a family-owned business based in Sun Valley, California and is home to the finest artificial turf on the market.  For more info on artificial turf los angeles, visit today.artificial turf los angeles

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