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Remote Access Using a Netgear DG834 Router 1

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1 Remote Access Using a Netgear DG834 Router 1

2 Pre-Requisites Permission from On-Site IT Personnel IP Address of Edge DVR Port Number used to access Edge DVR Internal (Private) IP Address of DG834 External (Public) IP Address of DG834 Username and Passwords for both the Edge and DG834 units 2

3 Netgear DG834 Internet LAN Switch/Hub Edge DVR Unit(s) Local Area Network (LAN) Private IP Addresses Wide Area Network (WAN) Public IP Addresses Remote Client 3

4 Connections Create a connection between the DVR and the Netgear router using a standard CAT5 cable. You can use any free port on the router 4

5 EDGE Setup Page Right click mouse button to access menu Left Click “SETUP” Select 3rd Icon along top, to access “Devices” menu Click on “Network” Set or Make a note of IP Address Click on “Ports” Make a note of port numbers being used. Defaults are: Admin – 5920 Video/Audio– 5921 Web– 80 5

6 Opening Ports on DG834 Accessed by typing the IP address of DG834 into Internet Explorer on a LAN connected PC/Laptop Click on “Services” to open the relevant ports. Click “Add Custom Service” and fill in the details as follows Name: EDGE ADMIN Type: TCP Start Port: 5920 Finish Port: 5920 Then Click “Apply” Click “Add Custom Service” again and add the following details Name: EDGE CMS Type: TCP Start Port: 5921 Finish Port: 5921 Then Click “Apply” These 2 new ports should now appear on the “Services” page. 6

7 Port Forwarding on DG834 Still in the Netgear admin page, click on “Firewall Rules” Click on the “Add” button at the very bottom of this page, to add a rule under “Inbound Services” and fill out the details as follows: Service: EDGE ADMIN (TCP:5920) Action: ALLOW(ALWAYS) Send to LAN Server: “THE IP ADDRESS OF EDGE UNIT GOES HERE” WAN Users: ANY LOG: Always Then Click “Apply” Click the “Add” at the bottom of the page again and fill out the following details: Service: EDGE CMS (TCP:5921) Action: ALLOW(ALWAYS) Send to LAN Server: “THE IP ADDRESS OF EDGE UNIT GOES HERE” WAN Users: ANY LOG: Always Then Click “Apply” You should now see these 2 new rules under “Inbound Services” 7

8 Configuring CMS Software In CMS Software click on 3rd Icon from the left, to access “Local Settings” menu Click on “Remote Site” tab Enter a site name Enter external (internet facing) ip address of router Check the ports Save login ID & password Use the “Transfer Camera Select” option to choose which camera are visible in CMS Click OK This should all now be configured for remote access. 8

9 Frequently Asked Questions Can I still achieve remote access if my customer does not have a fixed IP address? –Yes, Edge DVR’s all have a dynamic DNS client installed on them to help with this issue, please ask me for more info if required. What if my customer already has a router in place and its not a Netgear? –Remote access can still be achieved on non-Netgear routers but the method will vary from these instructions. You may need to consult the router user manual. Can the CMS software support multiple sites? –Yes, it is possible to have multiple sites and locations displayed in CMS, regardless of geographical location. 9

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