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Our Vision We strive to provide advanced and popular gaming solutions to the public with ultimate goal of generating revenues to various governments and.

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2 Our Vision We strive to provide advanced and popular gaming solutions to the public with ultimate goal of generating revenues to various governments and institutions for good causes. Our Mission We are committed to maintain leadership position in the country with our technological, operational, strategic and qualitative edge and extending our experience to other similar markets by creating opportunities through strategic partnerships. Our Core values  Integrity  Speed  Simplicity  Self confidence  Accountability  100% commitment  Concern for Community

3  Lottery  On-line services  Leasing & Finance  Travel & Tourism  Engineering – Power & Mining sector.  Information Technology  Real Estate  Diamond Jewellery  Education. Lottery is the flagship operation of the group enjoying total focus

4  Leadership in lottery business in India with an annual turnover of more than 1 Billion USD.  Over 34 years in business.  Operating a Network of more than 18000 on-line Retailers.  Doing over 10 Million secure transactions in a day.  Over 700 employees and well evolved HR practices.  Quality focus; ISO 9001:2000 accreditation for lottery operations and pursuing CMMI Level 3 for development activities.

5  Total control over all technology elements with significant in-house design and development capabilities.  Refined and appropriate Channel based Marketing experience from last three decades.  Strong link with various State Governments in organizing lottery business.  Reputed range of technology partners.  Member of WLA.  Philanthropic Outlook

6 Lottery/Gaming - Conventional Lottery. - Computer based on-line Lottery. - E-lottery (web based games) - Mobile lottery - Casino On-line services (synergic to Lottery): - Electronic Recharge - Utility bill collection - On-line bookings – Tours and Travel - Cash Cards

7  Lottery Operations Governed By Lottery Regulation Act, 1998  Only 13 States Operate/ Allow Lotteries covering 23% of the population of the country.  Sugal & Damani is currently marketing Punjab, Maharashtra and Sikkim State lotteries in the states of Punjab, Maharastra, West Bengal, Sikkim, Goa and Arunachal under four different brands.  We have operated lotteries in all major states in the past and have a large dormant channel, which can be quickly activated in the new states as and when operations are allowed.

8  Only 13 states allow lottery – 4 major states and 9 smaller states.  Sugal & Damani has Presence in all major lottery playing states in India  In most of the major markets Sugal & Damani has highest market share.

9  Information Technology is the forte of Sugal & Damani having its own software company.  Open standards based design for simplified operations.  Multi-layer communication and data transport design with wide ranging options.  Redundant, Fault tolerant Infrastructure with BCP and DRP considerations.  Alliance with top technology vendors of the world.

10  Centralized server cluster based design with high security features like IPSec, Firewall and SSL.  High Availability Servers with clustering and back-up sites.  Support for widest access media types to connect retailers; CDMA, EDGE, GPRS, VSAT, Dial-up, Broadband, WiFi  Secure VPN for back-office operations.  Rugged POS terminals with high speed thermal printers and laser scanners for high throughput and unhindered operation. Thin / Browser based front end for better flexibility and control.


12 POS Terminals Regional/Zonal/ Head Offices Retail Application Monitoring & Management RDBMS (MySql) Web Components Device Middleware

13  On-line Transaction Processing  Lottery Management  Decision Support  Monitoring  Inventory Management  Instant Ticket Validation  Perform Day and Period Accounting, Per Game Per Draw, Per Region  Provide Statistical Reports  Helpdesk

14  Our core strengths relevant for overseas market: 34 years in diverse multi-lingual multi-cultural market. Expertise in various forms of games and game design. Expertise in channel based marketing. In-house development team and technical expertise. Sound financial strength – zero debt operation. Our ability to enter into partnerships.  Our key exposures relevant for international partnerships: Mission critical financial transactions. Handling of large No. of transactions across wide geography – over 10 Million/day Robust & reliable network and solution. Extensive control over operating personnel and close monitoring. Extensive reporting and MIS for efficient management. Widespread support network for efficient problem resolution. Very high concern & effective measures for Physical, Network and Data security

15 We suggest three partnering options as per following:  Lottery Application Licensing: Providing complete back-end application solution on License fee basis.  ASP – Application Service Provisioning: Hosted and Managed application services at our data center with server and collocation infrastructure taken care of.  Joint Venture/ Joint Operations: Open for discussion.

16  Lottery Application Licensing. Comprehensive solution. Open Platform. Customization Support. On-site implementation. Wide choices for Games.

17  ASP – Application Service Provisioning Fully Managed. End-to-End solution. Hassle free start-up. Fully Scalable. Super redundant Facility.

18  Joint Venture/ Joint Operations Technology Operations Strategy Channel & Marketing Management

19  Strong Project Management Fundamentals.  Network design and rollout capabilities  Pre-launch audit and quality certification  Facility Management  Sales Network Management  Training  System Support  Service Network management  Help Desk  Network Operations Center.  Security Policy and implementation.  Retail Terminal Management.

20 Sugal & Damani Group of Companies 6/35 WEA, Karol Bagh, New Delhi – 110005 Ph: +91-11-2574-8882 FAX:+91-11-2574-8886 E-mail: Website:

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