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90 Hot Ideas In College Unions and Student Activities Erin Dayharsh Farrell Business and Marketing Manager Campus Center - University of Massachusetts.

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1 90 Hot Ideas In College Unions and Student Activities Erin Dayharsh Farrell Business and Marketing Manager Campus Center - University of Massachusetts Boston Geoffrey Combs Director Campus Center - University of Massachusetts Boston

2 Webinar Concept  We believe that one of the most valuable benefits of attending a conference is idea-gathering  Most attendees indicate that they return from a conference with only 2 or 3 good, usable ideas or concepts  We will provide a brief overview of 90 new ideas, we hope you can identify 15 or 20 you can use and implement  We will include the source, publication, link or the campus where you can find more information  Ideas are grouped by ACUI Educational Council area

3 Trends Identified  Un-service | Universities increase services but encourage the customer to self-serve  Sustainability | Reusing, recycling, repurposing and saving  Revenue | Recycling old concepts to generate new sources of revenue  Food for Thought | New programs that utilize food service as a medium for learning  Tangible Personalization | Crafts, giveaways, gifts and programs that allow students to personalize the gift  Green Programming | Events and activities that build community while fostering recycling and sustainability  Reality Programming | New programs based on reality TV  Gadgets Galore | New equipment that is cutting edge, improves entertainment options or makes operations easier

4 Administration, Finance and Management

5 Description: This is not the same-old.pdf newsletter sent out electronically, this is a digital and interactive page-turner that allows the reader connect digitally with the material they read. Source: NACA Magazine, Fall 2009 More Information: and click on “online” link to get more information about electronic newsletters DIGITAL NEWSLETTERS AND MAGAZINES

6 FLIPVIDEO PUBLICITY Description: The Office of Campus Programming has been using a new marketing tool this year. Staff and students purchased two flip video cameras, creating instant videos to upload to YouTube and Facebook. The videos have become a hit, and they are a great way to promote the office, services and future events. Source: Hanah Diebold, University of WI – Platteville More Information:

7 DIGITAL SIGNAGE GENERATES ADVERTISING REVENUE Description: Like most institutions Central Washington University displays advertisements and events on their plasma screens throughout the student center and the athletics complex. However, they charge for use of this marketing tool. Both internal and external organizations are permitted to advertise on the screens and images rotate about every 15 seconds. The rate structure is set to accommodate businesses, departments and student organizations. This has become an excellent source of revenue for the department. Example: $450, Quarterly Ad – Local Business Source: Central Washington University More Information:

8 USING TEXTING TO MARKET PROGRAMS AND SERVICES Description: At Washington State University the Student Entertainment Board developed a new way to advertise their events. They set up table in a high traffic area with free t-shirts and give-aways. In order to get one of the giveaways you had to text a pre- determined message (ex: the advertisement for their event) to 5 friends from the university. It turned out to be a great way to spread the word about their programs. Both the text messages and the giveaways were linked to the same event. Source: Washington State University More Information: Brian Shuffield,

9 MOVING OUT AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE - PENNMOVES Description: When the school year ends and University of Pennsylvania students move out of the residence halls, there are thousands of pounds waste (including clothes, furniture, lamps, etc.) that are typically thrown in the dumpsters. UPenn’s Business Services Division implemented a new tool for getting rid of student waste after they’ve moved out of their dorms. Instead of just throwing their unwanted items away, PennMOVES set up collection sites throughout campus and distributed over 85,000 pounds of items to 40 plus local charities. Source: University of Pennsylvania More Information: Barbara Lea-Kruger

10 Description: The University of Arizona won the 2009 Innovative Achievement Award from NACAS for developing the PIP program: PIP – Professional Internship Program, a comprehensive professional growth opportunity developed by the U of Arizona’s Student Unions. PIP is located in the official UA course catalog with Educational Leadership. The course combines traditional student building manager training and a leadership development course. The program ties together student employment, academics and student development. Additionally the student earns money while earning credits. Source: University of Arizona Student Unions More Information: PIP PROGRAM FOR STUDENT BUILDING MANAGERS

11 VIRTUAL ORIENTATION Description: In what is sure to become a trend, the University of Denver (DU, Denver, CO) presented each first year student with an interactive CD at its most recent orientation. Covering topics normally found in the university handbook, the school's cyber-freshmen feature offers interactive scenarios performed by DU students, information on the city's transportation system, and a guide to student services, student organizations, restaurants and cultural activities. Other techno-highlights include faculty profiles, course descriptions, and tidbits on the health and social issues of college life...including serious issues like date rape. Source: University of Denver More Information: Driscoll Student Center, (p) 303.871.3860

12 TREE CAMPUS USA Description: Campuses like Missouri State have become Tree Campuses. Trees on your campus can benefit the environment. Trees provide shade, protect us from the wind, and clean our air. Tree Campus USA recognizes campuses across the country that effectively manage their trees and foster healthy urban forests. Recognized institutions receive materials and press releases that can be showcased throughout the campus and community. Source: Missouri State University More Information:

13 GEO LOCATORS AND EQUIPMENT TRACKING Description: Campuses are just beginning to understand and identify ways to use Geo Locators – that is, technology that is able to tell where it is located.. These types of locators are now being used by libraries to track and tag materials, but many student centers may find them helpful in tracking equipment, laptop, plasmas TV carts and other valuable materials. The GPS Zoombak can be purchased for as little as $99 at Source: Chronicle of Higher Education More Information:

14 SCHEDULE ONCE Schedule Meetings with no Email or Phone Tag Description: ScheduleOnce helps organizations accomplish their goals by scheduling their meetings sooner and faster. It eliminates email and phone tag to determine the date and time other students or staff can meet. It is free, online and VERY easy to use. Source: Ed Cabellon Bridgewater State College More Information:

15 STUDENT FOOD PANTRY Description: During the beginning of the term many students are strapped for funds while they wait for overage, loan or financial aid checks. Many times they are not able to purchase food and may go hungry. The University of Central Florida has set-up a Student Food Pantry. The Counseling Center and Health Center promotes the program and they receive referrals about students in need. Students may visit the food pantry (essentially a storage room in the Student Center) and take what the need to tide them over until they receive their financial aid arrives. Source: University of Central Florida More Information: Rick Falco,

16 MASHUPS Description: What’s hot in 2010 is the seemingly infinite ways that web applications can be “mashed up” to serve up information in entirely different ways. A Mashup is a web page or application that combines data or functionality from two or more external sources to create a new service. Examples: Fusing university roommate listings with Google Maps technology to provide instant access to housing locations or running YouTube videos through your website to highlight your department or services. Mashups are successful because students are used to working online and floating from website to website using multiple applications. Consider ways your organization can use Mashups to enhance your web presence or services. Source: Campus Technology Magazine More Information: 5 Higher Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2010

17 THE “DO SOMETHING” CAMPAIGN Description: Given the recent rise in student violence and emotionally distressed students on college campuses the University of Michigan has created the “Do Something” Campaign. The Division of Student Affairs is working alongside University Counseling and Psychological Services to educate the community on how to deal with stress and anxiety and how to recognize and report members of the university community that may be distressed or distressing to others. Source: Division of Student Affairs, University of Michigan More Information:

18 GRILLED CHEESE ENDS HUNGER Description: Ending hunger one grilled cheese at a time, FeelGood was developed as a student organization at the University of Texas in 2004. Since then it has grown to almost 21 campuses. The FeelGood student organization partnered with the Davis Center at the University Vermont to develop a permanent kiosk and open the first ever, student run, nonprofit deli. FeelGood student organizations operate 501c3 non- profit businesses, selling gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches at sandwich carts. Ingredients are often donated by local and/or organic vendors. All proceeds go to The Hunger Project. Source: University of Vermont, Davis Center More Information: or

19 VIRTUAL MEETINGS AND AVATARS Description: Recently the President of Maryland's Towson University moved his monthly meeting with students to the virtual world of Second Life. Second Life enables its users to interact via avatars. Towson student government president Kristen Guy, 21, who organizes the monthly meetings, said the Second Life meetings were a complete success. She said, “When I saw how many students were in the (virtual) room, I was overwhelmed. I thought it was an innovative new way to increase communication.” Source: Towson University, Maryland More Information: Search: Towson, Second Life

20 STUDENT UNION SETS-UP MOBILE FLU SHOT CLINIC Description: Instead of hosting flu shots in the Student Health Services area, the University of Nevada Health Services staff partnered with the Student Union to bring the flu shots to where the student and community congregate. They created a mobile clinic in a high traffic area of the Joe Crowley Student Union. Source: University of Nevada, Reno More Information:

21 THE CAMPUS KITCHENS PROJECT Description: Campus Kitchens is a program that allows your campus to use unserved food from your dining hall and prepare it into packaged meals that will be delivered to community members in need. This new program opens up doors for leadership development, service learning, and social awareness education. Typically led by a campus coordinator, this person manages trainings for students, community partnerships, and work closely with food services to make this program work at the university. Source: Northwestern University University of Florida & Wake Forest University More Information: Jordan Kough, National Program Director

22 COMMUNITY BLOGGING Description: Create a free blog and let your students use the social media to produce the content. Blogging is a great way to build community while having students reflect on their learning and experience. Source: Bridgewater State College Campus Center Blog Lasell College Student Activities

23 ORGANIZE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS Description: Picasa is free software from Google that allows you to edit and organize photographs. Picasa allows you to tag photographs using keywords, making searching for photos a simple task. It’s a helpful tool in creating slideshows, collages or uploading photos to your blog. Source: More Information: Erin Dayharsh, UMass Boston

24 Campus Life and Program Management

25 FLOOR STICKERS TO ADVERTISE EVENTS Description: Looking for a new way to advertise your events? Do you have your own color poster printer? Then 3M has a great product...floor stickers. The stickers stay in place for as long as you need and then peel off with ease. They are a unique and creative way to advertise your programs. Source Mindy Stroh Boston University

26 THE ACE OF CAKES – CAKE DECORATING CONTEST Description: The Special Programs committee the University of South Carolina combined a guest lecture by Food Network and Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman with a university-wide cake decorating contest. Ultimately, 19 teams from various disciplines competed, ranging from hospitality majors to chemistry students. Each team would be supplied with sheet cakes, cake rounds, knives, spatulas, frosting, decorating supplies, workspace and cleaning space. Teams were allowed to bring in additional materials, as well. After Mr. Goldman’s lecture he judged each of the cakes and selected winners. The event was a huge success with nearly 750 people in attendance. Source: University of South Carolina More Information: Sarah Morgan, Program Advisor University of South Carolina (p) 803.777.7130

27 THE ANNUAL BLOOD BATTLE Description: Compete against your rival while supporting a good cause! Each year Alpha Phi Omega and the Red Cross team-up each to organize the Annual Blood Battle against Ohio State. When a university community member donated blood they received a free “Rally for the Rivalry” t-shirt or Rivalry Trivia Playing Cards! Michigan students donated over 2,400 pints of blood and Ohio students donated over 2,300 pints of blood, according to the American Red Cross the blood donated through this initiative has the potential to save over 14,000 lives. Source: University of Michigan More Information: Nick Smith, Assistant Director University Unions Arts & Programs

28 STUDENT CENTER STUDY CENTER Description: Turn your student center in to a Study Center during finals week. Each semester the Student Center at the University of Central Florida transforms in to a Study Center. The facility remains open 24hrs, hours for the computer lab are extended and they provide limited food services (primarily coffee!). This is an excellent opportunity to support our colleagues in student affairs. Source: Suzi Halpin, Director of the Student Center, University of Central Florida More Information: or (p) 407-823-2117

29 THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS By Rebecca Skloot Description: Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor Southern tobacco farmer who worked the same land as her slave ancestors, yet her cells—taken without her knowledge—became one of the most important tools in medicine. The first “immortal” human cells grown in culture, they are still alive today, though she has been dead for more than sixty years. Best selling author Rebecca Skloot spent over a decade uncovering this story. Her talk includes lessons/discussions on ethics, philosophy, science and race. Source: David Buchalter Greater Talent Network

30 THE HUMAN LOGO Description: The University of Buffalo developed a unique activity to encourage social interaction among incoming freshman and transfer students and their families during new student orientation. Approximately 1,300 students merge to form our University’s insignia. At the same time the event promoted the university’s green campaign “How will UB Green” and provided a fun and lively opportunity for people to interact. University of Buffalo provided T-shirts to each participant and the event has become an annual tradition. Source: University of Buffalo More Information: Andrea Costantino, Video:

31 THE BIKE LOAN PROGRAM Description: The Bike Loan Program refurbishes impounded bikes that are donated by the Department of Public Safety. They are loaned to students for one year. The bikes are outfitted with lights, fenders, a basket, helmet, and u-lock. Students pay only a $65 deposit, completely refundable when the bike is returned in good condition. In its pilot year, the program exceeded expectations both in effectiveness and popularity. The BLP refurbished and loaned 89 bikes and there were 399 requests for bikes. The Union, alongside Outdoor Programs helped to construct a small a bike maintenance shop that is outfitted with three full sets of bike tools and seven shop stands that are free for use. The also organized bicycle maintenance classes and bicycle related events and clinics. Source: ERB Memorial Union University of Oregon More Information: Jessi Steward

32 GIG SALAD Description: Not sure where to look when booking your next murder mystery, acoustic band or hypnotist. The website is an event planner resource featuring live entertainment and vendors such as bands, florists, caterers, magicians, photographers, DJs and services of all types. Gig Salad serves every state in the U.S. According to Business Wire, Gig Salad on its way to accomplishing its goal of being the most recognized, visible and online- accessible talent roster in the world. Source: More Information:

33 FLUTTER FETTI Description: Flutter Fetti is a great way to give a boost to your next pep rally, event kick-off, party parade or sporting event. Flutter Fetti is confetti that has been engineered to stay in the air dramatically longer than traditional confetti. The loaded tubes are designed to make a dramatic impression and they come in nearly every color of the rainbow. Source: ISES – International Special Events Society More Information:, (p) 877-321-1999 Video:

34 “THE HUB” FOR EVENT TICKET SALES Description: Duke University has a new twist on an old idea. Many campuses sell tickets to local events through the Information Desk or the Student Activities Office. However, at Duke hey have created a on-campus ticket station called “The Hub”. The Hub is staffed by students during normal business hours 5 days a week. They research local events of interest to students, subsidize a portion of the ticket costs and sell tickets at a discount. The Hub regularly sends out updates via twitter and Facebook to advertise new and “hot” tickets they have on sale. Source: Duke University, Bryan University Center Ohio State, “Explore Columbus” Booth More Information: Kyle Fox,

35 BOTTLE-FREE WELCOME WEEK Description: Typically the Welcome Week Committee at North Carolina State buys around 5000+ water bottles for the week of events. The Welcome Week committee decided this year to purchase 5000 made in the USA non-BPA reusable and recyclable (#1) water bottles and rented a filtration trailer to filter and chill university water…providing clean, cold and filtered water. This saved thousands of plastic bottles from the landfill and recycle bins. Source: TJ Willis, North Carolina State Univ.

36 THE "CASH CART" Description: It is a play off of the TV show Cash Cab….instead of using a cab, they substitute a golf cart. Participants get picked up at their residence halls in a 6 passenger, decorated golf cart and are asked trivia questions along the way. If they answer the questions correctly they win candy and prizes. They work with the Residence Life to coordinate the “game show”. Source Hanah Diebold, University of WI – Platteville

37 FREE FOOD FOR THOUGHT Description: One of the cardinal rules of campus programming is “feed them and they will come”. The University of Alabama at Birmingham has developed a program series to build on that rule. They host a series of lunches and dinners for students, faculty and staff. Before the dinner participants are challenged with one thought provoking or current affairs question Then, one by one, participants go around the room answering the question. Participants are not to be interrupted while sharing their opinion. Participants can only give their answer to the controversial statement. Once everyone has given their opinion, open discussion is permitted. After Open discussion concludes, lunch or dinner is served. Source: Jason Meier, Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham

38 ADVERTISE ON A BLIMP Description: While searching for low-budget, high-impact ways to advertise their events, the students at Northeastern University decided to advertise their events on a remote controlled blimp. The advertisements were hung from the blimp and it was flown through the 500 seat food court in the campus center during meals. The blimp costs $170, 1/3 the cost of a ½ page ad in the student paper (and it is reusable!). Source: Northeastern University Curry Student Center More Information: and search for “Party Blimp”

39 THE BIG READ National Endowment for the Arts Description: A growing handful of universities across the country are participating in “The Big Read” an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts, designed to restore reading to the center of American culture. The Big Read brings together communities across the country who each read the same book and engage in a series of discussion about the book and its meaning. Any student center, student organization or department can start a Big Read program on their campus. This is an excellent opportunity to partner with the campus bookstore. Source: University of Southern Mississippi University of Texas More Information:

40 ON CAMPUS - EVENT PLANNING CERTIFICATION Description: The Campus Activities and Events Office at the University of Central Oklahoma has developed a new twist to the same old student leader training. They have created a new in-house program for student leaders which offers a “Event Planning Certification” as an on-campus event planner. The two hour program provides a complete overview for new student leaders on how to request space and plan events. The program has helped to create a proactive group of event planners and reduced, last minute requests and many event challenges. At the end of seminar participants receive a certificate and a gift. Source: Kay Robinson, Campus Activities and Events Office University of Central Oklahoma

41 COMMUNITY BUILDING – FLICKS ON 5TH Description: The Student Center at Georgia Tech has developed a unique movie series that serves the community as well as the university. They have taken the outdoor movie to the “next level” by creating a summer outdoor movie series which is free, open and advertised to the public. They are building town and gown relations through a program that has proven to be enormously successful. Source: Mike Coleman, Georgia Tech University More Information:

42 THE 5 TH GUY – HEALTH PROMOTION Description: Statistics state that 4 out of 5 people wash their hands in the restroom…but not the 5 th guy. University of Central Florida has created an innovative health promotion program using “The 5 th guy” as way to educate the community about flu prevention, hygiene and coughing techniques. Their innovative approach replaces the same-old boring posters, ad campaigns and fliers. The 5 th guy patrols the campus with a urinal filled with hand sanitizer samples, telling students not to be the “5 th guy”. He also provides techniques and health education. See their unique website for more information about this fun and educational marketing campaign. Source: University of Central Florida More Information:

43 PHOTO DRY ERASE BOARDS Description: Student photos are applied directly to a dry-erase board. Photo novelties are always a hit during orientation, opening week and student organization fairs…however Photo Dry Erase Boards have become a hot novelty item for campus events. Student love to hang them in their residence hall room, fridge or bedroom door. Source: Valparaiso University, Indiana More Information: HOT Novelty

44 THE CAMPUS CENTER RECYCLING STATION Description: The Campus Center at Smith College has turned their Information Booth in to a “Recycling Station”. Students can stop at the information desk any day this week to exchange old light bulbs for energy saving bulbs, recycle batteries and in return and pick up free “green” items (mini desktop trash bins, CFLs and notepads). Smith College feels that the number of visitors entering the Campus Center each day makes it the perfect venue to create awareness and educate students, faculty and staff. The recycling station and other sustainability initiatives are part of the Campus Center Goes Green program. You can view their program on their website. Source: Matt Gawron, Assistant Director Campus Center Smith College More Information: Search for: Campus Center Recycling Station

45 HOLIDAY ARTISANS FAIR Description: The Student Center at the University of Southern Illinois – Carbondale have developed a unique program that brings in revenue while introducing the university to nearly 75 regional artisans. This is a very popular annual program and each artisan pays for a booth. It has proven to be a good revenue producer. Booths range in cost from $90 to $140 each. Source: Ron Dunkel University of Southern Illinois – Carbondale

46 PROJECT RUNWAY Description: This Fall the Student Union Activities Board at the University of Kansas hosted it own version of Project Runway. Student spent more than two months prepping designs and models for one huge night of fashion, complete with judging by fan favorite Project Runway star Korto Momulo! The entire evening was modeled after the TV show and the event was a huge hit. Source: University of Kansas Student Activities Board

47 HUSKY ROADSHOWS Description: Husky Roadshows are designed by the Student Union Board of Governors to provide transportation for students attending University of Connecticut sporting events. In partnership with the Athletics Department, Husky Roadshows are intended to increase students' ability to attend off-campus home games and to support UConn athletics in general. Roadshows only provide transportation; students are responsible for securing their own game tickets. Source: SUBOG – Student Union Board of Governors University of Connecticut, Storrs More Information:

48 SHOWCASING STUDENT ART Description: State University of New York-Stony Brook has created a college-wide art competition open to all of the colleges and universities on Long Island. This is an inter-campus initiative and offers many students the first opportunity to showcase their work in a gallery. The project brings together students from multiple campuses and the end result is a gallery opening and reception. The winner of “best of show” will win a brand new computer, 2nd and 3rd place winners received iPODS. The 50 best pieces were selected for the show. There is no theme it is a show for students to put forward their best creation. Source: State University of New York Stony Brook More Information: Alexandra C. Duggan (p) 631.632.7320

49 PERSONALIZED NOVELTIES Description: Traditional novelties have seen some innovation, particularly in the areas of customization/personalization. Look for custom pennants, tote bags, photo balloons, photo luggage tags and chocolate bars coming to a campus near you. Source: The Party People Inc. More Information: Jim Gillespie HOT Novelty

50 COLLINS TUOHY Description: Collins Tuohy shares a famously close bond with her adopted brother Michael Oher. As chronicled in The Blind Side. Collins grew close to Michael as she helped him adjust to both Briarcrest and his new life with the Tuohy family. When Collins became Briarcrest’s Homecoming Queen, Michael was her escort, and they also shared a common bond through their unique athletic pursuits: Collins won the Tennessee State Championship in the Pole Vault as Michael earned All-State honors in the discus and basketball championships. As she prepared to accompany Michael to New York, where he was one of nine prospects invited to draft headquarters for the NFL, Collins sounded like a typical protective sister. “I’m a bit nervous,” she said. “I really don’t want him trucking off to some faraway place.” After Michael became a first-round NFL draft pick for the Ravens, Collins continued to support him with frequent visits to Baltimore. At the podium, Collins takes audiences through her journey with Michael from fellow student to close friend, confidant, and ultimately, adoptive sister. Source: David Buchalter Greater Talent Network

51 Operations and Facility Management

52 BIOMETRIC TIME CLOCK W/ THUMBPRINT VERIFICATION Description: How do your students or part time employees “punch-in” to work? If you are using outdated methods such as punch clocks or time sheets you are aware of the problems that they can create. Biometric Time clocks virtually eliminates the age-old problem of employees clocking each other in, a costly occurrence sometimes referred to as "buddy punching". Biometrics provide verification of the identity of each employee clocking in or out. The data is automatically downloaded to your PC for submission to the payroll office, HR or Student Employment. Source: JP Stevens, Associate Director Campus Center, UMass Boston More Information: Click on: Products/Time and Attendance Systems/ TimeQplus Biometric

53 SUSTAINABILITY SIGNAGE Description: The Student Center at Cal State Northridge showcases their pride and educates the university community about their recycling and sustainability efforts through green- facts displayed on signage throughout the building. Located outside elevators, inside meeting rooms, food service areas and restrooms, signage highlights energy and water savings, volume of materials recycled, green building features and sustainability facts. Source: California State University Northridge More Information: Jason Wang Associate Executive Director (p) 818.677.6579

54 VENDING MISER Description: Trinity College expects to save $4,300 a year by using Vending Miser. The Student Government Association suggested this product to the Facilities Department. Vending Miser uses a passive infrared sensor to power-down the machine when the area surrounding the machine does not sense motion. It monitors temperature and automatically powers-up the cooling system to insure products stay cold. It reduces machine energy consumption by 46%. Source: Trinity College More Information:

55 DRY ERASE PAINT Description: Would you like to create an “expression wall” in your student center? The Student Center at Babson College used a new paint technology which essentially turns any wall in to a dry erase board. Simply frame the wall with any wooden or metal molding and paint the wall inside of the frame. Students can write and erase on the wall over and over again. Source: Jen Zamora, Director of Student Activities Babson College More Information: Go to and search for Dry Erase

56 HYDRATION STATIONS Water Bottle Refill Stations Description: According to the Washington Times….8 out of 10 water bottles in the U.S. end up in a landfill. In an average year, more than 50 billion bottles hit US landfills each year. Some campus are choosing to reduce waste by installing water bottle refill stations. The stations produce filtered water and are touchless (no transfer of bacteria). Source: University of Rochester, Students Association More Information:

57 PORTABLE ROUNDS TRACKER Description: Does your campus have difficulty getting student building managers to make their rounds? Here is a unique solution. Originally designed for watchman who make rounds, this system can easily be converted for use in your student center. Simply place the recorder “ibuttons” at required locations in your facility. Touch the recorder to a “button” to record date, time and location of each visit. Download tour information to our PC. The system costs around $500 to $700 depending on the tour kit you buy. The device comes with software and even runs reports. Institution: UMass Boston – Campus Center JP Stevens, Associate Director More Information: Click on: Products/watchman supplies/ ARES Guard Tour Systems

58 THE LACTATION CENTER Description: The Lactation Center is available for women who are in need of a private, secure, and sanitary location to pump milk, or for women who are in need of a comfortable and quiet location to breastfeed a child. The Lactation Center includes comfortable/supportive seating, foot stool, side tables, baby-changing station, hand sanitizer/wipes, clock, resource bulletin board, and magazine rack. The Center is accessed by key which is checked out. Institution: University of Houston, University Center More Information: Cheryl Grew-Gillen, Associate Director, University Center, (p) 713.743.5280

59 PORTABLE GAME UNITS/UPDATED GAME ROOMS It’s not just about the games. It’s about the environment. Description: Old arcade machines are out, and a new wave of gameroom equipment is “in”. This portable game cube is created to meet your specifications and needs. The carts house Xbox, Wii or Playstation consoles (or a combination) along with speakers, joysticks and projection devices. They can be wheeled anywhere in the student center, the units provide versatility, game diversity and all of the video game equipment you need in one lockable unit. Source: Curry College Allison Coutts, Student Center Director More Information: Amy Harcourt, Steel Surf Studio

60 THE CINEMIN SWIVEL Description: The Cinemin Swivel ($350 as of January 11, 2010) is mini portable projector that fits in the palm of your hand. The size of a large candy bar, it weighs 6 ounces and is made to order for watching iPod/iPhone videos, playing games and projecting on the walls or the ceiling. (It flips to a 90 degree angle to project on the ceiling). The Cinemin can create an image as large as 4ft wide and has a battery life of 135 minutes. It earned a rating of “Very Good” from PC magazine. The only negative, you'll have to pay $40 extra to get the VGA-to-A/V converter accessory to hook up the projector to a computer. Source: PC World Magazine January 2010 More Information: n

61 DORM TAPE Description: Student Union Operations Staff and RAs have been encouraging the use of masking tape for years to protect painted walls and surfaces. Manufacturers have responded to this need by developing a super-sticky tape (better than masking tape or adhesive putties) which will hold heavier objects, but will not damage walls and painted surfaces. It sticks to brick, wood, cement, cork, cinderblock, wallpaper, glass, fabric, plaster, tile, chalkboards and metal. Source: The College Store Magazine National Association of College Stores More Information: Go to: To buy:

62 3D TV – COMING TO A STUDENT CENTER NEAR YOU Description: On January 13, 2010 the Consumer Electronics Trade Show, the worlds largest consumer technology event unveiled then new 3D plasma TV. Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba and Vizio all announced 3D-compatible HDTVs at this year’s show, and this new product won “Best of show”. It requires a set of 3D glasses to view. The TV’s are slated to be available in the Spring of 2010. No manufacturer has released a price. Several major television and sport networks (ESPN and Discovery Channel) have also announced that they will be developing 3D cable stations. Source: PC World More Information: Click on Awards/Best of CES

63 TRASH TO TREASURE New Lounge Tables Description: The new student center at Wesleyan University needed new coffee tables for the student lounge but did not have enough funds remaining after construction to buy them. Instead of purchasing new tables they worked with the on-campus Facilities Department to sand, stain and refinish old dining room tables. The bases were then cut down to create new coffee tables. The project didn’t cost a dime, they recycled an old table and the result was beautiful. What does your campus have hiding in university surplus? What can you repurpose? Source: Joanne Rafferty Wesleyan University, Connecticut

64 SNAP FRAMES Description: Expand your adverting options for student organization and campus events. Attach snap frames to your wall…posters easily snap inside of the frame and instantly look like a framed advertisement or display. Snap frames are low-cost, easy to install, neat looking and can be used over and over again. The Reynolds Center at Babson college uses them to rotate student organization posters and club advertisements. Source: Jen Zamora, Director of Student Activities Babson College More Information: http://www.displays2go.com, search “snap frames”

65 LOW-COST, UPSCALE AV CARTS Description: You don’t have to spend big bucks on creating AV-ready meeting and event spaces. Considering designing your own AV carts. If you buy the cart, LCD projector and speakers separately, and assemble them yourself, you can save $100s of dollars that AV vendors charge you to buy a pre-assembled cart. Source: Japheth Stevens University of Massachusetts, Boston

66 Auxiliary Services

67 HEALTHY VENDING OPTIONS Yo-Naturals Description: Since its launch in early 2006, Yo-Naturals has led the fight against junk food in vending machines. The introduction of the “YoZone” combo vending machines, together with the most comprehensive natural and organic distribution program in the Nation, Yo- Naturals offers a complete, turn-key solution for any potential investor looking to either diversify or compliment their current income. Source

68 RENT -A- TEXT Description: The opening of the 2009 academic term marked the launch of Rent-A-Text, Follett’s pilot textbook rental program. This “soft” launch on seven campuses proved remarkably successful, and drew a great deal of media attention. Rent-A-Text has made textbooks more affordable for students by significantly decreasing the initial price they pay for their course materials. Across the seven pilot locations, in just one semester, and with a somewhat limited selection of titles, saved students nearly $2million over the initial cost of buying the new or used book. The pilot has not only illustrated that Rent-A-Text will meet the growing demand for more affordable course materials, but also delivers a sustainable and socially responsible option for students directly on campus. Source: National Association of Campus Auxiliaries More Information: Mike McEneany, (p) 800.323.4506

69 DELICIOUS DEALS FOR TOUGH TIMES Description: Responding to these tough economic times the Student Union at the University of Wisconsin has created a program called Delicious Deals for Tough Times. Everyday they serve a special Pancake Breakfast for $2.00 and UW staff and students can receive a hearty breakfast. They also offer reduced prices on deli sandwiches and soups. Source: Wisconsin Union University of Wisconsin-Madison More Information: Anna Hildebrandt, (p) 608.265.4140

70 FAIR TRADE IN THE STUDENT CENTER Description: Students today demand products that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and address issues of social justice. Fair trade products promote sustainability and aim to help producers, craftsmen and growers in developing countries by offering a fair wage for their product or service. Does your campus offer Fair Trade Products? Starbucks will offer fair trade coffee if requested. Encourage your bookstore to carry a line of fair trade notebooks, paper supplies, accessories and gifts. Source: University of Houston More Information: Students for Fair Trade at the University of Houston 2009 Nov & Dec Issue: The College Bookstore

71 BOOKSTORE VENDING MACHINES Supplies when the Bookstore is Closed Description: The bookstore at Georgia College and State University is providing students with essentials even after the bookstore has closed. A vending machine stocked with supplies such as pens, calculators, exam booklets, USB drives, index cards, even tissues and lip balm just to name a few, provide students what they need, when they need it. Source: Georgia College and State University More Information: Greg Brown,

72 CAMPUS FARMER’S MARKET Description: Campuses like Brown University, UC Davis, George Mason and Rutgers University have all established weekly farmers markets. The markets are seasonal and the days of the week vary…however these markets support local businesses, they are sustainable, the dollars stay within the community and they bring fresh, local produce to your campus. Farmers Markets also build community and enhance university life by bringing together faculty, students and staff. Many farmers markets provide acoustical entertainment or performers during the market. Source: National Association of Campus Auxiliary Services More Information: NACA Magazine, Fall 2009 Issue

73 ONLINE BOOK ORDERING & PICK-UP Description: Today’s students are always on the go. They no longer have to wait in line to pick-up their textbooks and supplies. If they have their course schedule in-hand they can go online to order their text books. Students at the University of Cincinnati can order online and then stop by the bookstore when it is convenient…their books will be waiting. Students enjoy the convenience, avoid the bag check and waiting in line at the register. Source: University of Cincinnati More Information:

74 BIODEGRADABLE SILVERWARE & PACKAGING Description: Food courts in some student centers are switching to biodegradable silverware. It is an environmentally friendly way to serve food. Each biodegradable fork/knife/spoon is made out of all-natural sugar cane, a renewable resources that breaks down quickly in both water and landfills. You can also find plates and bowls made from the same material. One side note: They are not designed to handle extremely high or low temperatures. Source: Ohio University’s Baker Center and Cornell Dining More Information: Oder online and see samples at:

75 A NEW TWIST ON THE OLD MILKSHAKE Description: Restaurant and Institution Magazine indicates that drugstore counter desserts are one of the 20 hot food trends of 2010. Shakes and floats are taking the spotlight. This new product combines drugstore shakes with self-service to create a do-it-yourself blended shake. You select a frozen shake form the cooler, insert it in to the blender and blend your own creamy shake or smoothie. All you need is a freezer and some counter space. Source: Temple University, University of Maryland, Cornell, Penn State and Drexel University More Information:

76 TRANSLOC – TRANSIT VISUALIZATION SYSTEMS Description: Does your campus have a campus shuttle bus or transit system? Perhaps there is a campus shuttle that runs students to and from the city? Students and riders no longer have to wait and wonder when the next shuttle will arrive. Riders can get up-to-the- second bus locations on the internet, cell phones, or at stops. They will see their buses actually moving in real-time ….and know when the bus will be arriving at their stop. Transit operators in turn receive fewer complaints and can track the location of their buses. Transloc is a new and innovative service…only found on 15 campuses throughout the country. Source: University of Maryland, Louisiana State University, Emory University, Yale, Princeton and Harvard More Information: Josh Cohen (p) 919.926.9976

77 MEAL ORDERING AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Description: In an effort to cut wait times in the campus dining halls, Mercer University has implemented a tool whereby students can order their food online and receive an e-mail or text message when it is ready to be picked up. They avoid the lines, the registers and stop in when it is convenient to pick-up their meals. Source: Mercer University Mercer Dining Services More Information:

78 SWEET INSPIRATION - CAKE & COOKIE DELIVERY Description: Working with local bakeries the LaFortune Student Center @ Notre Dame delivers cakes, cookies and brownies to students for birthdays, holidays or other special occasions. The program is independent from campus food services, they send an order form to parents of students with birthdays coming up, and the parents order treats to be delivered by one of the student center employees. This is a revenue producer and the prices are set to generate a profit for the student center. The program has been a “sweet” success”. In 2009 they expanded the market for a special Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day promotion with much success. Source: University of Notre Dame More Information: Jonn Shaver, (p) 574.631.5028

79 “REVERSE VENDING” MACHINES Description: Fairfield University and Sacred Heard University have installed four new “reverse vending machines” that allow students, faculty and staff to recycle plastics, glass and aluminum beverage containers. They receive 5 cents per bottle. This type of incentive-based recycling also pays students $$$ which can transferred directly to their university card for food, vending, etc. The machines were acquired from Tomra Systems North America and they have helped to reduce bottle waste by 50%, reduce the need to empty trash bins and lowered the cost of curbside recycling. Source: Food Management On-Campus November 2009 More Information: Click on Press Releases See Oct 1 st or Dec 1 st Release

80 GLOBAL CHEFS Description: This innovative program facilitates the exchange of executive chefs between Sodexo locations around the world. Each Global Chef shares authentic international cuisine and traditional cooking techniques with students, staff, and on-site culinary team. If you are a Sodexo Campus, the Global Chefs will visit your campus for the day to provide a distinctive and unique international experience. Inspired by student surveys and client aspirations, Global Chef is designed to bring a fresh and distinctive dining experience to Sodexo locations. Source: Northwestern University & New England College More Information: Click on “How to Apply” to or contact Warren Jaferian, VP Sodexo

81 DVD VENDING Description: Major DVD kiosk companies such as Redbox, The New Release have proven successful focusing on large retail and grocery stores. There is now a NACAS (National Association of Campus Auxiliaries) vendor who specializes in self-service DVD rentals for college campuses. The prices are similar to Red Box, generally $1-$1.50 per day. Source: These machines are now in place at Emory-Riddle University, Florida and State University of New York - Geneseo More Information:

82 PASSPORT TO CULINARY ADVENTURE Description: For one week out every month the dining halls at Washington State University take a cultural and culinary journey. They focus on not only the cuisine of a different country, but the culture of the country as well. This is the third year they have hosted this program and students have grown to love trying different types of food from all over the world. University Food Services worked with the International Programs Office to decide what cultures to feature based upon the student makeup at WSU. Source: Washington State University More Information:

83 TEXTBOOKS AVAILABLE ON i POD AND i PHONE Description: Course Smart began back in 2007 and it offers e-text books and substantially lower costs to students. They are leaving traditional bookstores very nervous. Recently Course announced that they will make an iPhone app available to their customers. Online CourseSmart's product allows the user to highlight passages, type notes in the margins, and even search the text for a specific word or phrase. Course Smart does not think that students are going to use their iPhone to do their homework, but they do think it will provide real, mobile learning. Student can read a chapter while on the bus or immediately access text with meeting with a study group for example. Source: Wall Street Journal, August 2009 More Information: or Amazon’s Kindle DX e-book Reader

84 HYGIENIC UTENSIL DISPENSER Description: No one wants to use plastic cutlery that other people have touched. Standard utensil bins are a breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. In some cases the cutlery is touched by many people before it reaches your mouth. Given the recent concerns about transmission of the flu and other viruses, this dispenser has become a popular hygienic option. The container holds 120+ utensils, and students/staff take only what they need, leaving the remaining utensils untouched. Source: The College of the Holy Cross More Information:

85 NEW LED LIGHTING Description The brand name of our LED lights is "Cree" and their website is Estimated savings is 10k per 5000 sq feet of space compared to regular incandescent bulbs. These are also dimmable to 40% brightness and work with current dimming Source University of Central Florida More Information: Tyler Simms, (p) 407.823.3677

86 THE BURGER STUDIO Description: Hundreds of students from the campuses ARAMARK serves around the country helped to create Burger Studio, including the concept, design, name, use of technology and staff uniforms. Using electronic touch-screen ordering kiosks, students can design their own individual 'masterpiece,‘ made to order, by selecting an Angus, chicken or veggie burger customized with more than 30 toppings, cheeses and sauces. The kiosks visually create the order by building the sandwich, piece by piece on the screen. The first Burger Studios opened in the Fall of 2009 at the University of Delaware, University of Hartford, Middle Tennessee State, Missouri Western State, and Springfield College (MA). Source: Restaurant News Resource More Information: Karen Cutler (p) 215.238.4063

87 THE MINGLE STICK An Electronic Business Card Description: A small, inexpensive keychain device that allows people to exchange identity information with a simple click of a button. The MingleStick plugs in via USB to your computer, uploads its data to the MingleStick website and allows you to browse your recent connections. An individual’s profile information is dependent on what they have included in their public MingleStick profile. College students are using the MingleStick to share social networking profile(s) with classmates and new friends. This device was featured at the recent ACPA conference in Boston, for the purpose of professional networking. Source: MingleStick Price: $19.95

88 Wrap-up  Questions  Clarifications  What is happening on your campus?  New equipment  New initiative  New program  New revenue idea  Partnership  New process

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