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Science in The Light Of Spirituality A lecture by : Dr. Pranav Pandya, MD Chancellor - DSVV.

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1 Science in The Light Of Spirituality A lecture by : Dr. Pranav Pandya, MD Chancellor - DSVV

2 Challenges of today Inventions of Science have made life much more comfortable and created lot of wealth. But it has generated so many problems solution of which are now beyond domain of Science.  Stresses and Strains  Lack of Vitality  Crisis of Faith  Might is right (ÂýˆØÿæßæÎ)  Over indulgence in Sensual pleasures (Viagra)

3 The Challenges of 21’st century 1)Crisis of Energy 2)Eco-Devastation 3)Terrorism 4)Drug Trading 5)Epidemics

4 Scientific advances  IT revolution has changed the way we do commerce and communicate  Satellite Television has reshaped our life style  Things once considered luxury are within reach of masses  Virtually the distance between nations reduced But all this is proving to be a curse rather than boon

5 Our Society today…  Reduced Mental and social peace has lead us to a Stressed society full of conflicts – inner and outer.  A Very dependent Society – functioning only to earn more and more money by any means

6 In the field of medicine despite a successful cure available for number of diseases, more and more new diseases are coming into light, besides iatrogenic disorders. The chemical weapons, nuclear waste, out of proportion global warming etc.are the eventual outcome of science which sees no limit and recognize no morality. The curse of Science & Technology

7 Collective Consciousness Those with sublime vision can experience power the of collective consciousness –  Aggressive competition can be seen in each and every segment of society. From Education to Business and From Work Culture to Day-to-day living  All these factors are creating the sort of negative collective consciousness which is making society more and more desperate

8 Understanding Spirituality  Spirituality in real sense is inculcating and imbibing Virtues and qualities of divine beings.  In other words to refine our personality is spirituality.

9 Elements of Spirituality  It is the core of the religion  Yog, meditation, prayer, thought process, Places of worships, listening to discourses, Rituals and Sacramental rites are integral parts of religion  Unfortunately out of all these elements Rituals got prominence over all other aspects.

10 The meaning of spirituality Like the material world the subtle and causal world of consciousness can also be managed and harnessed. Spirituality is the science of refinement of consciousness. It starts with contemplation of divinity within. Self-restraint and self-disciplines are invariably associated with it

11 Dharma can be explained in its 3 forms Metaphysics Ethics Spirituality

12 Our Sages - Rishis were scientists of consciousness They made their own body the laboratory to conduct experimentation and they devised the disciplines adopting which ordinary human being can develop supramental powers. Our Sages - Rishis were scientists of consciousness

13 Synthesis of Science and Spirituality  Main problem of today is crisis of faith.  Superstition and ill tendencies are to be eradicated.  Intellectuals are hell bent on criticizing each and every aspect related to spirituality and religion.  Even though experiments have proved Spirituality is a definite Science.

14 Synthesis of Science and Spirituality  Spirituality is the science of higher consciousness.  The Science of Emotion and sentiments which does not need the crèches of science for support.

15 Need for Refinement of Spirituality  However spirituality needs to be refined in today’s perspective.  There is no dearth of Godman today but no change can be seen in the life and personality of the people who are claiming to be their disciples & who are listening to their discourses.

16 Pseudospirituality  The no. of people going to Temples, Churches, Mosques and Gurudwaras is increasing day by day.  Overdose of Ritualistic religion.

17 Need for Refinement of Spirituality  Majority of India’s 67% younger generation are not paying attention to whatever is being preached in the name of religion. Same is true of NRI children.  However greater part of this majority is ready to embrace spirituality if explained in righteous way.

18 Forces working in this Universe Material and Conscious ( tM+ vkSj psru ) Prakriti and Purusha ( izd`fr vkSj iq#”k ) Physical and Subtle ( LFkwy vkSj lw{e )

19 Human anatomy ok;q (Air) ty (Water) i`Foh (Earth) vfXu (Fire) vkdk’k (Ether) Panch Tatva

20 A unification of these two is desirable for this Universe to come into existence. Pancha Tatva iaprRo Prana Chetna izk.k psruk +

21 Science, the icon of material force Similarly.......... Spirituality, representative of consciousness should go hand in hand.........

22 . A subject of faith and devotion. Science of consciousness in fact ScienceSpirituality A faculty based on concrete proof perceived directly or indirectly and can be experienced by physical senses.

23 Where the religious sentiments takes precedence scientific achievements are vehemently neglected. When the scientific achievements amaze and benefit the society, religious teachings are forbidden Pressure is inversely proportional to Volume The Boyle’s Law Science Spirituality Science Spirituality

24 Volume is directly proportional to temperature. According to Charle’s law Likewise with the advance of science, spiritual discipline should also grow and the growth of spirituality should further scientific vision. Today when the scientific progress is at its peak the Spirituality should take the responsibility to limit and guide the unprincipled science.

25 Science not guided by spirituality became self-destructive and a liability rather than asset. Religion isolating itself from Science became superstition. SCIENTIFIC SPIRITUALITY

26 Liberal and unbiased approach is the prerequisite to accomplish anything worthwhile. The aim of both science and religion is to realize the Truth Old myths are to be shattered to give way to new discoveries. “The history of science is the history of abandoned theories yet progress has been made”. Scientific advances V/s Spiritual Deterioration

27 Deep Ecology  This is now a global grassroot movement  Was founded by Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess in Early 1970s  In his view shallow ecology is anthropocentric or human centered  Deep Ecology sees the world as a network of phenomena that are fundamentally interconnected and interdependent IT RECOGNISES THE INTRINSIC VALUE OF ALL LIVING BEINGS AND VIEWS HUMANS AS JUST ONE PARTICULAR STRAND IN THE WEB OF LIFE.

28 This theory has brought together Geology Micro biology Other disciplines Atmos- pheric Chemistry Together With DEEP ECOLOGY

29 Deep Ecology Is in fact Spiritual or religious awareness Emerging new vision of reality based on deep ecological awareness is consistent with so called perennial philosophy of spiritual traditions - Eastern mysticism, Vedanta, Buddhism, Christian mysticism or cosmology underlying native American traditions. “ The essence of deep ecology is to ask deeper questions ” -- Arne Naess

30 [Quantum Consciousness] In Swami Vivekananda’s views – “This universe, described as a macrocosm, is a limitless repository of infinitely many microcosms.

31 [Quantum Consciousness]..... Every microcosm is an eternal component of the macrocosm. This is what is described in the Vedanta as – “Añu me Vibhu” – the existence of the ultimate in the subliminal; like that of the ocean in the tiny droplets of water… Swami Vivekananad’s said :

32 THE LOGIC OF MIND CYBERNETICS Norbert Wiener invented Cybernetics from the word Kybernetes (“Steersman”) a Greek term, defining it as a Science of Control and Communication in the animal and machine. Norbert Wiener invented Cybernetics from the word Kybernetes (“Steersman”) a Greek term, defining it as a Science of Control and Communication in the animal and machine. Cyberneticists were neither Biologists nor Ecologists - They were mathematicians, neuroscientists, social scientists and engineers. It became and still is a powerful intellectual movement. PSYCHO- CYBERNETICS IS LATEST DEVELOPMENT

33 “Modern Scientists are learning so much about so little that they’ll eventually know everything about nothing.” - James Lovelock ( 1988 ) “The Ages of Gaia-A biography of our living earth” has been written by James Lovelock. He has written in detail about how the earth came by its unique climate, chemistry & atmosphere.

34 Samudra Manthan The need is to integrate science and spirituality

35 Scientific Spirituality  Gayatri Pariwar is engaged in worldwide dissemination of Scientific Spirituality through its research centre.  Brahmavarchas Research Centre is celebrating its silver jubilee year this year.  Organic Extension of BSS can be seen in the form of DSVV taking shape in Shadow of Himalayas and lap of Ganges, at Haridwar Uttarnachal.

36 A Center for Research and Training on Scientific Spirituality

37 Brahmavarchas Research Institutes An Institute dedicated for Inter- communion of Science and Spirituality



40 Crude EEG Alpha Bursts Bursts of alpha waves are measured after filtration through Crude EEG by a two channel Physiograph. The Percentage improvement shows efficacy of Meditation and power of Mantra Shakti.

41 The period of relaxation of heart (QT) enhances leading to more oxygenation to heart and reduction in heart rate after meditation. Heart Rate Before Meditation 86/Mt. After Meditation 68/Mt.

42 TMT - Computerized Tread Mill Test An Advanced Test to Measure Cardiac Efficiency

43 Computerized Spirometer In this test various aspects of Lung Functions are measured before and after Pranayam


45 Younger Generation is coming up more and more in Shantikunj to attend the Training Camps

46 Advent of New Era Based on  Ekta, Unification on a Global scale  Samta, Equality in Society  Mamata,Love and Compassion in Family  Shuchita,Piousness in Personality

47 21 st Century  Advent of a New Era is not a utopia but a reality,  Like darkness before Sunrise, and like extinguishing flame of lamp glowing with full intensity - materialistic tendencies are counting last breaths.

48 University of Indian Culture A prime example is Dev Sanskriti University at Haridwar

49 An Institution dedicated to dissemination of Indian Culture all over the Globe

50 Being developed as on the lines of Nalanda – Taxila

51 Without any Govt. aid construction of nearly Rs. 50 Crore has been done so far out of an estimated budget of Rs.200 Crore.

52 Really going to be a Worldwide University with its more than 4000 centres in near future.

53 Saint - Savant Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya Vandaniya Mata Bhagwatidevi Sharma

54 Prakhar Pragya & Sajal Shradha Ø黫¤çá mØ ·¤æ â×æçÏ SÍÜ- »æؘæè âæÏ·¤æð´ ·¤æ Ÿæhæ ·ð´¤¼ý

55 A centre where people are trained in ways of leading enlightened life Gayatri Teerth, Shantikunj Haridwar

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