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Scientific Spirituality in Indian Perspective

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1 Scientific Spirituality in Indian Perspective
Presidential Address by: – Dr. Pranav Pandya, MD Head – All World Gayatri Pariwar, Shantikunj Chancellor – Dev Sanskriti University, Haridwar, Uttarakhanda

2 Global Crisis Requires …
A Paradigm Shift in Understanding Valuing Knowing, Our World

3 Factors governing life style…
In the days of yore Religion Spirituality Nature Since the 17th century Science Technology Exploitation

4 Science V/s Spirituality
At the root of the clash lie two streams of beliefs. Reductionist Approach V/s Holistic Approach

5 Science V/s Spirituality
Science believes Everything is made up of matter Demonstrable through experiments Spirituality advocates Pure Spirit is reality A subject matter of consciousness Can be experienced, but difficult to demonstrate in laboratory

6 Science V/s Spirituality
Physical senses are our only means of obtaining knowledge Spirituality By transcending the limitation of senses only true knowledge can be experienced

7 Science V/s Spirituality
Denies existence of anything that is supernatural, Metaphysical or extrasensory. Spirituality Emphasises on harnessing of subtler and causal realms.

8 Science V/s Spirituality
Life is manifestation of bio-chemical and bio-physical matter . Spirituality Life is manifestation of Supreme Consciousness Has definite purpose and order.

9 Swami Vivekananda The various life forms are nothing but the degree of manifestation of Omnipresent consciousness

10 Science and Spirituality in Indian Context
India was not merely a religious nation of snakes and Sadhus as projected by western scholars. Majority of people were leading material life for mass teaching guided by righteous wisdom, not merely seeking Nirvana.

11 Science and Spirituality in Indian Context
There was no dearth of people like propagators of modern materialistic view. Charwak : “Bhasmi Bhutasya dehasya punaraagamanm kutah”

12 Science and Spirituality in Indian Context
The religion was based on progressive thoughts. Ten tyaktwa bhunjitha..Ishavasyopnishad Words of scriptures were debated and treatises were written for better explanation of existing knowledge.

13 Science and Spirituality in Indian Context
No boundaries of nations, religions, languages etc. Spirituality and religion were one and the same and integrated with day to day material life.

14 Religion can be explained in its 3 forms
Metaphysics Ethics Spirituality

15 The Medieval period Emergence of new practices and hence religions/sects. Conflicting things about true nature of spirituality were propagated and imposed in the name of religion for vested selfish interested.

16 Scientific Spirituality
Pancha Tatva Prana Chetna + Apara Para A unification of these two is desirable for this Universe to come into existence.

17 Scientific Spirituality
Pancha Tatva Prana Chetna + Science not guided by spirituality became self-destructive and a liability rather than asset. Religion isolating itself from Science became superstition.

18 izpfyr Lo:Ik & The prevailing misconception ....
/keZ v/;kRe dks vkt ds le; esa deZdk.M vkSj fdz;kvksa ls tksMdj ns[kk tkrk gS Hkxoku dh iwtk Hkh O;fDrxr rFkk rqPN HkkSfrd lq[kksa dh izkfIr gsrq dh tkrh gS

19 Our Sages - Rishis were scientists of consciousness
They made their own body the laboratory to conduct experimentation and they devised the disciplines adopting which ordinary human being can develop supersensory and Para psychological powers.

20 Some Pioneers of Ancient India
Yagyavalkya – Science of Yagya Vishwamitra – Science of Gayatri Sadhana Kanada – Theory of Atom Patanjali – Ashtanga Yog Bharadwaj and Charak -AYURVEDA Sushruta – Surgeon Aryabhatt – Astrology and Mathematics

21 Some Pioneers of Ancient India
Garg Rishi - principles of Constellation Bhaskaracharya – Mathematics Bodhayan - Geometry Koutilya _Economics & Political sciences

22 Synthesis of Science and Spirituality
Stages of development of Science Childhood stage : considered consciousness as mere matter The Juvenile period : Psyche and power of mind were recognized.

23 Synthesis of Science and Spirituality
Stages of development of Science The Middle Age: With some hiccups science is accepting spiritual powers like * The behavior of Earth as a single living organism, * Telepathy, * Precognition, * The presence of a Universal Mind, etc.

24 Synthesis of Science and Spirituality
Stages of development of Science The Maturity: Science will finally integrate with Spirituality and It will become Science of Consciousness. The religion of future. Psychology and Philosophy – the subjects of 21st Century.

25 Deep Ecology This is now a global grassroots movement
Was founded by Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess in Early 1970s In his view shallow ecology is anthropocentric or human centered Deep ecology sees the world as a network of phenomena that are fundamentally interconnected and interdependent IT RECOGNISES THE INTRINSIC VALUE OF ALL LIVING BEINGS AND VIEWS HUMANS AS JUST ONE PARTICULAR STRAND IN THE WEB OF LIFE.

26 Physics and Spirituality
* Physics deals with mattes, beings. * Spirituality deals with consciousness. Matter and machine have made life material (Newtonian Mechanics)

27 Now Scenario has changed …
Atomic Structure – Particles – Quantum Mechanics – Grand Unification of Forces Much closer to spirituality

28 Now Scenario has Changed …
Mattah Parataram Nanyat Kincidasti Dhananjya Mayi Sarvamidam Protam Sutre Manigana Iva 7/7 – - Bhagwat Gita “ There is noting else besides me Arjuna. Like clusters of yarn beads formed by knots on a thread all this is threaded on me”

29 Theory of Everything is Spirituality
Physics has made a journey from matter to energy fields and then GUF. Now physics is merging with spirituality

30 Pioneers of Synthesis Scientists and Philosophers : Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, Karl Jung, Elvin Toffler, Fritjof Capra,Dana Johar Spiritual Personalities of Modern Era : Sri Aurobindo, Maharshi Raman, Swami Vivekananda, Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya

31 Brahmavarchas Research Institute
A center for research and training on Scientific Spirituality

32 Research has been conducted to establish the inter-communion of Science and Spirituality.
More than 80,000 results have proved that the synthesis is very strong.

33 The Research Lab

34 TMT Computerized Tread Mill Test
An Advanced Test to Measure Cardiac Efficiency

35 Computerized E.E.G.

36 Computerized E.E.G. 21 channel Polyrite
This Electroencephalograph Equipment is used to measure various parameter of the Brain. Various wave burst pattern specially alpha waves are noted during intense meditation.

Crude EEG Bursts of alpha waves are measured after filtration through Crude EEG by a two channel Physiograph. The Percentage improvement shows efficacy of Meditation and power of Mantra Shakti. Alpha Bursts

38 The Effects of Yagya The Institute, Equipped
Human beings Plants and Environments Subtle World The Institute, Equipped with most modern instruments to find out the effects of Sadhana and Yoga

39 Shantikunj to attend the Training Camps
Younger Generation is coming up more and more in Shantikunj to attend the Training Camps

40 From the land of Ganges – Saptsarovar area, Haridwar

41 Dev Sanskriti University 2002
Organic extension of Brahmavarchas Research Instt. A Centre for Research and Study of Ancient Indian Sciences and Spirituality with dedicated faculty for Study of scientific spirituality

42 Situated at the foothills of Himalayas - in Haridwar ,
about 200 Kms from National Capital Delhi

43 Emphasis Value based practices : Prayer Meditation/Yogic exercises
Community services Yagya therapy

44 Emphasis Value based Management Work culture Subsistence allowance
Teaching by behaviour and action Involvement in the development of society

45 Headquarter at Haridwar On Delhi Badrinath Highway
SHANTIKUNJ On Delhi Badrinath Highway

46 Patron-Founders

47 The World is Getting ready for a big Change
The World is Getting ready for a big Change. Scientific Spirituality is going to be the Religion of 21st century Will You Participate?

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