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Follow Up… And Follow Through Because You Offer More Than Just One Great Night!

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1 Follow Up… And Follow Through Because You Offer More Than Just One Great Night!

2 Maximize The Precious Time That You Have With The Guests At A Party During The Party  Take This Time To Connect With As Many As Possible  Plant Seeds Throughout Your Presentations (At Least 3 Times)  Use Your Best Listening Skills: Ask Their Name, How They Know Hostess And If They Are Familiar With PR During The Shopping Room  Give Her The Opportunity To Tell You How You Could Service Her Needs In The Future (Hosting, Consulting, Referrals)  Let Her Know That Good Customer Service Is Your Goal.  Seize The Moment….Be Ready To Take Action If They Say Yes Or Maybe To Any Of The Services That You Offer

3 The Dating Experience… You Meet Someone And Hit It Off. You Leave Thinking That You Really Made A Connection. So, You Go Home And Wait For Them To Call…but No Call, Text Or Email? Day #1: They Are Probably Tired From All The Fun We Had Day #2: It’s Monday And Everyone Is Busy On Mondays Day #3: Were They A Blonde Or A Brunette? I Am Not Sure I Remember. Day #4: I’m Not Sure They Were That Cute At All Day #5: What A Selfish Jerk. I Am Glad They Didn’t Call.

4 Your Client’s Perspective… When They Don’t Hear From You You Went From That Fabulous Lady Who Showed Us Goodies And We Had A Blast With At Sally’s House… To Dundundummm….THAT SALES LADY!!

5 The Consultant’s Perspective… The Morning After A Fabulous Party Tired This Morning Let’s Put A Load Of Laundry In Phone Rings Put Baby To Nap Then I Will Make Calls What’s For Dinner Check Emails And FB Baby Is Awake Let’s Take The Dog For A Walk Then I Will Make Calls Kids Home From School Let’s Do Homework And Get Dinner Ready And Then I Will Make Calls Husband Is Home Now And We Need To Spend Time Together Because I Don’t Have A Party I Will Make Calls Tomorrow Because After All I Don’t Want To Be Too Pushy And This Could Go On For Days. By The End Of Your Week You Can Hardly Remember Who Was Who And You Have Convinced Yourself They Were Not Really All That Interested In Having A Party Or Becoming A Consultant.

6 Goals For Following Up…  Sales Goal  Booking Goal  Sponsoring Goal  Connection Goal What Do YOU Want To Achieve?

7 Do I Really Want To Have A Follow Up System? When We Don’t Follow Up  She Might Feel Abandoned Or She Might Forget About You  If She Isn’t Happy About Something She Could Tell Everyone And Not Give You A Chance To Fix It  If She Needs Something, She Might Just Go To The Store On The Corner Or Be Swept Off Her Feet By Another Consultant When We Do Follow Up  You Service Her Needs And Your Needs…Customer Care, Refills/Upgrades, Referrals, Hosting & Sponsoring  You Will Be Amazed To Watch Your Business And Relationships Flourish!  You Get To Reach Your Goals For Your Business And Family

8 Your Effective Follow Up System Morning After Connections: Always Follow Up Within 24-48 Hours And Set An Alarm To Remind You Connecting The Day After Is Just To Make Sure They Had A Great Time, Thank Them And To Personally Connect. This Also Gives Them The Opportunity To Say Yes To Party/Consultant Info Or To Add On. Hi Sherry! This Is Ashley From PR. I Was The Consultant Last Night At Jane’s Party. Do Have Just A Quick Moment. * I Know You Were Trying Decide If You Wanted That Basic Instinct For Your Cousin’s Birthday Coming Up…Would You Like Me To Add That To Your Order? * While I Have You, I Mentioned The Opportunity To Get Additional Products For Free By Hosting A Party Or Earning Extra Cash By Joining Me. I Know You Checked Not At This Time, Does That Mean Never Or Just Not Right Now? * Not Right Now? That Is Great Sherry. Now Just So I Am Not Bugging You Until You Want To Hear From Me Again. Can You Tell Me When Would Be A Great Time To Follow Up With You? Birthday Month: (Name), Happy Birthday Month Girl!! It’s Ashley With Pure Romance. I Just Wanted To Let You Know That You Have A $10 Gift Certificate To Use With Me As A Gift Or You Can Turn That Into $25 When You Have Your Own Party Before The End Of (MONTH). Which Would You Prefer? Follow Up Quarterly: Hey (Name)! It’s Ashley With Pure Romance. It’s Been A Few Months Since I Checked In On You. Did You Need Any Refills Or New Items? I Have A 20% Off Coupon For You To Use That Ends Friday If You’d Like To Use It! Make Sure To Change This Incentive Every 3 Months So That They Don’t Get The Same Exact Text Every Time. You Might Offer BOGO Sales, $ Off Certain Level Purchases, Or Booking Incentives. Talk Something Personal: Family/Vacation/Goal So You Can Mention It The Next Time You Follow Up Ask Good Questions To Find Out When And You Should Be Back In Touch With Them To Service Their Needs. It Is All About Them.

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