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Recruiting How to build a team

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1 Recruiting How to build a team
Whether you have a goal to be a director, or tp move up in the career plan recruiting is the key. Director Slide and ask which one is most exciting or are you most looking forward to

2 What are the benefits of building a team?

















19 Which benefit are YOU most excited about?

20 Director Requirements
5 active personal team consultants $750 minimum personal sales $5000 Personal Team Sales

21 How many consultants do you need to reach your goal
How many consultants do you need to reach your goal? What is your GOAL date to reach this Goal?


23 Recruiting is a skill that can be learned by anyone!

24 The 3 KEY’s to Successful Recruiting are:
Listen to discover how The Pampered Chef can meet peoples’ needs. Inform others about the opportunity consistently. Invite others to join you by extending a personal, gracious invitation.

25 3 SECRETS to Recruiting Success
But first share 3 secrets!

• Because each of us knows what drew us to become a Consultant, we tend to offer the business to people who are like us … do you agree??? If we only offer or recruit people like us, we will miss a lot of others...

27 Have you offered the opportunity to FRANK?
Friends Relatives Acquaintances Neighbors Kids Spouse

28 Challenge Step 1-Make a Franks List of (at least) 40 people
Step 2- Then go down the list asking yourself What about (that person) would make them a good Consultant?” How could pampered chef fit one of their needs? So here is a great question to ask yourself about your hosts & guests, and people you meet or know: (I love this- write this one down!) This will help you see more people as potential Consultants.

If the business opportunity is simply another product, then one effective way to “sell” it is the same way you sell our kitchen tools – by sharing your personal experience with a product.

30 Pampered Chef Offers 3 Opportunities
Shop Host to Save $$ Start at biz Make $$ Think about this: we actually sell three opportunities or “products”: • First, the business opportunity… to earn money by selling our quality products. • Second, the host opportunity… to save money on our quality products. • Third, customer opportunity… to purchase quality products

31 What is your favorite product?
How do you sell it? What do you say about it? More importantly how do you sound (tone and enthusiasm matter). Would you ever think of not talking about it at your shows? Well that is how you need to treat bookings if you want bookings, and the biz opportunity too.

Recruiting is really a gift you offer to someone --- and the gift is a solution to one or more of their needs. The way we offer the gift of the business is by extending an invitation to people. Did you know that 61% of women say spending lots of time with their family is extremely important to them, but only 33% actually are able to do it?! 41% of men and women feel a strong need to pay off their credit card debt and 51% know they’re not saving enough for retirement. In fact our mission statement says we want to provide the opportunity to others. At a National Conference, our Founder and Chairman, Doris Christopher, shared these words of encouragement: “An invitation is a compliment... An invitation is never pushy, pesky, or aggressive. An invitation honors the individual, honors the opportunity, and honors you! An invitation is the height of hospitality. After all, hospitality is what The Pampered Chef is about. Your customers and hosts deserve your gracious invitation.”

33 ! NUMBERS MATTER Enough Shows Enough Guests

34 You need to have... ENOUGH ENOUGH SHOWS GUESTS
When you have steady show schedule (2 shows a week) and you have guests at your shows – you are offering the opportunity to over 100 people a month.

35 Offer “IT” to ENOUGH People...
If you look at the consultants who recruit regularly- they are doing 2 -3 shows a week!

36 Recruiting at your shows
Would like a few people share?

37 Listen To guests before the show Build Rapport Ask Questions
Listen for needs Our job is to listen to what hosts and guests say because they give us information on what aspects of the business opportunity might be important to them. • Listen for questions and comments guests make like. We like to call them red flags! When you know what these are you will start to hear them more often...things like. • “Can you really make money at this?” • “How many Shows a week do you do?” How far do you go to do a show? How long have you been a consultant. • Watch for people who show genuine excitement for the products. • What else? So what does listening have to do with recruiting right?

38 Listen for RED FLAGS! At the show one way is to Connect with guests when they arrive. Ask questions to find out a bit about each guest. What questions might you ask guests? Ex. “How do you know the host? Have you been to a Cooking Show before? Do you own any Pampered Chef products? Do you work outside the home?” • What other questions might you ask?

39 Red Flags are Questions or Comments...
My car needed XX repairs. Husband just lost his job My daughter is going on a trip with her dance team! Just lost my job Cut my hours Wow you did a great job! How far do you go for a show? How many shows do per week?

40 Listen when “out and about” because remember EVERYONE is a potential recruit!
People you meet Family Friends Neighbors Co-workers Some people will be direct in expressing their interest. They may ask open and obvious questions or just come out and say they want to become a Consultant. Some will be curious, but uncomfortable asking directly Others will not even have an inkling that Pampered Chef ® is an answer for their “need”. That’s why you need to Inform and Invite! Listening for these RED flags and responding to them is pretty simple. Listening is also something you can do when you are out and about, or with family, friends co-workers too. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook people closest to us. Maybe you have a friend or a relative who has expressed some of these red flag questions or comments? Add them to your list of people to talk to after this class.

41 You could have the answer for someone in need


43 Choose to take ACTION Ask yourself this question when you hear someone express a need... “What about her/him would make them a good Consultant?” or What could a pampered chef business do for them?

44 Respond to needs • You start by making a connection.
• Next, you inform the person about the services you offer. (Guests & Hosts) • Then you invite them to join you … either as a Consultant, a host or a customer. At the show there are several places to do this...coming up in this training! • And then you listen for “Yes,” “No” or “Maybe.”


46 The second KEY is INFORM
Think about the INFORMING you do as the “marketing” step. • Informing is an attention-getter. Remember, most people don’t come to the Show looking for a business opportunity. • Informing can present a more complete picture of the business. Many people have a limited or inaccurate perception of direct sales. • Informing can create group “buzz” and excitement about hosting a Show and/or learning more about the business opportunity.

47 Not getting recruit leads at your shows?

48 Lets look at a list of what some TOP recruiters do to get leads.
Which of these are you currently doing at your shows?

49 INFORMING Invite your host Do you ...Tell Your Story
Sprinkle” recruiting messages throughout your presentation. Use a Prop like the -Why Bag, or Scrap Book, Photo of your WHY? Do you do the Ticket Activity Go over the Recruiting/Booking Slide Share the Deal of Day Show income potential with the 3 Envelopes Activity Invite your host

50 Informing guests about having their own business, is just like informing them about having the Rock Crok or your favorite tool Think of the business opportunity as another product you have to offer! The business is just another Product!

51 What do we do to sell a Rock Crok when we cannot demonstrate it in action?

52 You paint a picture of what it’s like to have that MFP in their kitchen. How would if make their life better?


54 When people hear Your Story
When people hear Your Story...followed by some of the rewards and benefits of having a pampered chef business, they become curious, and might even ask themselves...what if! STEP #1 Develop and Tell Your Story at every show! Sharing your story, and offering everyone the Opportunity Brochure afterwards. • “Sprinkle” recruiting and booking messages throughout your presentation. The general rule is to mention booking a Show and learning more about the business opportunity at least three times. • Include recruiting and booking messages tied to a product. • From activities such as: Why Bag, Drawing Slip, Ticket Activity, Recruiting/Booking Slide. • Other?

55 How to INFORM “create interest” in the pampered chef business opportunity?

56 Step #1 Tell Your Story 1. What was your situation before joining The Pampered Chef? 2. What were you looking for from the business? 3. What was a concern you had about joining, and how did you solve that? 4. How is your life better because of The Pampered Chef? 5. What do you hope to accomplish in the next 1-3 years with your business?

57 Step #2 Decide which Prop you will use when telling your story.
Why Bag Photo Scrap Book Recruiting Slide

58 STEP #3 Sprinkle at least 2-3 one liners throughout your show.

59 Step #4 Do these activities at end of your show. EVERY TIME!
Do The Ticket Activity with the 3 Envelopes Offer the Deal Of The Day Using the DOD Order Form Door Prize Slip Flyer

60 Congratulations you are doing what the TOP RECRUITERS DO!

61 Now you just sit back and wait for guests to rush you to order a kit...

62 You now need to...INVITE!

63 INVITE the Group and then Invite Individually!
Invite the group by reviewing the Door Prize Slip, and the Deal of the Day. Then...Invite each person individually which shows you’re sincere in your belief that the opportunity can work for anyone. We do a general invite during the show when we present... Ticket game And other activities

64 Doris Christopher said...
“An invitation is a compliment... An invitation is never pushy, pesky, or aggressive. An invitation honors the individual, honors the opportunity, and honors you! An invitation is the height of hospitality. After all, hospitality is what The Pampered Chef is about. Your customers and hosts deserve your gracious invitation.”

65 Step #5 Do a Full Service Check Out at every show!
Top recruiter Sharon Zelen says, this is where the magic happens!

Set up the FSCO area before the demo begins, in an area slightly away from the crowd and cooking area. Explain how the FSCO/ order taking will be done, and stick to it. Ask Everyone the same questions and have materials to offer. Take the FULL Service Check out Training on Consultants Corner.

67 Inform & Invite Your Host

68 Your #1 Lead is your HOST Put recruiting materials in the host packet.
Offer the opportunity when going over the Party Planner when you host coach! Ask...Is this something you are interested in doing? Explain the Kit Credit Options Show Her/Him the Door Prize Slips the time of the show-where guests checked that they would host a party if the host joined. Show them the amount they would have made at their party. Then ASK AGAIN, are you sure this is not something you might consider trying?


70 Please complete the Recruiting Action Plan Located on TPT under the STEP UP MATERIALS TAB Make a copy and mail a copy to your director!


72 The next areas of training are: The Interview & Training New Consultants Please come to our next training Tuesday June 17th 6:30-9pm My house. If you would like to learn about this prior to the live training. Please go to consultants corner for the Interview and Team Price Training for the 72 Hour Difference Training Materials! Or contact me. Kelly

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