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Civics on Steroids. Size, Regionalism, Borders.

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1 Civics on Steroids


3 Size, Regionalism, Borders


5 Monarch Head of state Constitutional Monarchy – Definition – History – Comparison to Absolute Monarchy Largely Ceremonial Queen Elizabeth II

6 Governor General Monarch’s representative Duties: – Public appearances – Sign bills – Receive foreign ambassadors – Open/close parliament – Deliver “Speech from the Throne” David Johnston Does Canada need a King/Queen or should we have our own head of state? Salary of GG = (2013) $270 600

7 Legislative Branch House of Commons Lower House (Green) Most important component to our democracy 338 seats (representing 338 ridings) Title: Member of Parliament (MP) Senate Upper House Chamber of sober-second-thought Unelected members “Represent” the interest of different Canadian regions Triple E Reform (elected, equal, effective) Parliament Bicameral System

8 Opposition Leaders


10 Executive Branch Prime Minister – Stephen Harper – Leader of the majority party – Head of Government – Selects Cabinet – Appoints Senators Cabinet Carries out day-to-day business of gov’t Individuals assigned specific duties (Portfolios) Sworn to secrecy (in camera) – cabinet solidarity

11 Political Process

12 Electoral Districts Voting System First Past the Post 308 ridings (constituencies)

13 Election Results 2012 Election Seats

14 Provincial Differences Legislative Assembly (Queen’s Park) Governor General = Lieutenant General PM – Premier Senate - nope


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