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Canadian Government.

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1 Canadian Government

2 What is government? A body of people with the power to make decisions for society with intent to bring a sense of order and security.

3 Levels of Government Federal Provincial Municipal
- Canada has a federal system (more than one level) - three levels of government Federal Provincial Municipal

4 Branches of Government
Executive - put laws into action Legislative - make laws Judicial - interpret laws

5 Crown Governor General House of commons House of Senate Supreme Court Of Canada Prime Minister Federal Courts Provincial Courts Cabinet Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch

6 What is the name of the constituency in which you live?
What is parliament? What is a seat? In what part of the parliament building would I find my seat if I was elected? What is a constituency? What is the name of the constituency in which you live? What is the title given to all representatives in parliament? Who is YOUR MP?? To what party does your MP belong? What is a political party? Pg. 24 Text Where IS our parliament ?(What city) If we were to elect people to parliament, what kind of an election would it be….municipal, provincial or federal?

7 Taking a closer look at the…. Executive Branch

8 She does not make decisions for Canada
Crown The Queen of Great Britain is the symbolic head of the Canadian government Her role is traditional only!! She does not make decisions for Canada

9 Governor General - Appointed by the monarch on the advice of the prime minister - 5 year term - Signs federal bills into laws - Hosts important foreign visitors - Is the Queen’s representative in her absence

10 Prime Minister & His Cabinet
- The real power lies with the PM and his cabinet

11 Prime Minister Stephen Harper The Right Honorable
- Head of Canada’s government - To become PM you must: - be elected as leader of your party - be elected as a member of parliament - your party must win the most seats in the house of commons The Right Honorable Stephen Harper

12 The Cabinet - Hand selected by the PM - Approximately 30 people
- Are MP’s OR senators - Responsible for various gov’t departments or ministries(portfolios – pg. 25 text) - Are called cabinet ministers - Attend cabinet meetings

13 * * * * The PM and his cabinet propose most of the ideas that become laws!!! They run the day to day business of government ex. Minister of Environment and his staff keep track of air pollution

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