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Canada as a Constitutional Monarchy

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1 Canada as a Constitutional Monarchy

2 Canada is a constitutional monarchy.
This means that the powers of the monarchy in Canada are limited by the Constitution.

3 The Constitution is a set of basic principles, laws and rules that explain the powers and duties of the government and the rights and freedoms of the citizens. Our formal head of state is a monarch - Elizabeth

4 As our Queen does not live in Canada, she appoints, under the advice of our Prime Minister, a Governor General to represent her authority in Canada. The Governor General is usually appointed for a five-year term.

5 The office of Governor General is now largely ceremonial.
The Governor General meets foreign dignitaries, accords medals, honours and decorations, signs bills passed in Parliament, and opens Parliament with a formal address known as the Speech from the Throne.

6 Canada as a Parliamentary Democracy

7 Canada is also a parliamentary democracy
Canada is also a parliamentary democracy. In such a system, the citizens elect the Members of Parliament to represent them in governing the country. The main function of Parliament is to legislate, that is to make laws for the country. In addition, Parliament controls the executive branch of the government, i.e. the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

8 This control of the executive by the legislature is what we mean by responsible government.
Our Parliament consists of the Queen, represented by the Governor General, the House of Commons or the Lower House, and the Senate or the Upper House.

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