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Australian Government

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1 Australian Government
By Freddie Mulligan

2 The Government The Commonwealth of Australia is a:
federal constitutional monarchy under a parliamentary democracy. Which means there is a monarch that acts as a head of state in the government. The Monarchy of Australia is the Queen because as you can see in the Australian flag is looks a lot like The United Kingdoms flag and that because Australia used to under the power of UK and that’s why the Queen is the Monarchy of Australia and why there flag has to have the UK flag in there top left hand corner.

3 History The Commonwealth of Australia was formed in 1901,
as a result of an agreement among six self-governing British colonies, which became the six states.

4 Executive the role of head of state of Australia is divided between two people: the Queen of Australia the Governor-General of Australia who is appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister of Australia. Head of state Executive Council Cabinet

5 Executive Council The Federal Executive Council consists of the:
Governor-General The Prime Minister Ministers They give legal effects to the decisions made by the Cabinet, and they carry out various other functions. Members of the Executive Council are entitled to be styled or called "The Honourable”, a title which they retain/keep for life. The Governor-General usually attends at the Council meetings, but a Minister with the title Vice-President of the Executive Council serves as the link between the government and the Council.

6 Cabinet The Constitution of Australia does not recognise the Cabinet, and its decisions have no legal force. All members of the ministry must be sworn as members of the Federal Executive Council, a place which is attended by the Governor-General, and which meets to manage the decisions already made by the Cabinet. That is why there is always a member of the ministry holding the title Vice-President of the Executive Council.

7 Legislature The Legislature makes the laws, and supervises the activities of the other branches with a view to changing the laws when appropriate. The Australian Parliament is bicameral, which is when they have two legislative or parliamentary chambers(houses). which has the Queen a 76 member Senate a 150 member House of Representatives Twelve Senators from each state are elected for six-year terms, using proportional representation(an electoral system in which parties gain seats in proportion to the number of votes cast for them) and the single transferable vote (known in Australia as "preferential voting which is seen as the Australian electoral system).

8 Judiciary The Judiciary interprets the laws.
They have a supreme court which is the head of the judicial Branch They explain the meaning of the constitution and the laws that was passed by the congress and make it understanding for everyone. They have to power to decide if a rule is either constitutional or not constitutional and they can say to people they must rewrite the law for it to be passed or they can just say yes to the law or no. But overall they are where the laws go to see if they are able to become permanent and to see if they are able to become laws and there it is passed or postponed or rejected.

9 Parliament- Canberra

10 Main Parliament people
Governor General Couple of people of the Judiciary Queen/Monarchy Prime minister of Australia

11 Summary Overall I think that Australia has a very similar parliament due to their history with the United Kingdom. They have the Queen as their Monarchy and in their government they have many British politicians. There laws are along the same lines of the English because of the members of parliament they have there and with the Judiciary when they look to make a new law they have to look to see if the United Kingdom has that law and if it is allowed to be passed. The Queen has to sign all the laws that get passed in Australia and England so she can see if any new laws come, will they be good for the other country and she will give advice to her representative. But overall I think that Australia and UK have almost identical laws, and parliament is the same way of the set up. I think it benefits both countries with benefitting of each other.

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