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THIS IS With Host... Your 100 200 300 400 500 Great Britain Canada Australia RussiaBrazil Mexico.

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4 With Host... Your

5 100 200 300 400 500 Great Britain Canada Australia RussiaBrazil Mexico

6 A 100 What form of democracy does Great Britain have?

7 A 100 Parliamentary Democracy

8 A 200 Great Britain is considered a _____ _______ because Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state.

9 A 200 Constitutional Monarchy

10 A 300 In Britain, the citizens elect the ________.

11 A 300 Parliament

12 A 400 The first British monarch to have his power limited was King John. This happened when the nobles forced him to sign _____________.

13 A 400 The Magna Carta

14 A 500 In Britain the __________ branch is split between 2 individuals.

15 A 500 Executive Branch

16 B 100 Canada’s head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. This indicates that they are a ________ monarchy.

17 B 100 Consitutional

18 B 200 Citizens elect members of the government at both the state & national level. This indicates they most likely organized as a ___________.

19 B 200 Federation (federal)

20 B 300 Canada gained dominion (ability to self-rule) from what agreement with Britain?

21 B 300 British North American Act

22 B 400 In Canada the Parliament has the power to choose or remove the _________ from office.

23 B 400 Prime Minister

24 B 500 Queen Elizabeth is the official head of state for Canada. Since she resides in England, she has an official representative to fulfill her duties in Canada. What is this person’s title?

25 B 500 Governor General

26 C 100 Like Canada, governing powers are shared between state & national governments. They have a _________ system.

27 C 100 Federal

28 C 200 Citizens of Australia are required by law to vote for members of the government. This is why we know it is a ______.

29 C 200 democracy

30 C 300 Australia is a member of the Commonwealth of Britain means they have a _________.

31 C 300 Consitutional monarchy

32 C 400 Australia’s Prime Minister is Tony Abbott. He can be removed from office if he loses the support of the legislature. Australia is a ____________________.

33 C 400 Parliamentary Democracy

34 C 500 Prime Minister Abbott is to Parliament as the ____________ is to Monarchy.

35 Queen Elizabeth II C 500

36 D 100 In Russia power is divided between the central government approximately 89 smaller governments called oblasts. This form of power distribution is ____.

37 D 100 Federal

38 D 200 Since 1993 Russian citizens have gained __________ like voting, even the ability move freely within & without the country.

39 D 200 Personal freedoms

40 D 300 Unlike the Soviet Union, Russian citizens now have the right to elect the ____________, who is the head of government.

41 D 300 President

42 D 400 Because the citizens directly elect the president, they are considered a ___________ democracy.

43 D 400 Presidential

44 D 500 Unlike Canada, Britain & Australia, the __________ is appointed by the President. His duties are very similar to that of a vice-president.

45 D 500 Prime Minister

46 E 100 In Mexico citizens elect the head of government. This is a characteristic of a ___________ democracy.

47 E 100 presidential

48 E 200 Today is election day in Mexico. Voters will choose national representatives, a president & in some states vote for state representatives. How is power distributed in Mexico?

49 E 200 As a federation

50 E 300 List some of the ways Mexicans can participate in their government or operate without fear of the government.

51 E 300 Right to vote, free speech, freedom of assembly, etc.

52 E 400 Until recently there has been only one true political party in Mexico. Many complained that Mexico wasn’t a true democracy, but more of a(n) ___________.

53 E 400 oligarchy

54 E 500 The leader of Mexico’s government is both the head of state & head of government. This is a characteristic of a _______ democracy.

55 E 500 Presidential

56 F 100 In Brazil citizens elect their leaders. They have a _________ of government

57 F 100 democratic

58 F 200 All voting in Brazil is __________ for people between the ages of 18 & 70.

59 F 200 Mandatory/required/ compulsory

60 F 300 With the end of a military rule in 1985, Brazil re-structured so that citizens elect state governments as well as national leaders. They use a _______ system.

61 F 300 federal

62 F 400 Within each level of government Brazil further distributes powers among 3 branches. This is known as _____________.

63 F 400 Separation of Powers

64 F 500 Brazil has a ________ legislature made up of a National Assembly & a Federal Senate.

65 F 500 bicameral

66 The Final Jeopardy Category is: Cuba! Click on screen to begin

67 Click on screen to continue Give one reason Cuba could be considered an oligarchy. Give one reason Cuba is could also be considered a dictatorship.

68 Click on screen to continue oligarchy—members of government must 1 st be a member of the Communist Party before they can participate. Dictatorship—Castro can & does make decisions without the approval of the legislature. He can also disband the legislature.

69 Thank you for playing! Don’t forget to play the home game by studying!!!

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