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Women Suffrage Mr. Williams 10 th Grade U.S. History.

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1 Women Suffrage Mr. Williams 10 th Grade U.S. History


3 New Opportunities for Women By 1900, more than one-third of college students were women Started out engaging in reform movements: Example Jane Addams and the Settlement Houses

4 Women worked as teachers and nurses, but also as bookkeepers, typists, secretaries, shop clerks, and journalists Working class women worked in the garment industry

5 Educated women blocked from medicine, law, and the clergy Fewer than 1500 women practiced law in 1900, only 6% of women practiced medicine


7 “This is the women’s age. At last…women are coming into the labor and festival of life on equal terms with men.”

8 Why Organize? Sense of Christian Mission Fear of social upheaval because of political tensions Concern about power of wealthy individuals and corporations Wanting to Americanize immigrants and fight for rights of others who needed help


10 Women’s Trade Union League (WTUL) Middle class women workers Wanted to limit hours Regulate working conditions 1908 Muller v. Oregon : Limited work day for women to 10 hours a day


12 Jane Addams Opened the Hull House in Chicago in 1889 Practiced Idea of Social Gospel- advocates worked to better conditions of the city through philanthropy and social work


14 Social Gospel Woman’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) Attacks on alcohol as part of push for social purity Drinking was linked to prostitution, wife and child abuse, unemployment and work accidents


16 18 th Amendment (Prohibition) Ratified in 1919, this banned the manufacturing, sale and distribution of alcohol



19 Using state by state approach, suffragists had achieved success 1869 Wyoming became first territory to grant women the right to vote In New York, suffragists waged massive door-to-door referendum campaign but was defeated



22 NAWSA National American Woman’s Suffrage Association Campaigned for a constitutional amendment to give women the vote Also supported organized labor


24 Susan B. Anthony Wrote pamphlets, gave speeches, also testified before every Congress between 1869 and 1906 Registered to vote, and on Election Day she voted in New York and was arrested fined $100 This is an example of Civil Disobedience


26 NWP National Woman’s Party Militant Suffragist Movement led by Alice Paul Continuously picketed the White House and went on hunger strikes in prison




30 “Every day that the Government sends women to prison for holding harmless banners…makes the position of the Government more indefensible and therefore strengthens our position.” -Alice Paul 1917


32 19 th Amendment Passed by Congress in 1919 Granted Women Right to Vote (Suffrage) Ratified by states in 1920


34 Anti-Suffrage Arguments Voting would interfere with women’s duties at home or destroy family Women did not have education or experience to be competent voters Women did not want to vote


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