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Section 2: Women and the Public Life

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1 Section 2: Women and the Public Life
Main Idea: Women Campaigned for reform

2 What opportunities did women have for education and work in the late 1800’s?
Mid-1800’s colleges began admitting women By % of all college students were women, by % of college students were women Many put their skills to work in the reform movement Worked as nurses, secretaries, teaches, bookkeepers, and shop clerks Less educated women worked in factories

3 How did women gain political experience through participation in reform movements?
Learned to organize, persuade, publicize causes Learned they had the power to help themselves, their families and their communities

4 Vocabulary Prohibition: movement to ban the production, selling, and distribution of alcohol Women’s Christian Temperance Union: group of women who wanted to ban alcohol Francis Willard: head of the WCTU Carry Nation: famous for smashing saloons in Kansas 18th Amendment: Prohibited the manufacture, sale and distribution of alcohol

5 Women’s Suffrage Movement
Women met in 1848 at the Seneca Falls Convention to campaign for women’s rights In 1868 (the Fifteenth Amendment) African American men given the right to vote before women 1869 Susan B Anthony formed the National Women Suffrage Movement

6 How did the Women’s Suffrage Movement campaign for the vote?
1869 Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for president They focused on individual states, wrote pamphlets, made speeches, testified before congress

7 Anti-Suffrage Movement
Argued that women voting would interfere with their responsibilities in the home Claimed that women were not educated or experienced enough to vote Said it was unfair to force women who didn’t want to vote to vote Liquor companies feared women would vote for prohibition Churches claimed that only men should vote because they were the head of the family

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