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Figurative Language By: Caitlin Lloyd.

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1 Figurative Language By: Caitlin Lloyd

2 Simile Definition- Compares two different things using “like” or “as.”
Example- She is as spoiled as a princess.

3 Hyperbole Definition-Exaggerating to show strong feeling or effect.
Example- It is going to take forever to get up this hill!

4 Alliteration Definition- The repetition of the first consonant sound in words. Example- The sick courageous cowboy coughed all the way to California.

5 Metaphor Definition- Comparing two things without saying “like” or “as.” Example- The spaghetti was worms.

6 Personification Definition- Giving human traits to something inhuman.
Example- The briers cut my legs with their tiny swords as I walked around the woods.

7 Onomatopoeia Definition- Words that represent the actual sound of something are words of onomatopoeia. Example- The flower pot made a loud “CRASH” as it hit the floor.

8 Idiom Definition- Expression that don’t mean exactly what they say.
Example- My mom tells my brother that he is walking on thin ice when he is in trouble.

9 Understatement Definition- Expression with less strength than expected. The opposite of hyperbole. Example- I will never like eating carrots!

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