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Sysvideo IP Camera Features

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1 Sysvideo IP Camera Features

2 Sysvideo IP camera features
What Made Us a Professional IP Camera Manufactuer ? Uniqueness from Design to Application

3 Sysvideo IP camera features
1. Hardware –Design of PCB board Sensor board is seperated from network board

4 Sysvideo IP camera features
Sensor board is seperated from network board.

5 Sysvideo IP camera features
Advantages of Sysvideo PCB board MTBF trouble-free operating average time exceeded hours. We design different network boards according to different housings. Sensor board seperated from networkboard, audio, alarm, POE etc functions were designed on the main board. Main advantages of the design are as follows: 1 Excellent Heat dissipation A Better thermal stability of CPU and Sensor B Multi-interface reduced cable numbers, enhanced camera reliability C Extend camera service life D 2 Overload and lightening protection devices on PCB board Main board and sensor board use gold plate,external connectors are gilded. 3

6 Sysvideo IP camera features
Network board design of other companies. Sensor board and network board on the same PCB board. Disadvantages: 1 Bad heat dissipation. Poor sensor thermal stability,may cause serious damage 2 Video Image will be affected or become worse with the increase of the board temperature. 3 No overload or lightening protection devices on board,External audio,alarm, POE functions requires additional expansion board and connections, thereby increases failure rate. 4

7 Sysvideo IP camera features
2. Hardware – Materials of sensor Board Sysvideo sensor board and network board use gold plate Gold-Plated PCB Better patch and more solid weld Closer connection between electronic components Antioxidant Advantages of gold plate:

8 Sysvideo IP camera features
3. Hardware –Diversified sensors. Sysvideo sensor categories 1.0MP resolution: 1280x720 A Sony 1.4MP resolution: 1280x1024 B C Sony 2.1MP resolution : 1920x1080 D 5.0MP resolution: 2592x1944

9 Sysvideo IP camera features
PCB Board of other companies Not gold plate Defects of this PCB Unsteady weld between electronic components. Easily oxidized. Poor contacts of the hardware after a few months's work will lead to hardware problems.

10 Sysvideo IP camera features
4. Hardware –Latest SONY Exmor sensor. Sysvideo IP cameras use Sony Exmor Sensor,1.4MP and 2.1MP Sony Exmor + NIR Sens.up Better illumination and definition

11 Sysvideo IP camera features
5.Hardware –2.0, 3.0 MP Lens imported from Korea and taiwan Imported Lens has IR correction function Sysvideo Imported Lens Commen Lens IR correction Lens Imported Lens MTF Imported Lens DoF

12 Sysvideo IP camera features
6. Hardware –Auto Focus Motorized Zoom Lens Indoor Dome and Outdoor Vandal Proof Dome IR Bullet 50m Optional Auto Focus Motorized Zoom Lens(2.8-12mm) Easy installation, simple operation, suitable for different monitoring distance

13 Sysvideo IP camera features
7. Hardware –3 kinds of Power Supply Indoor Box Indoor Dome and Outdoor Vandal Proof Dome DC12V/AC24V/POE

14 Sysvideo IP camera features
8. Hardware –PTZ High Speed Dome Sysvideo IR high speed dome Sysvideo high speed dome (No IR) Osram high performance IR lights MTBF exceeded hours smart tracking, wiper,power box on bracket Full Metal,high performance motorand silver slip rings Optional module: imported or self-developed module (Sony sensor, Japan Lens)

15 Sysvideo IP camera features
9 Hardware –Materials of the connector Sysvideo connector inside network port is gilded Other company cable RJ45 no Gold-Plated

16 Sysvideo IP camera features
10. Hardware –Cables on board Sysvideo the interface of cables are gilded cables and interfaces of other companies

17 Sysvideo IP camera features
11. Software –Digital WDR Sysvideo IP camera good WDR effect WDR ON

18 Sysvideo IP camera features
12. Software – Illumination Sysvideo IP camera good Illumination effect Color:0.07Lux Color:0.57Lux

19 Sysvideo IP camera features
13. Software – 3 IR swtch modes Variaty of video parameters, can adjust to various complex scenes Sysvideo IR camera 3 IR switch modes

20 Sysvideo IP camera features
14. Image comparision in daylight

21 Sysvideo IP camera features
15. Image comparison at night

22 Sysvideo IP camera features
16. Sysvideo IP camera software in IE browser Support IE8,IE9, IE10, IE11. Support Firefox, Chrome.

23 Sysvideo IP camera features
17. Sysvideo IP camera free CMS Free CMS support 48 groups of IP cameras, each group could present 36 channels

24 Thank you ! Sysvideo Technology Limited

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