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Box, Bullet, Dome, PTZ, IP, Speed Bump, Covert

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1 Box, Bullet, Dome, PTZ, IP, Speed Bump, Covert
Cameras 101 Course time 60 minutes Box, Bullet, Dome, PTZ, IP, Speed Bump, Covert 12000 Ford. Rd. #110 Dallas, TX (800)

2 Lens Vari-focal, 3.5-8mm, 2.8-10mm,6-60mm
Fixed Focal lengths from 2.8mm – 1500mm Manual Iris - ideal for indoor constant light level situations Auto Iris - ideal for situations with changing light levels Day Night Lens – adjust focal length for shift in light wave length

3 Lens Terminology Manual IRIS LENS A lens that can be adjusted at time of installation for the amount of light allowed in but does not adjust to chaning conditions. AUTO-IRIS LENS A lens with an electrically controlled iris. The circuit controlling the iris is set to open up to allow more light in low light conditions and close to reduce amount of light received in bright conditions C-MOUNT "C-mount" lenses have a flange back distance of mm vs. 12.5mm for "CS-mount" lenses. C-mount lenses can be used on CS-mount cameras by utilizing a 5mm adapter or adjusting the camera for C-mount lenses. CS-MOUNT "CS-mount" lenses have a flange back distance of 12.5mm vs mm for "C-mount" lenses. Because of the shorter back focal distance, CS-mount lenses can only be used on CS-mount cameras. Your picture will be out of focus if you use a CS-mount lens on a C-mount camera. ZOOM LENS A lens with a variable focal length to obtain a wide angle picture to a narrow angle picture to cover a variety of needs ZOOM RATIO The ratio of the starting focal length (wide position) to the ending focal length (telephoto position) of a zoom lens. A lens with a 10X zoom ratio will magnify the image at the wide angle end by 10 times when at the telephoto position.

4 Terminology continued
WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) allows you to see an face even when there is a bright light in the background. Useful for cameras on entrances. Not useful in hallways, conference rooms etc. OSD (On Screen Display) superimposes camera set up menu on live video so user can manipulate settings. BLC (Back Light Compensation) prevents an image from being washed out but adjustment for bright light. Not as good as WDR for faces. D/N (Day Night) Mechanical Day Night has a filter that clicks in front of the sensor to cause camera to go to black and white vide (BW requires less light) Digital Day Night achieves the same result using software. You will hear an audio click when mechanical DN goes into night mode. You will not hear this on Digital DN camera. TVL (TV lines of Resolution) cameras can be from 340 to 700 TVL the higher the number the better is believed to be maximum resolution without using HD or IP technology. IR (Infrared) LED are light bulbs that provide invisible light that allows the camera to see objects in total darkness.

5 LUX this is the amount of light required to get an image
LUX this is the amount of light required to get an image. One lux is generally accepted as the amount of light generated by a single birthday candle or a single match. Generally the smaller the number the better the camera. IP INGRESS PROTECTION The IP rating of a camera tells you how able it is to withstand water. The higher the IP rating, IP68 can be submersed, the better. Indoor cameras are generally rated at IP55 which means NO water at all and blowing sand my get inside as well. IR Cut Filter This allows a camera to make use of light generated by IR LEDs. The LEDs can be built into the camera or be on separate IR Illuminator panels

6 Bullet Cameras BV-742 BV50215

7 Bullet LED Weather proof / Weatherproof / Miniature / Color Zoom
High/Low Resolution Color/Black and White Cameras Fixed, Vari-focal, Auto Iris 12 V or 24 V (depending on camera) Low Lux, IR, day and night available Different Sizes Available Night viewing up to 300 ft. Some have through mount cabling Ideal for outdoor applications Many have built in adjustable sun shields Some have external focal and focus adjustment screws

8 Box Cameras Black & White Color Box Wide Dynamic Range

9 General Info High/Low Resolution Color/Black and White Cameras Accept C/CS mount lenses Lens not included 12 V, 24 V or dual voltage Housing required for outdoor use Model Dependent Mechanical or Digital Day night filter Wide Dynamic Sensors On Screen Display Manual or Auto White Balance Digital Noise Reduction

10 Dome Cameras DV502IR DVRH-6100 DV-720LT

11 General Info High/Low Resolution Color/Black and White Cameras 12V, 24V or Dual voltage Variety of chipsets Usually Aesthetically Superior Model Dependent Mechanical or Digital Day night filter Wide Dynamic Sensors On Screen Display Manual or Auto White Balance Digital Noise Reduction

12 Dome Types Vandal Resistant Armor Domes 3 axis gimble domes (designed to give correct view when mounted on wall) Weather Resistant IP66 waterproof (not submersible) IP68 waterproof, submersible IR LED to provide viewing in darkness

13 PTZ Cameras Pan, Tilt, and Zoom

14 PTZ Types Slow Domes, Pan Tilt only Slow Domes, Pan Tilt and 3x Digital Zoom 10X/23X/26X/30X Speed Domes Indoor and Outdoor Housings Optional Wall, Pole and Corner mounts Low Light and IR filter available Digital or Mechanical Flip Cameras support multiple protocols Some models provide auto tracking Some models allow alarms to control presets All models can be set to predefined tours All models can have numerous preset points

15 HD-SDI Cameras These Cameras only work with DVRs that have HD-SDI inputs. These Cameras provide a digital signal down the coax These Cameras are 1.3 (720p)or 2MP (1080p) We have box, with optional lens of your choice, must choose a MP lens. Box cameras with built in lens that is 3x or 10x optical zoom Dome cameras with and without IR Dome cameras with lens that is 3x Optical Zoom Bullet cameras with fix and varifocal lens Pan Tilt Zoom cameras that are indoor, outdoor and designed for conference rooms

16 IP Cameras High Resolution and Mega Pixel Up to 5MP currently. Cameras that are 8 or 10 MP are made up of multiple IP cameras Digital Zoom notification Fixed and Auto Iris Lens MJPEG/MPEG4/H.264 Compression 5-12 volt DC (some support POE power over ethernet) Requires software for recording RS485 port supports PT boot Wireless IP cameras also available

17 IP Cameras cont. SD Card Slot in some can be used a fallback device if connectivity is lost SD Card slot can also be used to make the camera function like miniture DVR Audio input can be connected to a microphone. Audio output can be connected to a speaker Software needs to support two way audio Digital Input allows for external sensors to be connected Digital output allows camera to control door locks, alarm notification, turn on lights etc.

18 IP Cameras cont. IP cameras are limited to 100 meters between network devices ieee ethernet standards. IP cameras will not work with all Video Management Software. Never sell IP cameras without knowing what software will be used to do recording.

19 Covert Cameras PIR Camera Pinhole Camera Smoke Detector

20 Covert Types Non working smoke detectors Non working PIR (wall and ceiling) Pinhole cameras Snake Cameras Probe Cameras

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