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Hybrid IR Speed Dome WMK-H202

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1 Hybrid IR Speed Dome WMK-H202

2 * WMK-H202 IR Speed Dome Megapixel 20x zoom developed by Wonwoo
Hybrid Network + HD SDI Motorized Zoom IR Mechanism design for any environment Easy to installation with Twist On way Made in Korea

3 1. Megapixel 30x zoom module developed by Wonwoo
IR Speed Dome + 20x optical Zoom MM202 * Specification 1/3” Panasonic 2.2 Mega Pixel COMS 20x (4.7~94mm) Auto focus zoom module Digital Zoom Max 32x True Day & Night Pelco D/P, VISCA Protocol Feature : WDR, Privacy Mask, Defog MM-202

4 2. Hybrid Network & HD_SDI
Transmit full HD video on Network & HD-SDI

5 3. Excellent performance at night with “Zoom IR LED”
-> 220m distance to see at 0.18 lux environment (No light, cloudy night) IR LED works accordingly to the Zoom operation > Car number plate recognition at night at 180m distance

6 4. Mechanism design for any environment
LED distance at night : 200m Auto Zoom LED Applied Motorized IR LED operates according to Zoom In & Out Die-casting & Plastic double structure -> High coefficient of heat conduction Operating temperature : -40° ~ 70° Heater to work at even -40° Wiper applied

7 5. Easy to installation with mechanism docking cradle

8 6. Comparison with Standard IR PTZ
Standard IR PTZ composition All-in one IR PTZ Camera (WMK) Plastic + Die-casting Outdoor housing Camera+ Zoom Lens Receiver equipped PT Driver (Network) Housing Receiver PT Driver HD 30x Zoom camera IP server (Network) Wiper IR LED Light projector IR Auto Zoom LED

9 7. Comparison with other makers
Other maker’s IR PTZ WMK IR PTZ Zoom Out Zoom In Zoom Out IR LED Zoom In LED 1. Flat LED applied -> Shorter distance IR LED 2. High power consumption 3. Shot LED life de to high LED heat 1.Mechanism Auto Zoom LED applied for long IR distance 2.Low power consumption 3.Long LED life due to applying the motorized LED

10 * VMS Compatible list


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