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Grade 7 Geography: Natural Resources Around the World, Use and Sustainability.

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1 Grade 7 Geography: Natural Resources Around the World, Use and Sustainability

2 As we learned from our presentations, many of Earth’s resources are not renewable. Even our renewable resources can be depleted if not managed correctly. Wise action can restore the health of the earth. “Think globally, act locally.”

3 Definition of sustainable development: gathering and processing resources, then disposing of waste without harming the earth; and consuming resources at a rate that saves plenty for future generations to use

4 Our “throw-away” society often does not practice sustainable development.

5 Two ways of helping sustain our resources are: 1. Conservation of Resources 2. Energy Alternatives

6 Conservation: saving the earth’s natural resources by protecting them and using them in sustainable ways The following slides discuss examples of conserving natural resources.

7 Aquaculture (“fish farming”): raising fish in enclosures set in the edge of water bodies Pros: efficient, cost effective way of providing fish to consumers



10 Cons to Aquaculture: poor water quality can lead to toxic build up Waste build up, especially in overcrowded conditions can lead to infections, cancer and sea lice which in turn are treated with chemicals – to what effect? Fish are confined in tight spaces (cruelty?) Diseases can be passed onto wild fish

11 Forests: “Buying Green” – selecting products that have been made in a way that is not harmful to the environment FSC – Forest Stewardship Council is made up of representatives from the forest industry and environmental groups of 25 countries. They certify products that have been produced with sustainability in mind.

12 Home Depot was one of the first retailers to embrace FSC products. (Why?)

13 Preserving Habitat: Help protect species There are over a million different types of living things on earth. Everything holds an important place in the food chain. Endangered species are a threat to the balance of life. The biggest threat to species is loss of habitat

14 Organizations such as World Wildlife Fund campaign to preserve the diversity and abundance of life on earth and the health of ecological systems.

15 In the 1980s the United Nations recommended that every country set aside one-tenth of its territory as protected area. Costa Rica in Central America is a world leader at 25% of its territory protected. (Canada is at about 9.5%) Parklands are an effective way to protect species and maintain the health of the planet.


17 As we have learned in this unit, fossil fuels provide most of our energy, yet is the reason for many of the problems affecting the health of the planet. There are two main solutions to the problems of fossil fuel resource use: 1. energy conservation 2. new power technologies

18 Energy Conservation: In the science unit, Interactions in our Environment, we learned many ways to conserve energy. What are some ways you can help conserve energy?

19 Hybrid cars use both gasoline and electricity, making them very energy efficient

20 Fuel cells use hydrogen fuel which is a fuel combined with oxygen and air to produce electricity without any burning. It is made from plants such as corn.

21 Solar Power uses the sun to convert sunlight into electricity which is stored in batteries.

22 Geothermal systems use the more constant temperature underground to keep homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer. A heat pump moves fluid through the underground pipes. (see diagram on next slide)


24 Windpower Western Europe has invested heavily wind power, especially the Netherlands. Canada is beginning to use this resource more.

25 Tidal Power As tides rise and fall, moving seawater spins large turbines linked to electrical generators. A difference of at least 5m is needed between high and low tide.

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