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Youth Innovation Fund Youth-to-Youth Community Aug. 2, 2006 Youth to Youth Community.

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1 Youth Innovation Fund Youth-to-Youth Community Aug. 2, 2006 Youth to Youth Community

2 Who is the Y2Y Community? The Youth-to-Youth Community (Y2Y) is a network of young World Bank staff created in 2004 to: – Channel fresh ideas and perspectives into World Bank operations – Engage and empower youth in development Y2Y membership has continuously increased - Y2Y's newsletter now reaches over 1000 young staff at the Bank Today, Y2Y has eight annual activities

3 Ongoing and Growing… Summary of Y2Y Products Ongoing and Growing… Youth Innovation Fund (YIF) Youth Conference during UN Week Preston Auditorium, October 23, 2008 Mentorship Program Monthly Newsletter Youth-Focused BBLs and Seminars Career Series Networking Events Network of DC Youth Organizations

4 Youth Innovation Fund

5 The YIF Approach Small grants: $10K per winning project for 9 months Young leaders: Staff below age 33 from all regions can apply YIF projects are Bank projects: * Integration in Bank operations * Support from CMU Selection Committee: composed by Senior Staff

6 The YIF’s Goals Leverage Local resources Achieve maximum impact with minimal resources Promote partnerships with key development players Meet the demand for youth projects in Bank regions Linkages to Bank operations Build youth capacity and a knowledge network within the Bank Innovation Impact Efficiency YOUTH

7 Y2Y Requirements Need approval from your own Manager Need support from Senior Management Need approval from Country Officer in that country Written Documentation is sufficient for approval

8 54 in 36 countries out of 145 project proposals funded and implemented to date: Total seed funding from VPUs: $527,000 Seed project funding in LCR increased from $10K to $18K and implementation timeframe extended to 11 months YIF Progress to Date LCR (18 projects) EAP (4 projects) MNA (9 projects) SAR (10 projects) AFR (4 projects) ECA (9 projects)

9 The YIF in FY09 and Beyond LCR – 5 projects EAP – 4 projects MENA – 4 projects MENA – committed $43K for a new round We Hope to have more YIF…..

10 Youth Innovation Fund MNA 3 rd Round

11 MENA OVERVIEW OF LAST YEAR’S WINNERS 1. Name/Title of the Project: Irina Shaorshadze - Career Fair in Yemen for Recent High-school graduates Target Country or Countries: Yemen Total Cost of the Project: $10,000 Project Leader: Irina Shaorshadze Key Youth Issue: Unemployment/Skill Mismatch Achievements: Partnered with the Ministry of Education and Sana University to conduct a careers fair. Resulted in Sana University commiting to a dedicated careers office on site

12 Winners Name/Title of the Project: Dana Shoqom – Woman-to- Woman Mentoring – Mentoring and Capacity Building Leading to Job Creation for Orphaned Female Youth Target Country or Countries: Jordan Total Cost of the Project: $10,000 Project Leader: Dana Shoqom Key Youth Issue: Capacity and Mentoring for orphaned female youth Achievements: Placed 20 orphaned females between 19-25 in internship programs for 2 days a week for 3 months

13 “Clicking Towards a Better Future in Morocco” Sophie Muller & Imane Ikkez

14 Criteria Selection Degree of Innovation Alignment with country strategy Sustainability (support from NGO/other partners, part of an ongoing program etc.) Potential Impact Realism of implementation schedule and budget Country distribution (not all in a few countries)

15 Project Timeline MNA YIF Timeline 2008 Tuesday, Oct. 15 h - Launch and information session Wednesday, November 7 st - Applications due (submitted through MNA YIF portal) Wednesday, November 13 th - Selection committee meeting Wednesday, November 15 th - Winners announced Week of November 19th - Half-day course on procurement, disbursement and M&E training for winners December 2008 - Project implementation begins 2008 March 2009 -Mid-term reports due June 2009 - Project completion July 2009 - Final reports submitted

16 Contact Information If you have any questions; Matias David Horenstein Troels Egeskov Sorensen Mehreen Arshad Sheikh

17 Thank you!

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