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Anarkali. Anarkali Suits Anarkali suits have become extremely popular in the fashion world and it is easy to see why. They are an extremely attractive.

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1 Anarkali

2 Anarkali Suits Anarkali suits have become extremely popular in the fashion world and it is easy to see why. They are an extremely attractive form of designer Indian and Pakistani clothing which are able to flatter and enhance a woman’s figure without being revealing in any way whatsoever. History of anarkali suits also referred to as Anarkali dress at times, these beautiful garments have been around since the Mughal era that was founded in 1526. They have been named after Anarkali, who was a courtesan of the Great Emperor Akbar’s court. In the past few years though, the Anarkali dress has made a tremendous comeback in the fashion world, and contrary to popular belief, it is not only the Bollywood stars who are wearing them. Many other women have come to love wearing these garments as well – especially for bridal ceremonies and other special occasions.

3 Anarkali Dress Anarkali suits are available in sleeveless, short sleeve and long- sleeved options – depending on the wearer’s preference and can be created from various fabrics such as chiffon, georgette, net, cotton or even silk. Cotton Anarkali suits are normally worn for less formal occasions or even everyday use, while silk, net and chiffon varieties tend to be reserved for special occasions such as weddings or other important functions. Bridal and silk Anarkali suits are normally also adorned with an array of embellishments such as exquisite embroidery, stones, sequins or lace, while everyday Anarkali suits are made with brighter colored fabrics – without the embellishments. Wearing Anarkali does not have to be reserved for special occasions. In fact, they make ideal everyday wear, especially in warmer climates. Brides often choose to wear heavily embellished versions of these garments on their special days, as they are known for making them look absolutely beautiful - especially when they have been hand crafted to perfection.

4 Anarkali Suits Uk It is recommended that Anarkali suits be chosen according to the shape of a woman’s body. Suits which have a V-neck design with less flare in the suit body should be worn by women who are short to medium height, as this lengthens the neck area and accentuates their figures. Long Anarkali suits with more flare that fall below the knee line should be worn by taller women to help flatter their figures. It is recommended that taller women wear these suits with flat shoes or very slight heels, while shorter women should wear higher heels with their suits.

5 Designer Anarkali Suits While these garments are traditionally worn by Pakistani and Indian women, women from other nationalities are finding that Anarkali suits can make a beautiful addition to their wardrobes as well. As a result, they are being seen a lot more often in the U.S. these days. Any woman who would like to stand out from the crowd in the most elegant manner possible should consider having at least one or two Anarkali suits custom made to suit her figure.

6 Anarkali Suits Nowadays Anarkali Suits have become very popular all over India and other parts of the world. Fashion trends have given a special place for traditional attires donned by women. Revisiting the golden era with the traditional Salwar Kameez fashion brings out the elegance and charm. It is a well-known fact that the best Salwar collections express grace and elegance that were quite prevalent during the Mughal era. A famous Mughal courtesan by the name of Anarkali enhanced the grand enigma and appeal of the apparel.

7 Anarkali Dress Anarkali dresses are one of the favorite choices for many women. They stand out from the crowd as one of highly popular traditional Indian ethnic wears. The gorgeous, luxurious and high quality Anarkali dresses have always become the right party-wears to draw the attention of the others. Anarkali dresses are popularly known all over India as Anarkali suits. Now they have become well- known garments for a huge number of people spreading across the globe.

8 Anarkali Suits Uk An Anarkali suit is a type of garment for many women living in South Asia. It belongs to Indian Salwar Kameez category. It has three distinct parts. These are Kurta top, pant (legging) and Dupatta. A long Kurta top with a pant (in the form of Churidar) is commonly used. At the time of buying it, you must take a close look at length of Kurta. It must fit well around your body, covering your waist fully. These are made of from quality fabrics. The fabrics are prepared from cotton, silk, net, chiffon and georgette.

9 Designer Anarkali Suits A good-looking Anarkali dress laced with beautiful embroidery works and sparkling fabrics never let you lose in crowd. You always stand out from the crowd. You become the centre of attention for many people attending the party. Wear it and take the limelight on the party day. Trendy, fashionable and standard Anarkali dresses are capable of creating long- lasting impression. They are available with a plethora of options. Therefore, you can easily get your desired one.


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